The Body Code Energy Healing Top 20+ Questions Answered

I've used The Body Code system for years and it still amazes me every day! It's a complete, natural energy healing tool all in one app! Focus on your body, mind, spirit, and emotions! Move away from thinking about treatments to balancing your energies!

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the creator of The Body Code. He's also the creator and author of The Emotion Code Book. He practiced the process of muscle testing in his holistic healing practice. He perfected the process of connecting with our subconscious minds to find imbalances. Our consciousness may see, hear, feel, touch, and taste in the "physical world." But that's only 10% of who we are.

Find trapped emotions with the Body Code

Our subconscious mind is a supercomputer. It's the 90% that remembers EVERYTHING that's happened in your life. Just like an iceberg. 

The Emotion Code was created first to find and release emotional baggage. Over 90% of illness and disease has emotional baggage surrounding them. Release the negative trapped emotions and you'll be amazed at how your body begins to heal itself!

The Body Code goes much deeper into our physical and spiritual healing. It goes deep into your energetic body, circuits, and systems. You can find issues with toxins, pathogens, and misalignments. The Body Code addresses nutrition and lifestyle too! 

I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Body Code Healer. 

In this article, I'll go deeper into my experiences with The Body Code. You'll learn about the connections between our physical and energetic bodies. You'll gain a new understanding of holistic healing and spiritual healing. I'll share how I lost over 25lbs using the Body Code!

The Body Code Content Shortcuts
  1. What is The Body Code System?
  2. 6 Benefits of The Body Code Energy Healing
  3. Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson?
  4. What is the Body Code App and where do I get it?
  5. How Does Body Code Certification Work?
  6. The Body Code Certification Process
  7. How does Body Code Muscle Testing Work?
  8. Is there a Body Code Trapped Emotions Chart?
  9. The 4 Aspects of Holistic Health and The Body Code
  10. Become a Body Code Practitioner
  11. Order a copy of The Emotion Code Book!
  12. Order a copy of The Emotion Code Book!

What is The Body Code System?

The focus is to help you find the core causes of discomfort, illness, and suffering. The Body Code system guides you to make corrections and opens your energetic body to healing.

It's all in your hand with the Body Code App. You can heal yourself or others. As a Certified Body Code Practitioner. We help people pinpoint energy imbalances causing physical issues. 

The goal is to help you find and release your underlying causes of emotional and physical pains.

6 Benefits of The Body Code Energy Healing

1 - Emotional Balance and Wellness

Find energetic balance and emotional well being in your body. Remove Trapped Emotions and cut cords to negative past events.

2 - Body System Balance and Wellness

Find physical balance in your organs, muscles, and body systems. Learn how I lost weight using the Body Code System.

3 - Toxic Release and Resolution

Find issues with heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation & other toxins. Toxins will throw off your energetic body balance!

4 - Pathogen Resolution and Wellness

Learn if you have fungal, bacterial, viral, mold, or or parasitic invaders. Pathogens can wreak havoc on your emotional and physical body. From the inside out it may be allergies, skin issues or physical discomfort.

5 - Structural Balance and Healing

Your bones, nerves, connective tissues affect your structural balance. Chiropractors know alignment is important to your energy balance and healing.

6 - Nutrition & Lifestyle

What you consume causes imbalances in your body. Are you eating negative emotion or low energy foods? The Body Code can help you find herbs & nutrients to cleanse your system. Outdoor exercise in the sun & lifestyle habits, will balance your energetic body. Improve your emotional mood and heal naturally!

Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson?

Dr Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code Certification

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the creator and author of The Emotion Code Book. For decades he practiced chiropractic care and holistic healing. He combined traditional kinesiology muscle testing, with emotion charts. The focus of The Emotion Code is to find and release negative trapped emotions. Cut the cords from negative past events dragging behind you!

As he was writing The Emotion Code Book. Dr. Brad also created the Emotion Code Certification training courses. Today, there are thousands of Certified Emotion Code practitioners worldwide. 

The Emotion Code Energy Healing

Emotions from traumatic and negative past events. Our energetic bodies carry these emotions and you actually "feel them." It can be aches, pains and even disease. Trapped negative emotions can cause anxiety, depression, loneliness and more!

Once identified, we release trapped emotions with intention. You are telling the subconscious to let go and release it. To magnify this process you can swipe your hand over your head. From your nose to the back of your neck. Swiping an energy healing magnet or any magnet will amplify the effects.

How did Dr. Bradley Nelson create the Body Code System?

With his years of knowledge, Dr. Nelson wanted to go a step further. He wanted a way to go deeper into the physical and spiritual body. He discovered imbalances in areas of the body people couldn't define. As a chiropractor, he learned about misalignments in the skeleton. So he created a section of the Body Code to find imbalances in the skeleton. This became one of the primary six imbalances, Misalignment.

What is the Body Code App and where do I get it?

The Body Code App

Six major imbalances make up the Body Code App:

  1. Energy: Post-traumatic, Offensive, Mental, Allergy-Intolerance, Emotional, Reverberation. The Emotion Code Chart is actually the Emotion section.
  2. Circuit or System: Disconnection, System, Body Cycle or Rhythm, Organ, Gland, Energy Body
  3. Toxin: Dental Toxin, Biological Poison, Food Toxin, Drug, Heavy Metal, Excess, Electromagnetic Radiation, Environmental
  4. Pathogen: Physical Pathogen, Energy of Pathogen
  5. Misalignment: Common Misalignment, Soft Tissue, Chakra, System, Skeleton, Meridian
  6. Nutrition or Lifestyle: Sleep, Outside Need, Magnetic Field, Color Imbalance, Nutrition, Herb & Spice, Essential Oil, Hydration

I've only listed two levels of imbalances above. Many go deeper into your physical and energetic bodies. 

It's amazing how you feel after imbalances are removed!

What is a Body Code Healing Session Like?

When practicing a Body Code Healing Session yourself. Find a nice quiet meditation place to sit down and relax.

A Body Code Practitioner session can be in person or via proxy. Proxy sessions are by telephone but generally via video conference.

To start the session you'll take a moment and ask for divine guidance from above. Ask for healing guidance and love.

Next, using muscle testing, you'll connect to the subconscious to ask questions. You are connecting with your subconscious. Or your practitioner is connecting to your subconscious via proxy.

Step-by-Step Process Using The Body Code

Now with the Body Code App in hand, we ask the subconscious. "Are there imbalances we can find and release now?" With a positive yes, proceed to the Body Code process:

  1. Ask "Is the imbalance in the left column?" With no answer check the other column. "Is the imbalance in the right column?"
  2. Now that you know the column we want to narrow down which imbalance group. You can ask "Is the imbalance Energy?" IF there is no answer go to the next. "Is the imbalance Circuit or System?" Knowing the column you can ask "Is it the first imbalance?" Continue using numbers to find the group.
  3. Now click on that group and repeat the questions. Find the column, then find the imbalance.
  4. Repeat again as needed. The Body Code goes much deeper into your physical and emotional body.
  5. When you reach the imbalance details, take a moment to read aloud the information. 
  6. Association is a point where you ask your subconscious. "Is there an associated imbalance that needs decoding? The app explains if the answer is yes. You return to the starting home page and repeat from step 1. Decode and address the imbalance first. Come back to this section and repeat until the Association answer is "NO." This is one of the amazing reasons to use the Body Code. It helps to find issues inside of issues for deep healing!
  7. Intention: When the Association answer is no, move on to the Intention. Swipe with your hand or energy healing magnet over the meridian. While holding the intention to release the imbalance. Magnets are not required, they only "magnify" the intention.

At this point in your Body Code Session, you may have released one or many imbalances. Repeat as long as your subconscious allows. You can only release and process so many imbalances in one session. 

You'll need to give your body time to process and heal. Eat raw plant-based foods. Drink plenty of water and rest!

How Does Body Code Certification Work?

The Body Code Certification is Level 2 energy healing. It's required to first complete The Emotion Code Certification called Level 1.

The Emotion Code Certification, Level 1 holistic energy healing foundation is finding and releasing emotional imbalances in the body. 

Emotion Code Certification – Heal Yourself – Heal Others

The Emotion Code Chart focuses on finding 60 negative emotions. You will want to become proficient in your understanding and use of The Emotion Code. Many practitioners have full-time careers as Certified Emotion Code Practitioners. They work in their local communities or via proxy sessions.

The Body Code has hundreds if not thousands of imbalances. Inside one of the six major imbalances you'll find The Emotion Code Charts. 

Do I have to be certified to use the Body Code App?

No there are no certification requirements to use the Body Code App. You can learn and use the app to help yourself. Body Code Certification is required treat others and charge money. 

Is there a cost to use The Body Code app?

Yes, the Body Code app is a subscription-based product. There is a 7 day free trial. After that you pay $30 per month for the application. 

The ongoing cost is to support ongoing developments and improvements. The first Body Code App 2.0 was a one time fee. The app was only updated a few times. The original app platform was no longer in development and looks very dated.

I know people would love to have it for free but our third dimension doesn't support a money free society. 

I understand and agree in the fourth dimension we work by love and light! 

For now, we need to support and be happy to pay for the app. This will help the world move toward the fourth dimension and a money-free society!

The Body Code Certification Process

Emotion Code and Body Code Certification

The first step is to pay your tuition fees and submit your application. During this process, you're also assigned a student advisor.
Next, you'll complete the certification steps below:

  1. Complete the online eLearning video courses. Including, quizzes, demonstrations and the final exam.
  2. Complete, document and submit 20 Body Code Sessions.
    1. Each person will have three sessions or more. 
    2. No more than one session per week. 
    3. The sessions can be in person or by proxy via video conference or phone call.
    4. IF you saw 20 people in week 1. Then again week 2 and finally week 3. You'd have 60 sessions with 20 people.
    5. There are people in our Facebook Groups who will be your session students. You aren't required to call on friends or family.
  3. Submit your Certification agreement and session portfolio for review and final approval. 

Don't worry, you're never alone. You will work with a personal student advisor to assist during certification!

You have 6 months to complete The Body Code Certification program.

Emotion Code Certification

How does Body Code Muscle Testing Work?

The Body Code Energy Healing Top 20+ Questions Answered 3

Muscle testing techniques are the same for Body Code or Emotion Code healing. Muscle Testing is a process of communicating with your subconscious mind. You can receive positive/yes or negative/no answers from your subconscious mind. These answers help find emotional imbalances in the body. By swiping a magnet the imbalances disappear.

People have practiced muscle testing for centuries worldwide. Many cultures and healing modalities use muscle testing.

There are many types of muscle testing. The major types are:

  • The Sway Test
  • Ring in Ring (Muscle Testing with Fingers)
  • The Elbow Test
  • Straight Arm Muscle Testing
  • Divination with a pendulum

If this is your first time reading about muscle testing I recommend you try the sway test. 

  • Make sure you are not stressed or rushed. Feel relaxed and open to learning about muscle testing.
  • Stand up with your arms at your sides. Stand in an open area.
  • Now close your eyes and stand still. You'll notice a slight sway. It's hard to be still. It's as though you can feel the earth moving.
  • Now think of something happy or joyus. Fun people, places and things. Notice as you think positive, you sway more forward.
  • Next come back to center. Focus on nothing but standing still and feeling the movement of the earth.
  • Now think negative thoughts. War, poverty, darkness. You'll feel yourself sway backwards.
  • Again come back to center and focus on standing still. Open your eyes.

You've completed your first muscle test!

Body Code Ring in Ring Muscle Test

The Ring-in-ring muscle test is my favorite. I use it every day to connect with my subsconscious. I use it during Emotion Code and Body Code sessions. I also use it for other meditation and life questions. 

I hold my left pointer and thumb in a solid ring. I then use my right hand pointer and thumb inside the left. This creates the "ring in ring." 

I then ask my subconscious a question and pull my right hand out of the left. When the rings lock, this is a yes/positive answer. If they break apart this is a no answer.

When using The Body Code App, the first question is. "Is the imbalance on the left side." I then ring-in-ring muscle test for the answer. If I get a yes I name off the left column imbalances one by one. I re-ask using ring-in-ring muscle testing until I get a yes/positive. Then you tap and keep testing.

How to speed up your muscle testing

IF you are learning about muscle testing for the first time this can seem very slow. As you practice more you'll get quicker!

How Do I Muscle Test Myself

I use a constant motion of "pulling" my right fingers through my left. I sit there and start pulling and ask questions. As I get a lock or positive yes. I move on to the next question. I'm not stopping and starting over and over. I'm testing until I get a yes. I then click on the app and keep testing. Over and over to the imbalance.

You will feel this in your shoulders at first. In time you won't need as much pressure and be more relaxed. On busy days with a lot of clients, my muscles can get tired!

Using muscle testing to find and release imbalances

Understand you cannot have a "full conversation" with your subconscious. But your subconscious does remember EVERYTHING in your life. Say you had a bad break up or fight with someone. You were emotionally frustrated for some time. Eventually you "put it behind you" or "let it go." But did you? It's likely become a trapped emotion in your body. Think of it as a "ball of negative energy" pulsating say in your back. You have a backache once in a while. You wonder if you moved the wrong way or pulled something. 

You probably had a memory or something make that emotion charge up again. This puts pressure on your physical tissues and you feel it as pain.

Next you visit your chiropractor and they do a great job. Your back is feeling relaxed and "adjusted" but not fixed. 

It's only a matter of time that emotion will work it's way to your back and cause pain again. The cycle starts over.

Muscle testing can help us identify the trapped emotion in your back. We can release it with intention and your backache is gone for good. It took me many sessions over time to relieve my backaches. I'd had them for years! My chiropractor and teeter inversion machine helped. It wasn't until I used muscle testing to release the problem was for good!

What is Body Code Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing?

Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Many chiropractors and healing professionals are trained in Applied Kinesiology. Although Applied Kinesiology is well-tested and documented. It's not recognized by the healthcare industry as it should be. A session is like visiting your family doctor. They will take a pulse, blood pressure, and other questions before testing. It's recommended that practitioners complete an entire body, muscle testing session. They can take a long time to complete. Then there's time to review the results and make recommendations. 

I'm sure there are great practitioners out there so I mean no disrespect. 

I find Emotion Code and Body Code Muscle testing quicker and more precise. Anyone can learn it, even children!

Is there a Body Code Trapped Emotions Chart?

One of the imbalances in the Body Code is Energy. When you tap you'll find Emotional. Tap again and you'll see:

  • Trapped Emotion
  • Heart-Wall Emotion
  • Compound (old: Psychic Trauma)

Each of these imbalance categories goes deeper into:

  • Prenatal Trapped Emotions
  • Pre-Conception Trapped Emotions
  • Inherited Trapped Emotions
  • Common Trapped Emotions
  • Shared Trapped Emotions
  • Absorbed Trapped Emotions

When you reach the trapped emotion, read the Explanation. Follow the Decoding process using The Emotion Code Chart. Using muscle testing you'll as your subconscious. "Is the trapped emotion in Column A or B?" "Is the trapped emotion in the odd or even rows?" Continue to narrow down to the box of five emotions. Next, identify the emotion and ask to learn more. You can ask where it's lodged in your body. The age you acquired it. Was it from family, friend, or an event?

With intention, we want to release the trapped emotion. By waving your hand or a magnet over your head you'll magnify the intention. Tell your subconscious to release the trapped emotion. 

Often times you'll feel the energy release and you'll feel lighter!

Finding and Releasing Body Code Heart Walls

Your heart is the largest energy center in the human body. Take a moment to put your hand on your heart and feel the heartbeat. 

There is no other place in your body you can feel that kind of energy!

It would make sense your heart can pick up more negative energies than other parts of your body. You may recall a heartache or heartbreak in your life. A loss of a loved one or a tragic event. It crushes my heart when a child dies before their parent. Or when someone takes their life and leaves this world, I'm heartbroken.

The Emotion Code has taught me how to process these emotions. In the past they got stuck in my heart and it hurt. To "protect me my heart created many protective layers. These are what we call "heart-walls." Layers of negative energy wrapped around the heart. 

This "protection" can be too much. Heart-walls can hold you back from receiving or sending love and happiness. The Heart-Wall wants to protect you from that situation. It's amazing how your heart-wall has a vibrational frequency. Your heart wall attracts to others with the same frequency. 

In your mind you have an idea of what that perfect partner looks and acts like. If their heart-wall doesn't match your frequency, it's likely it will never work!

Body Code E-Motion Movie

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

You can see this scenario in Emotion the Movie.  You meet Ty and Lauren. Both are attractive, single professionals. Living the "dream life" but struggling with emotions. Both have heart walls that hold them back from love and happiness. This is the movie that started my process of becoming a Certified Emotion Code healer. 

Body Code Heart Wall imbalances are found and released the same way. The Body Code app starts with the six major imbalances and goes deeper to find the issues. Many times we find imbalances lodged in the heart wall and release them!

Are there Extra Body Code Charts?

There are several extra charts in the Body Code App. More will be added in time.

  • Healthy Proteins
  • Superfoods
  • Essential Oils
  • Hormones Chart
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Foods
  • Anti-Fungal and Mold Dietary Suggestions
  • Dental Relationship Chart
  • Nutrients Chart

There is no button to tap to see all the charts. You'll find the charts as you are discovering the trapped emotions and imbalances of the body. 

The new Body Code app is dynamic. More charts and information will be added in the future. 

As energy healing evolves so does the Body Code App!

I still love my old printed copies of The Body Code flowcharts but the app is much better!

How I was led to use The Body Code Herb and Spices Chart

During a personal Body Code session when I was focusing on weight loss. I was taken to the Herbs and Spices Chart. I found many herbs on the chart I was deficient in. I ordered them and created a mix. I used muscle testing to gauge how much of each to use. 

I will say the tea doesn't smell or taste the best! 

I have a four-cup french press. I add about 1/8 to 1/4 a cup of tea mix to 4 cups of water. I pour the hot tea over ice with a LOT of fresh lemon/lime. You can add some honey to the hot tea too! You can get a taste for about anything if you drink it long enough!

I'm drinking my "weight loss tea" as I'm writing this!

The Body Code and Weight Loss

My first weight loss Body Code session was in early November 2019. I had a strong intention I was ready to lose some weight. I released many trapped emotions in my digestive area. 

Weight Loss Energy Healing

I learned we need to stop focusing on "weight loss." We have to realize our digestive system is out of balance. By removing trapped emotions and energy imbalances. Your digestive system becomes stronger and more efficient. 

Energy healing is only one component. You'll need to lean or shift to more raw plant-based eating. This amazing planet we call earth, spins around the sun every day. 

Intermittent fasting allows your digestive system to rest. When you're feeling hungry "talk to your stomach." Tell it to go find nutrients in your fat stores. Ask it to clear inflammation and cleanse your colon.

Drink a gallon of water a day!

The majority of our planet is water. The majority of our physical bodies is water. Water will strengthen your connection to your spiritual energies. Hydration raises your vibrational levels!

Why Plant-based Eating is so important!

The sun gives power to plants, air, and water. Our society has turned inward. We stay indoors too much. We consume the wrong nutrients and let emotions overtake our conscious minds!

The Body Code Energy Healing Top 20+ Questions Answered 10

We need to get out in the sun and soak in that energy. Do this while walking 30-60 minutes a day OUTSIDE. Eat colorful raw plant-based foods. If this is hard for you at first. Buy a Nutribullet or Ninja Blender. Put all the raw veggies and fruits in the blender and drink them!

Remove lower-energy processed food from your diet!

Processed foods have very little energy or nutritional value. Sure they taste good because they are generally filled with salt, sugar, and fat. Manufacturers research tastes and addictions. They want to increase cravings for their products so you keep buying them.

Ok, I get it but I don't agree. Processed foods don't kill you overnight but they can lead to health issues. As your energetic body and immune system weaken. You open the opportunity for pathogens, bugs, and viruses to invade. If you don't have the immune strength to fight them off, you get sick. Many times it's not a sickness that makes you go to the doctor or stay home. But a sickness that takes energy from your system. Your body is trying to fight it off but it takes energy away from your auric field.

This can lead to chronic fatigue, stress, and other emotions. It may make you angry with others and now you are attracting negative emotions.

Consuming lower-energy nutrients can lead to the reduced power of your immune system. This can lead to more trapped emotions and imbalances. 

The cycle is brutal! You become sick on a physical and energetic level

The 4 Aspects of Holistic Health and The Body Code

The Body Code is the top holistic energy healing solution I've ever found. With simple muscle testing, we can ask subconscious questions. Using the Body Code app we are taken to the imbalances. The Body Code helps us find imbalances in locations we are not aware of.

Dr. Bradley Nelson has poured his knowledge and experience into the Body Code App. Our goal is to heal the world one person at a time.

Focus on the four major aspects of holistic health:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Emotion

Body Code Chakras

The 7 Chakra Chart

Your energetic auric field sends and receives energy. Your seven primary chakras process these energies. I hope your life is full of happy, loving energy. But everyone has to process negative energies at times.

Body Code Healing Energy

Know what you know now take action! Don't let energy vampires take your energy. Don't hold on to trapped negation emotions. Hire an Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner to clear your past negative energies. Live a life of love and light!

Body Code Spiritual Healer

Someone recently asked if the Emotion Code or Body code was spiritual. I think they were more worried about a conflict with their religion. I shake my head when I read this. Too many religions want you to believe they are required. They won't allow you to believe that your spiritual healing is found inside you. You have God's power within you!

Spiritual Healing and The Body Code

I would say Yes, this is spiritual. NO, it won't interfere with your religion. Every religion tells us to pray within and connect to the divine source. Body Code spiritual healing connects with your subconscious to identify and fix imbalances.

Become a Body Code Practitioner

The goal is to become a better more heart-centered person! I work with a lot of people. Some have never heard of energy healing. It's hard for them at first to believe or understand Chakra healing. Or Reiki healing is too "out there" for them.

Most people understand negative trapped emotions. The emotions are attached to them and they feel they are dragging them along.

I want to see everyone take The Emotion Code certification. Even if you never see a client it will change your life. Get started with the Emotion Code Charts and the first couple of chapters of the book. Enter your name below and I'll send them to you.

Next, take the Body Code Certification to take your energy healing to a new level!

Read The Emotion Code book over and over. As you grow your healing abilities, new ideas will come from the book.

Contact me if you have any questions. I'm here to help!

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