Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work

Applied Kinesiology is the scientific name for muscle testing. I learned muscle testing from Dr. Bradley Nelson. He practiced applied kinesiology as a chiropractor for decades. Muscle testing is a pillar of his work The Emotion Code. Thousands of certified practitioners use Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing to find trapped emotions. I'm amazed at the power of applied kinesiology muscle testing. I wondered why I didn't learn about this sooner in life! 

For centuries Applied Kinesiology muscle testing has been used around the world. Many energy healers and holistic health practitioners know the power of muscle testing. 

With training and practice, you'll be able to ask your subconscious questions. The accuracy will amaze you! The key is proper training and practice!

With centuries of historical evidence, people still ask "Is muscle testing real?" We've had many scientists study muscle testing. Many reports and books have been published too.

YES, applied kinesiology muscle testing works! You can tap into an infinite power but it will take some time. You'll need to raise your belief and spiritual beliefs. Find more answers in this article!

Define Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing 

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is also known as muscle strength testing. It's based on the belief that certain muscles are linked to certain organs and glands. It's believed the strength or weakness of the muscle can signal problems. So by strengthening the muscle, you can heal.

The origin of Applied Kinesiology

The theory of Applied Kinesiology was developed by chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart. He started writing about AK around 1964. 

Some history of Muscle Testing before Applied Kinesiology

Historic evidence shows Traditional Chinese Medicine used Kinesiology centuries before this. The Chinese believe we have a body aura that receives energy from around us. The seven Chakras process incoming energy. The energy is then distributed through the Meridians of your body. 

Modern science and doctors have a hard time believing in energy fields. Chakras and meridians are too spiritual. Applied Kinesiology seems to skip to avoid energy imbalances. A very scientific protocol for muscle testing to diagnose pain and disease. 

It may not surprise what the medical field believes. "Scientific evidence shows the effectiveness of Applied Kinesiology to be limited, at best." 

I don't agree. Historical Evidence more than proves the effectiveness of muscle testing. 

I've seen this before. Science wants to disprove long time ancient modalities. If people believe, they want to prove it wrong. Why?

What to expect when visiting an Applied Kinesiology Practitioner

A visit to a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology is like visiting your doctor. They will review your medical records, blood pressure, and symptoms. You will be tested for muscle strength and weakness in your entire body. Practitioners may also observe your posture, gait, and range of motion. 

They feel muscle testing should be done as part of a complete diagnostic examination. 

Applied Kinesiology has a very detailed approach. It's very scientific and meant to discover and diagnose general "external" issues.

If you are very scientific and need "proof." Find an Applied Kinesiology Practitioner nearby and make an appointment!

Applied Kinesiology Holistic Health and Chiropractors

It's been my experience, Holistic Health Practitioners and Chiropractors are different. They use Applied Kinesiology on a more spiritual or energetic level. 

Everything is energy when you look at it under a microscope. 

Every part of our body is made up of groups of vibrating energy. When your energy centers are in balance, you will feel light, happy, and joyful in our world. 

When you are out of balance. The energies can excerpt pressure on our physical body in the form of discomfort, pain or even disease.

Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work 1

By using Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing we can find and pinpoint the problem in the body. Muscle Testing can help determine the imbalance and how to heal it.

Holistic and Spiritual Energy Healers focus on the energetic body first. This has been a belief in eastern medicine for centuries. Today's medical community doesn't seem to believe in anything they can't prove. Or they prefer certain processes to prescribe certain medications. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big believer in emergency and critical care doctors and medication. If we are in an accident or injured, we want help in healing the physical body.

For day-to-day health, we need more focus on our energy levels and how they cause discomfort and lead to disease. Rather than giving the emotional discomfort a name. Then creating medication and/or procedure to overcome the symptoms.

Why not focus on healing the problem that caused the issue in the first place!

What Is Manual Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is also referred to as Applied Kinesiology (AK). Or Manual Muscle Testing (MMT). Both are modern-day definitions applied to a modality used for centuries. If you search for Applied Kinesiology or Manual Muscle Testing. You'll find a lot of good but complicated information!

Manual Muscle testing doesn't have to be hard. It's a great way to connect to your subconscious and ask questions. But be careful, you can't ask broad or too general questions. The answers you get will be correct but based on the future or another variation.

The key to muscle testing is asking the right questions! Be specific!

Manual Muscle Testing Definition

To ask questions of your subconscious and your muscles answering. A "true" answer will result in a firm or locked muscle. A "false" answer will result in a weak or fluid muscle. 

How Does Muscle Testing Work?

Holding your arm at your side pointing forward. Pretend you are holding a bucket firm. With your other hand take to fingers and place them on the wrist. Now say a true statement and apply a slight pressure pushing down. Try "grass is green" and press down. You'll feel your arm is firm or "true."

Now again state something like "water is yellow." Apply pressure again with your two fingers. You'll feel your arm drop because the answer is "false."

Is Muscle Testing Accurate? Is Muscle Testing Real?

Yes, it's been used and proven by people worldwide for centuries. Kids can do it! Your subconscious is a supercomputer that remembers everything. It doesn't speak English or sit down with you to have discussions. Rather it can communicate via muscle testing. Your questions have to be specific and true/false. 

Muscle Testing with The Emotion Code and Body Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the author and creator of The Emotion Code. A system to find and release trapped emotions, dragging you down and holding you back from past life events. It's the people, places, and events that shape our lives. 

Imagine people learned how to process emotions at a young age. We'd have fewer problems in this world!

Trapped emotional blockages are balls of energy putting force on our physical tissues. Over time these can lead to disease. People become depressed, suffer from anxiety, and more! 

We go to the doctor and all they look at are physical problems. They do their best to diagnose and prescribe medications that cover up the symptoms.

Imagine finding the trapped emotions causing issues. Next, remove the imbalances so the body can heal naturally!

The Emotion Code and Body code help us pinpoint trapped emotions in our bodies. We learn more about the location and time they were acquired. They are released by swiping an energy-healing magnet over the primary meridian. Just like swiping a credit card, the information is erased!

How To Do Muscle Testing

The easiest muscle testing technique is the "Sway Test." Stand up flat on your feet. Put your hands at your sides and close your eyes. Try to stand still but you'll feel a slight sway. 

Now start to think about happy people, in happy places and happy events that make you smile. You'll notice your body starts to sway forward. This would be a true statement or "yes answer."

Now switch your thinking to unhappy people, war, hunger, and famine. You'll notice your body sway backward or away from it. This is false or "no answer."

When your eyes are closed and you project thoughts into your mind. Your body leans forward to move towards the good. It leans backward to move away from the bad.

This happens to people every day. If you are living in the past, thinking negative thoughts. You're being consumed by negative emotions. 

We have to cut the ties to emotional baggage you are dragging behind you!

Dr. Joe Dispenza has a great explanation of how this happens.

  • If you carry a negative emotion with you for hours or days it's called a mood.
  • If you carry that same emotional blockage with you for weeks or months it's called a temperament.
  • If you carry that emotional baggage with you for years it's called a personality trait.

Turns out most people spend 70% of their life living in survival and living in stress. So they’re always anticipating the worst-case scenario based on past experience. They’re literally out of the infinite potentials in the quantum field. Selecting the worst possible outcome. They’re beginning to emotionally embrace it with fear. They’re conditioning their body into a state of fear.

Types Of Muscle Testing

There are many types of muscle testing. Each person will practice finding their favorite. 

  • The Sway Test
  • Ring in Ring (Muscle Testing with Fingers)
  • The Elbow Test
  • Straight Arm Muscle Testing
  • Divination with a pendulum

I prefer the Ring in Ring Muscle test and use it every day. It's more of a challenge in public as people may wonder what you are doing! 

I've been muscle testing for so long, I can ask my subconscious and get a mental answer!

How To Do Muscle Testing On Yourself

You can't take muscle testing lightly or think you can do it at any time you like. If you are in a stressed mood or frustrated, it's not a good time for muscle testing.

  • Make sure you are in a peaceful, loving mood. 
  • Say a prayer to the divine asking for guidance at this moment.
  • Start muscle testing to confirm your connection to the subconscious. 
  • Ask if now is the time to ask questions. 
  • With a yes/true answer then continue to your questions.

Muscle Testing Questions

Questions are the most important part of muscle testing! I know I struggled at first but I kept practicing. I enrolled in The Emotion Code Certification program to learn all I could! Dr. Bradley Nelson shared his tips and experiences with muscle testing!

Here are some great tips when asking muscle-testing questions.

  • Ask yes/no or true/false questions.
  • I end most of my questions with "... at this time." The answer may be "yes" for a year from now but "no" for right now. So if you ask something like "Should I be taking this supplement..... at this time." Your answers will be more accurate.
  • Start at the top of the issue and dig deeper. I may ask "Are there trapped emotions causing my allergies?" With a yes, "Are there trapped emotions causing my runny nose?" Don't ask general questions like can I fix my allergies." 
  • I prefer to use a chart or guide to ask questions. Your subconscious can read too so ask questions that point you in the direction of a chart.
  • Ask can I find answers in my Chakras? With a yes ask for each chakra, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. Stop for each one and dig deeper.

Muscle Testing Emotions

I was a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner before I found The Emotion Code. Reiki is an amazing energy healing modality and I use it often. I use it more as an "energy healing massage." Either with myself, clients or remotely. I've used Reiki energy on animals, plants, vehicles, buildings and more. I envision an aura of positive loving energy around these items. 

The Emotion Code filled a gap for me. It is more specific using muscle testing and The Emotion Code Chart. I can find, pinpoint and remove trapped emotions with a magnet. The results are almost immediate or within a few hours or days. 

Using The Emotion Code I can manually muscle test for negative trapped emotions and remove them. Reiki is more general overall healing to balance your energy field.

Manual Muscle Testing Chart - Flowchart - PDF

The Emotion Code chart lists 60 negative emotions. Two columns of 30, and five rows. Each box has five emotions. 

How to use The Emotion Code Flowchart:

  1. Ask the subconscious if the trapped emotion is in column A or B. 
  2. Next, ask odd or even rows. 
  3. Knowing the column and odd or even. Ask is it A1, A3, and A5 to find the row?
  4. Now you know the block. As is it the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, until you find the exact emotion.
  5. Ask "can we learn more about the trapped emotion?" With a positive answer,  ask more questions about the date and location lodged. 
  6. Clear the trapped emotion by swiping an energy-healing magnet.

The process of identifying the emotion brings it out to your primary meridian. Swiping a magnet over your meridian wipes out the emotion. Forever!

We repeat the process over and over to release as many trapped emotions as possible.

Muscle Testing for Heart Walls

If your subconscious says you have trapped emotions but answers "no" to columns A and B, you likely have a heart wall. Next, ask if you have a heart-wall trapped emotion. More than likely you'll get a yes. Now you'll use the HeartWall Trapped Emotion Flowchart

Muscle Testing Magnets

There are no requirements for special magnets. You can use your four fingertips over the meridian to release trapped emotions. Or you can use any refrigerator or magnet you may own.

Kenko Mag Duo Healing Magnet

Nikken has been the world leader in energy magnets. I prefer to use a Kenko MagDuo every day. When I'm away from my office I carry a magnet in my back pocket!

Muscle Testing Videos

Dr. Bradley Nelson has many great videos on muscle testing. More advanced training is included in Body Code and Emotion Code certification training.

Emotion Code Certification
Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work 2

Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing for Animals

Yes, animals and pets can be muscle tested. We use proxy muscle testing when the owner is holding the animal. Surrogate muscle testing is for larger animals. 

It's the same process of asking questions and releasing emotions. The difference is via the owner and swiping the magnet via the practitioner, owner or animal. 

Intention and belief is the primary way to release trapped emotions. The magnet "magnifies" the intention.

Body Code Allergy Muscle Testing

Dr. Bradley Nelson created The Body Code after The Emotion Code. The Body Code App goes deeper into the physical body. The system starts with six major imbalances:

  1. Energy
  2. Circuit or System
  3. Toxin
  4. Pathogen
  5. Misalignment
  6. Nutrition or Lifestyle
The Body Code Applied Kinesiology

Using muscle testing we ask the subconscious if there is an imbalance causing your issue. With a yes, we find it by the left or right column. Then narrow down and tap on the issue.

You'll see a new screen with more options. You continue muscle testing to dig deeper.

The Body Code is "like" a multi-level Emotion Code Chart. AS you find an imbalance, you go deeper and deeper to find the imbalance

The Body Code Applied Kinesiology

On the imbalance page you will see the:

  • Explanation
  • Decoding
  • Association
  • Intention
Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work 3

At the Association step, you ask: "Is there an associated imbalance that needs decoding?" 

  • If no, move on to Intention to clear the imbalance
  • If yes, return to the beginning list of six imbalances and decode the imbalances. Then return to the original imbalance and repeat the Association question.
Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work 4

The Body Code is very detailed. You will find imbalances in places you've never considered before. Dr. Bradley Nelson created The Body Code as a Level Two certification

Body Code Certification training is only available to Certified Emotion Code Practitioners. You'll take additional online training, courses, and tests. You're required to submit a package of documented sessions. This confirms your ability to complete sessions before you are certified.

Emotion Code Certification

Emotion Code Back Pain Muscle Testing

Using The Emotion Code I was able to release years of back pain and discomfort! I was fortunate to grow up healthy. In my early 20s, I started abusing my body with processed foods high in salt and sugar. This caused me to gain weight which turned into to backaches, kinks, and discomforts.

I started seeing some great Chiropractors and they helped resolve a lot of my pain, but not all!

Dr. Bradley Nelson was in the same position when he was a Chiropractor. Adjustments helped many of his clients but some needed more. He started testing for trapped emotions and had great success. 

This lead to The Emotion Code. With his advanced experience, he later created The Body Code.

How I used Muscle Testing to release my back pain

It took some time. My first experience with the Emotion Code was releasing emotions dragging me down. I found emotions hanging on for decades! During my Emotion Code Certification, I heard about others with back problems. 

I spent over a week focusing on my back. I had to release numerous trapped emotions!

I was feeling better but each day I focused more on areas of my back. Day after day I released more trapped emotions. Then I remember the day I was focusing on one area of discomfort.

As I released the emotions, I felt the pain leave my back!

It's been years now and I don't have any back pain. If anything is causing discomfort I find it's likely trapped emotions in your organs.

Summary of Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

I use and highly recommend muscle testing. I learned this during my Emotion Code Certification Training. Dr. Bradley Nelson is an amazing teacher and his training helped me fix problems I had with muscle testing.

It's my opinion Applied Kinesiology is an attempt to scientifically teach muscle testing. There are many amazing doctors using Applied Kinesiology Muscle testing, and I commend them.

BUT anyone can learn muscle testing. Don't over-complicate the power of simplicity!

I encourage everyone to take the Certified Emotion Code Training Course. Don't think you have to start a practice. Complete the training to become better at muscle testing. Learn how to remove your deepest trapped emotions.

The certification will change your life!

Contact me here with any questions or schedule a session. Learn more about The Emotion Code process!

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