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E-Motion Movie with Dr. Bradley Nelson

E-Motion the movie is what started my Emotion Code healing journey. After watching the movie a few times. I ordered and read the book. I learned the basics of finding and releasing trapped emotions in my body and others. Next, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner! 

E-Motion the movie is part documentary but also a story. You'll meet Lauren and Ty going through their "normal" lives. You'll see each of their morning routines and the process of getting ready for work. Next, they are commuting to work and interact with other people along the way. They are experiencing the drama and stress of life. We live in such a rush, rush world we take these emotions home with us and they become habits! 

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

Why should you watch the full E-Motion movie?

Think about your past life experiences. Is it possible you have trapped emotions? Can fears, anxieties, and unprocessed life experiences get stuck in your body? The cast explains we hold these emotions inside our bodies. 

The negative trapped emotions are the source of everything that ails us. 

That's the world we live in today but we can change that!

People aren't aware of emotional healing. They haven't learned alternative ways to heal. Today healing is an external solution, not something we look inside for. Medicines, supplements, and surgeries are all people know. Our goal is to change and educate people!

Imagine a new world! 

Where everyone is manifesting from their heart and soul. They are the creators of an amazing life found inside us! They are healing their emotional imbalances! They have learned to let go and love more! They have raised their vibrational level!

Watch E-Motion on Gaia TV from any device. 

Gaia TV is like the Netflix of "Transformational Living." There are new videos every week from the top minds around the world. Original shows and series. Ranging from metaphysical and spiritual journeys to online Yoga, courses, films, and documentaries. Watch anytime from anywhere with no long-term contracts!

E-Motion Movie Review

The movie opens with one of my favorite mentors, Neale Donald Walsch from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? He tells the story of a man on his deathbed. He asked his wife to lean over to hear his last words,

"Remember, each morning, the moment you take your head off the pillow, you have all you need."

It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it but it's so true! I'm guilty of getting caught up in our world. The drama, tension, and craziness. We worry about our kids and only want the best for them. We become predictors of "what could go wrong." When we should focus on creating our dream life!

Darren Weissman then talks about how your subconscious mind is an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is your conscious mind. This is the mind we use the most. 

Your subconscious is below the water and you don't know it's there. Until you start to awaken it! Your subconscious is 90% of your mind. It's a supercomputer with records of all that has happened in life! We have to learn and explore ways to expand our subconscious mind!

The Emotion Code in the E-Motion Movie

Dr. Bradley Nelson explains how we are dragging emotions behind us. The trapped emotions are dragging us down, taking our energy. As time goes by, you accumulate more trapped emotions. More energy is wasted and you start to feel discomfort. These balls of negative energy are trying to tell you to let go. Some get a back or neck ache. Maybe an ailment or sickness. Again we look outside for solutions rather than fixing our insides!

Imagine manifesting what's in your heart, what you want in life!

The movie opens with a young man waking to his alarm at his home. In another scene, Lauren is preparing her morning coffee and getting ready for work. Both feel the stress building before they go off to work!

E-Motion Movie explains what are Trapped Memories

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Sonia Choquette. In the E-Motion movie, she talks about emotions being "trapped memories." They can be memories from the womb when you were a baby. There could have been stress with your parents or from a single parent. As we grow up through life there are more and more "memories" we want to forget about. They become what we call "trapped emotions." When the memory is recalled or activated it can cause issues. Aches, pains, and even illness!

Stress Reactors and Joe Dispenza in the E-Motion GAIA Movie

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about short-term stress reactors being normal. Like an animal being chased by a predator. The animal is in "survival mode" when running. After escaping the chase, they go back to normal mode and their mind let go. 

Humans are different. When we recall a past event, the brain has no idea if it's current or past. Your heart rate increases, and you become more anxious. We put ourselves into survival mode and oftentimes never get out of it. During our day-to-day lives!

Emotions and memories cause the majority of issues in our life. Most of them are from the past!

Stress, anxieties, and emotions at work

Back to the movie now Ty is driving to work and Lauren is on a bus or subway. He's worked up and yelling on a conference call. He's so distracted as he turns into the parking garage, he almost runs into Lauren. He's already worked up before getting to the office. Lauren is in "survival mode" before getting to her office.

As emotions become trapped in the body, they excerpt an imbalance in the body. The trapped emotions want to get out and excerpt themselves physically like a sore muscle. 

Comparing animals to humans

Our bodies are nothing more than a big energy field. We hold on to negative emotions from being in "survival mode." If we are in a fire, accident or survival event, we can hold on to emotions. If we experience abuse or emotional trauma we can hold on to the emotions.

Animals are able to get out of "survival mode" better than humans. Maybe due to a  smaller, less evolved brain? Human brains are larger and we hold on to emotions. 

How emotional blockages affect us

Every blocked emotion has a different vibrational level. Anger has one vibration, sadness is different. Each emotion has its own vibrational signature. 

When you irritate tissue long enough, it can react. 

These emotional blockages excerpt pressure on your body leading to sickness or disease.

Facia and Connective Tissues

In the E-Motion movie. They explain we have more Facia or Connective Tissue in our bodies than anything else. Your big toe is connected to your ear through the connective tissue. Connective tissue carries an electrical charge and connects the entire body. A negative energy-trapped emotion can affect your Facia.

When something happens your muscles contract and the tissues around them react. 

A symptom is the sign of chaos in your body. An imbalance.
Your body is asking for change!

Are the thoughts in your mind real or not?

Your body is considered your unconscious mind. You don't have to "think" about breathing or your heart beating. Your subconscious takes care of that. 

Our conscious mind is what we think with. Make decisions with. Our daily focus is our five senses of what is around us. So the "movie" playing in your mind is what you are conceiving. If you playback a movie from a negative past life event, your mind doesn't know the difference. You should spend your time focusing on a great future and attract that!

Your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between a memory, a current event or a future dream.

So in your mind, especially during meditation, think of your dream life. Imagine everything is working out for the better and life is unfolding how you want it to!

The reality today is most people think of the past. They look to the future trying to predict or prevent the problems of the past. They are projecting in their mind, problems. 

So your thoughts can make you sick.

We cannot ignore thousands of years of ancient history!

We have lost the understanding of ancient healing modalities in current medicine today. Medicine started with good intentions and has helped humankind in many ways. But today the vast majority of people look to medical doctors and medicine as the solution. I'm amazed at how many people think a study proves everything. Most medical studies are short-term and frustrated by the placebo effect!

Past ancient cultures knew if you have pain somewhere in your body it was energetic. NOT a disease or sickness. It was treated with energy healing and a plant-based diet!

The Placebo Effect

To often the medical industry is frustrated with the "Placebo Effect." Whereby people heal with mental thought and belief rather than the medicine itself. In the documentary Heal: Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Awaken the Powerful Healer Within, you'll hear from a former medical scientist who quit. He explained at times over 50% of the people taking the "sugar pill" would heal. How can that be he wondered and changed his career path in life! Your mind doesn't know the difference. If you truly believe you are healing you will!

When a doctor says they can't do anymore, they are speaking about medicine or surgery. 

We don't know any better and let emotions build-up

We've been taught to push emotions away, don't dwell on them. My parents would say "let it go." I would read personal development books. Practice Law of Attraction and even pray for my dreams. I tried to keep myself focused on the future I didn't think of in the past.

Religion doesn't teach us to release trapped emotions

No one ever taught me how to release trapped emotions. I was raised a strict Catholic and taught to pray and ask for forgiveness. We could never miss Sunday Mass. We went to confession regularly and the holidays were of utmost importance. I'm not saying it didn't help, I had spirits to pray to. But it wasn't the answer I was looking for!

I was bullied when I was growing up. I had negative relationships and traumatic events. In my 20's I "put them behind me" with personal development and Law of Attraction training.

I learned we re-traumatize ourselves when we go back to these past emotions. When you bump into a person who bullied you at school. They act as if nothing happened and we are best friends now. Or someone brings up a memory that takes you out of the conversation. Your mind runs and you find your mood changing!

90% of our energy is being used to repress past issues. Clear past issues and you'll have more energy.

Have you ever noticed when you focus on a headache, it gets worse? Why not focus on the opposite?  Focus on healing your emotional energy. The majority of all the pain we experience is trapped emotions. This is what we are missing today. We are not made wrong or broken. We need to identify and release trapped emotions!

So many people turn to medicine rather than knowing it's your body crying out for help!

The E-Motion movie and being overweight 

Many people gain weight as they hold on to the emotions they are experiencing in life. Think of the emotions you may hold onto in your stomach, intestines or organs. Some people awake trapped emotions in their kidneys when they drink alcohol. Often they become angry. 

Your "gut feelings" are likely trapped in negative emotions. I know I gained weight due to trapped emotions in my sacral or yellow chakra. As I released them, combined with plant-based eating, I lost over 20lbs in 3 months! 

IF we allow ourselves to release those emotions we can change for good!

We need to get out of the "survival mode" like an animal being chased. We need to heal our hearts, go through the layers. Find your joyful, connected self!

Think of what you want vs what you don't want.

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it best. "If these emotions last for hours or days, it's a mood. Let them continue for weeks or months and they become a temperament. If they continue for years it's a personality trait." 

We have to look at the emotions that are memorized and stored in our bodies." We have to identify and release trapped emotions.

There's little energy left over to live life and heal your body if you don't release trapped emotions.

E-Motion Movie and Layers of an Onion

Dr. Bradley Nelson explained releasing emotions is like peeling layers of an onion. One by one you have to find and release the trapped emotions. You may have an onion giving you a backache. You may have another onion in your kidneys. You may have onions around your heart. In your digestive tract and organs.

E-Motion Movie and Heart Walls

Dr. Bradley Nelson also talks about how your heart can protect itself by creating a heart wall. After many years of heartbreaks, the heart forms a protective wall. The Heart-Wall can become very thick and "overprotect" you. 

A Heart Wall can hold you back from love and happiness. You can feel more withdrawn and depressed.

To remove your Heart Wall we need to identify and release the trapped emotions around your heart. As you remove the layers, you'll feel more happiness and joy in life!

The E-Motion Movie explains our mind is a holographic computer

The subconscious is a holographic computer that remembers everything. Every past life event is stored in your mind. Some memories are quicker to remember than others. Most often negative past events are tucked away so you don't remember them. But these tucked-away emotions can cause pain and anguish in the body. 

Your subconscious knows exactly what you need to heal and become better. Learn to pay more attention to our body talking to you!

Emotional Addictions and the E-Motion Movie

Some addictions are obvious like drugs or alcohol. But what about your daily habits? Repeating the same issues over and over? You tell yourself you'll change but we don't. We become addicted to our emotional feelings. If we don't repeat them every day, we feel something isn't right. We don't want stressful situations in life. But we seem to miss them when we are away from our memories of the past. The trapped emotions keep dragging us back

As hard as we work sometimes to change, we fall back to our habits. 

What is your purpose in life? Why are you here?

For years I've asked myself this. When you start to meditate, your mind can run. If you start asking yourself, "What is my purpose in this life?" Then wait for answers or ideas. Next, ask "Why am I here?" And again wait for answers or ideas. Journal them and be aware of the days ahead. Your spirits want to tell you but you've blocked your mind. As you meditate, release more emotions and cleanse your subconscious. Your communications will become stronger. 

If you are asking for something, you'll telling yourself you don't have it. Give thanks like you already have it. Attract it!

Ancient Wisdom in the E-Motion Movie

I believe more in historical evidence rather than scientific evidence. Both have their merits. But historical evidence oftentimes shows thousands of years of proof. Science has done so much for our world since the 1500s, but many have swayed too far. Some scientists are quick to reject historical evidence as it has no profits!

The ancients had many answers. They knew what to do about depression. Get into the sun. Eat orange and yellow foods! In the E-Motion Movie, Don Tollman explains the seven root chakras. The colors of the chakras match the rainbow. The color of foods also lines up with the Chakras. Eat red peppers to help with grounding. Yellow and orange help with digestion and organs. 

Water has all seven colors of the rainbow. Drink water to cleanse and energize your body!

E-Motion Movie with Dr. Bradley Nelson 1

Muscle Testing in the E-Motion Movie

Darren Weissman explained how muscle reflex testing works. He shows how we can connect with our subconscious. You can proxy muscle testing via phone or video. You can muscle test as a surrogate for an animal or child. 

How to Muscle Test with a bent arm

Imagine you are standing up or seated. Your arm is bent, and you are holding a bucket by the handle. The bucket is full so it's not light but not hard to hold. You'll have a firm hold.

Now take two fingers from your other hand to the wrist by the bucket. Say positive affirmations like, "I feel loved, I'm happy" and press lightly. Your arm will stay locked or answer "yes." 

Now do the same test again and say negative statements like "I don't like war" and your arm will drop. "I don't feel love" will also make your arm drop. This is considered a "no."

This is the process to ask your subconscious yes or no questions

E-Motion Movie and Finding Trapped Emotions

Next by using the muscle testing you just learned. You'll ask your subconscious "Do I have any trapped emotions that can be released?" With a firm Yes you then look at The Emotion Code Chart and ask:

  • "Is the trapped emotion in column A or B"
  • "Is the trapped emotion in the odd or even rows"
  • Knowing the column and row ask for example "Is the trapped emotion in B1, B3, B5." Stop when you get a firm answer.
  • Say we are in B3 and ask "Is it the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth" again stop on a yes
  • Confirm by asking "Is the trapped emotion _______?"
  • Next, ask if we can learn more like "Did I acquire this emotion before I was ____ years old." Cut your current age in half. With a yes answer, cut in half again and ask over and over to narrow down a date.
  • You can then ask if the emotion came from family, friends, events. One by one to narrow down.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Once the emotion is identified and expanded upon. You release the trapped emotion with a magnet, like deleting info from a credit card. Swipe a magnet or your fingers over your primary meridian. Which starts at your nose and goes over your head to your tailbone.

Repeat the process to muscle test for more emotions. Find them on The Emotion Code Chart and learn more. Release the trapped emotion by swiping a magnet over the meridian. 

Keep going and check your heart wall too!

Tips for managing emotions in E-Motion the movie

  • When you start to feel a negative emotion, slow down. Go outside, talk a walk and you'll feel better!
  • Drink one cup of lemon juice a day for 90 days. Your liver will reset and get into the sun. You'll reset your liver!
  • Vitamin D is very important for your help. Look into a better diet and amino acids including more sunshine.
  • Foods create moods. Fast doesn't mean going hungry. Fasting is to make you stronger. Holding firm.
  • Fast on water, it has all seven colors of the rainbow. 
  • Next is drinking the blood of the foods or juicing fruits and vegetables. 
  • Dark chocolate or hops can help you! 
  • Macadamia nuts and good black licorice have cured smokers.

If your cells are full of happy emotions, you can block sickness.

Here is a list of the E-Motion Movie Speakers 

I've included links to their books on Amazon or their websites.

Summary of E-Motion The Movie

If you've read this far, you'll see why I highly recommend the movie. Anyone who is looking for emotional release can learn from the movie. And anyone considering becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. We should start by watching E-Motion the movie. Any age can benefit from the movie and its teachings.

What is your favorite part or takeaway from the movie?

Comment below or contact me with questions

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