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Bob Randklev

Life Coach and Teacher
Clairvoyant Energy Healer
Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner
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BIO, Background and More

Throughout his life, Bob has been guided by his higher self and spirit guides, a connection that he cherishes deeply. What began as intuitions and subtle nudges eventually revealed themselves as the invisible hands that protected and directed him on his path. It was only later in life that Bob recognized the profound impact these spirits had on his journey. Today, as he strides forward, he carries this connection with him, working with clients from around the world.

Bob's ability to tap into the spirit realm has allowed him to assist people and pets from all walks of life. With an astute eye, he can identify energy imbalances, interrogate them with precision, and ultimately release them. This process not only restores balance to the body, but also alleviates the associated stress and pain that his clients may be experiencing.

As he continues to grow in his craft, Bob is currently engaged in a year-long program aimed at expanding his psychic and clairvoyant abilities. This dedication to his development ensures that he is continuously honing his skills, allowing him to provide even more profound assistance to those who seek his guidance. Bob's journey is one of enlightenment, compassion, and an unwavering connection to the spiritual realm.

The Emotion Code & The Body Code

The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is an effective energy healing technique that targets and releases emotional baggage. Through the use of muscle testing, it swiftly identifies and liberates trapped emotions, which are harmful energy imprints from unresolved or unprocessed events of the past.

These trapped emotions can have significant ramifications on our well-being, manifesting in forms such as depression and anxiety. Some individuals even find themselves blocked from experiencing love and happiness due to the presence of a heart-wall. Trapped emotions create a sense of disconnection and reserve within us, hindering our ability to fully connect with others.

It is crucial to note that trapped emotions, being energetic in nature, can exert a profound influence on our physical bodies. This, in turn, can give rise to acute pain and the development of various illnesses. By releasing these trapped emotions, we create an optimal environment for the body to heal itself. As a result, physical and emotional challenges often dissipate or become more manageable.
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Getting Answers Holistic Healing

Heart Walls

Heart Walls, on the other hand, are layers of emotional energy that we unconsciously create to safeguard our hearts from potential hurt and harm. Paradoxically, as these heart walls expand, they unwittingly prevent us from experiencing love and happiness. Fortunately, the Emotion Code empowers us to locate and release these trapped energies, dismantling the heart wall and restoring our ability to receive and embrace love and joy.

For those seeking a deeper level of healing, The Body Code delves into six major imbalances that affect our body, mind, and spirit. By addressing these imbalances, The Body Code aims to restore equilibrium within our bodies, allowing for natural self-healing processes to take place. By bringing about balance, it can have a transformative impact on our overall well-being.

In summary, the Emotion Code and The Body Code offer powerful techniques for identifying and releasing emotional baggage and promoting holistic healing. Through these practices, we have the opportunity to free ourselves from the burdens of the past and pave the way for a happier, healthier future.


Usui/Holy Fire III

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Find and release trapped emotions
Bob Randklev Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Release imbalances from your body
Bob Randklev Body Code Certificate

Clairvoyant Healer

An ongoing multi-year study

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