Bob Randklev

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

For years I’ve studied holistic health and natural healing.  I’ve always felt that connection to my subconscious and spirit!

A few years ago I became Reiki certified and then started practicing The Emotion Code healing on myself.

The results were so amazing I decided to become certified and help others.

I’ve helped people from all walks to life relieve pain from their trapped emotions

I’m ready to help you!

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Speaking Engagements

Contact me to speak at your upcoming event in person or via video conference. 


Schedule a workshop around money blocks, business limitations even weight loss!

Private Coaching

From Emotion Code healing to Law of Attraction and life planning contact me!

CLient Review

“I noticed a change right after our sessions. Releasing trapped emotions gave me a sense of enlightenment. I felt lighter, uplifted and happier!

Most of the dates that came up with trapped emotions did connect with life events, apparently some bothered me more than others. 
I’m happy we released them!”
Brenda M

Sharon J

I wanted to let you know that I was definitely having vivid dreams following our session. I'm trying to keep track to find some patterns in them.
I do also feel less neck pain, yay!

Lora S

I'm definitely detoxing right now! The trapped emotions were very connected to my throat/neck pain. I'm definitely feeling better!

Kiernan R

The session was great! The dates matched up perfectly especially the date regarding my left knee pain, it was exactly the year I began having pain! I noticed a feeling of more energy, but also more of a calming effect. I seemed to be more alert but relaxed at the same time. Other things in life that normally trigger emotional responses had less of an impact. Thanks for the session!

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