An Emotional Release Process with an Emotional Pain Chart

I practice an emotional release process called The Emotion Code. I use it to identify, investigate and remove negative trapped emotions. An "emotional pain chart" or what we call The Emotion Code chart is used to pinpoint the trapped emotions. By bringing focused attention to the trapped emotion. The trapped emotion is removed by swiping a magnet! The process and results are quite amazing!

Emotional baggage affects almost everyone in this world. Most can agree emotions from past events can "drag you down." It's hard for some people to forgive and forget. Over time, these emotions continue to build layers. People become more withdrawn, blocking love and happiness. 

An Emotional Release Process will help you let go of the past and create a better future. But it's not that easy! 

We all wish we could meditate or pray and release our emotional blockage from the past. Some wish to see a practitioner and have all repressed emotions go away. We have to remember it took years to acquire the emotions, it's going to take some time to remove them!

It may be challenging! As you bring these emotions to the surface, they will bring back memories you've tried to forget. Remember that's OK! The goal is to get rid of the emotional blocks and live a better life! Face the emotions and release them!

In this article, I'll expand on the Emotional Release Process and how we use an Emotional Pain Chart. I share more about being a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, Reiki Master and more! If you're looking to balance your emotional body, keep reading!

What is an Emotional Release Process?

Holding on to negative past emotions is not good for you. Anger, frustration, guilt, sadness, and may others can lead to issues in your life. They can affect your physical health and relationships with others. Using an Emotional Release Process will help you release blocked emotions. You can achieve more in life and live a more positive life!

The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a great example of an emotional release process. In his book, The Emotion Code he shares how to first identify the trapped emotions. We use muscle testing to connect with the subconscious mind and ask yes or no questions. Using The Emotion Code Chart we can narrow down by rows and columns, which emotion is causing issues. 

Why do we use an Emotional Pain Chart?

We can only ask yes or no questions with muscle testing. We're not having a full-on conversation with your subconscious. It's best to use an Emotional Pain Chart like The Emotion Code Chart. It helps you to determine and pinpoint the repressed emotions. I encourage everyone to learn more about muscle testing. Go deeper into your subconscious. Use emotional pain charts to release blocked emotions. 

  1. The first step is reading the book The Emotion Code. 
  2. Watch E-Motion the movie on GaiaTV here <<
  3. Let us send you the Emotion Code Chart pack too! 
  4. You can book a session to experience an Emotional Release Process too!

Will an Emotional Release Process help with Emotional Blocks?

Yes, it will. Emotional blocks is another name for trapped emotions. Others refer to them as repressed emotions or emotional baggage. In my Reiki practice, we've released emotional blocks. A client will discuss the emotional blocks and pain points. Using Reiki we work our way up and down your Chakra centers by holding hands. As the Reiki practitioner, I'm acting as a conduit for the energy healing from the divine. At the end of a session, clients have told me it's like they had an energy massage. Or a massage without the touching.

How does The Emotion Code release Trapped Emotions?

An Emotional Release Process with an Emotional Pain Chart 1

When you identify trapped negative emotions, you bring them to the top. The energy is drawn out of our body to your primary meridian. You ask questions to gain more insight. Kind of like putting them on trial. Next, you release the emotion with earth's greatest power, a magnet. You'll repeat this as many times as your subconscious allows you to. It won't let you overdo it as you could have an emotional crash. 

Releasing Heart-Wall Emotional Blocks

In life, we all have heartbreaks or emotions that create a heart-wall. Your heart wants to protect you. So when you experience heartaches, a wall or protective shield is created. When using The Emotion Code Chart we ask "is the trapped emotion in column a or b?" If I don't get an answer I ask "do we have a heart wall of trapped emotions?" I always get a "yes" answer and proceed with using The Emotion Code Chart. The same process but focusing on emotional blocks in the heart. 

I also ask how thick the heart-wall is before and after a session. We want to see the progress get started. Heart-wall repressed emotions can be more challenging to find and release. But the results make it worth the time. I also think about the fact our heart is small in comparison to our entire body mass. But it oftentimes holds more trapped emotions and pain. It took many sessions for me to release my heart wall trapped emotions and I'm still finding them to this day!

Schedule an Emotion Code Session

Or contact me here with any questions

Enroll in The Emotion Code Certification Course

I recommend becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Even if you never plan to see a client the comprehensive training is well worth the investment. 

The online, self-paced course has hours of video training. You're assigned a student advisor. You'll complete 30 Emotion Code Sessions and submit them for review. There are quizzes and a final test but it's worth it!

You'll become a better healer for yourself and others if you choose

Emotion Code Certification

How do we process emotions from our emotional body?

After you complete an emotion code session, your body will go through a processing period to balance and heal. Think of it as voids in your emotional body when the negative emotions are removed. During processing, your body fills in the voids with positive vibrational energy.

We recommend drinking a lot of water, eating raw plant-based foods and sleeping a lot. Imagine the aura around your body is healing. Your empty emotional voids are filling up with positive energy!

What are Repressed Emotions? defines repressed as this. "If something is repressed, it's restrained or held in. You may be full of repressed anger toward your brother. Over that terrifying incident from 4 years ago. Involving the frog and your hooded sweatshirt."

They are defining what we call negative trapped emotions. The frog and sweatshirt anger from four years ago.

Repressed emotions can be removed using an Emotional Release Process. Combined with an Emotional Pain Chart and a magnet. What we call "The Emotion Code."

Practicing Mental-Emotional Release

You do NOT need to be certified or read the book to practice Mental Emotional Release. There are no requirements for emotional pain charts or magnets either!

Using meditation, you can focus within. Focus on your heart. Focus on your emotions. As these negative past events come up, address the issue. Forgive those who were involved so you never have an emotional spike again. With intention release the emotions and see them leaving your aura. 

As you meditate more and gain experience you'll become better. The challenge with meditation is not letting your mind run. This is why people hire practitioners to stay focused and avoid the mind running!

How did I get started with The Emotion Code?

After I was Reiki certified, I found the movie E-Motion on GAIA TV. If you're not a subscriber I recommend it! Imagine a TV channel full of positive shows, yoga, healing and much more!

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

After watching E-Motion the movie, I purchased The Emotion Code book from Amazon. I had to search and found The Emotion Code charts to use while reading the book. I can send you the Emotion Code Chart via email here

After reading the book, I completed The Emotion Code Certification program. Today I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner helping people around the world!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

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