Emotion Code Certification

Have you thought about becoming an energy healer? I recommend the Emotion Code Certification.

It's an amazing feeling when you identify a trapped emotion that's causing pain or trouble in your system. Or another person or animal! It could be physical pain or emotional troubles trapped for years or generations. You'll learn to ask your subconscious when you acquired the trapped emotion! Next, you'll release the trapped emotion with earth's natural energy, a magnet! Often times you'll feel a "whoosh" of energy leave your body immediately, other times it may take a few hours or days.   Regardless of the amount of time it takes, you or the person you help will feel better!

When I took the Emotion Code certification training it went very well. It took me about three months to complete the video training courses and casework. I completed 26 human healing sessions and 4 animals. That practice and experience alone were worth the training! There are too many "certifications" that only require you to take a simple test. The Emotion Code Certification training combines video lessons, quizzes, a final test and practice sessions.

How the Emotion Code Certification worked step by step

After I purchased the course from Dr. Bradley Nelso at Discovery Healing they sent my login details. I was able to login to my dashboard and access dozens of video lessons and hours of classes. Dr. Bradley Nelson leads each training section and he's supported by his staff. There were quizzes along the way to keep you engaged and learning. I took an hour or two a day for a couple of weeks to get through the courses. I learned so much and the quizzes helped to keep me focused!   I was assigned a case manager who was there to answer my questions along the way. There's also a couple of Facebook groups full of people ready to help. If you're not sure where you'd find 26 people to get your certification, you can ask the group. Yes, you can do Emotion Code sessions via phone, email or video conference!  

Who is Dr Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a pleasure to watch and learn from. He explained his background as a chiropractor and the discovery of The Emotion Code. He found certain patients needed alternative healing. He discovered many people had trapped emotions from negative past events in life. By identifying them and releasing them with a magnet, patients often felt better immediately. Others took a few days!

Learn muscle testing with the Emotion Code Certification

One of the first steps in an Emotion Code session is to find the trapped emotion using the Emotion Code chart. By muscle testing, the subconscious will point you to the emotion causing issues. There are sixty emotions divided into two columns of thirty in the Emotion Code Chart. Next, there are five rows that leave five emotions per box. By muscle testing, you can ask "yes or no" questions to determine which box holds the emotion. You can then determine which emotion you need to clear all by muscle testing!  Dr. Bradley Nelson shares many forms of muscle testing in the training. My favorite and what I use every day is the ring-in-ring method. He also shows how to use the straight arm, bent arm at your side. Muscle testing is an ancient modality going back thousands of years.  

I remember learning basic muscle testing when I read the book "The Emotion Code." I'm amazed at how you can get answers from your subconscious. I practiced on myself, some on my dog and a few times with my wife. The accuracy amazed me, but muscle testing isn't perfect. Or I should say you have to make sure your questions are specific or you can get inconsistent answers.   I'm now starting to realize I've been an energy healer for a long time, I never knew it! For years I had believed you could hold hands over someone and send healing energy. Over time I became Reiki Holy Fire III Master Teacher. I took Empath, Intuitive and Clairvoyant classes.

Emotion Code Certification

If you have any questions about the Emotion Code Certification please contact me. I'll be happy to help in any way. To learn more about the certification program visit Discovery Healing and Dr. Bradley Nelson's Certified Emotion Code training.   I created a video and talked about my experiences here:

Emotion Code Certification

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