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The Emotion Code Certification Review

My Emotion Code Certification Review

If you've asked yourself "Is the Emotion Code Certification training for me?" Or maybe you've wondered if you want to be an energy healer? Keep reading this article, watch the video below I posted on YouTube and let me know if you have any questions. I highly recommend the Emotion Code certification training even if you never plan to see clients! The advanced Emotion Code training will help you find more trapped emotions in your body and change your life for the better!

If you ready now click here to learn more about The Emotion Code Certification on Dr. Bradley's website.

How I got started with the Emotion Code Certification Training

My first introduction to the Emotion Code and Dr. Bradley Nelson was when I watched E-Motion the movie on GAIA. Next, I purchased the book on Amazon and was amazed!

The book made sense and I knew I had trapped emotions from negative past life events. So I started muscle testing myself and releasing trapped emotions and the results were amazing. I found trapped emotions that were causing back pain. I asked what age and they coincided with negative past events. I had other trapped emotions but I was confused at the answers, I could tell I needed more training. The "basics" you learn from the book will get you started but the Emotion Code Certification training will give you all the tools to heal yourself AND give you the option to heal others!

Learn to heal yourself and the option to heal others!

I've always had a heart for people and I want to help them. I've studied and practiced natural health, energy healing, meditation and much more. It was appealing to think I could increase my credibility and my income by becoming an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner!

Don't worry if you've never done any "client healing" work before. There's a great group of Emotion Code Practitioners in a private group on Facebook. You have to be certified to access the group. There are other groups but the questions are very broad and all over the place. To really be effective you need to take the training and get certified. Later you can decide if you want to make a business out of it!

Emotion Code Certification

Here is a small sample of what you will learn with the Certified Emotion Code Training:

The Emotion Code Certification Review
  • Unlock the infinite well of knowledge that is your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the most powerful computer in the world. It remembers EVERYTHING you have experienced and it can lead you to heal and live a better life!
  • Identify and correct health issues with the astonishing power of the subconscious mind. Humans are so caught up in what causes this disease or this illness. They point at food, exercise, pollutants, etc. Few consider how emotional baggage can add to these issues. By releasing trapped emotions you can heal!
  • Perform effective proxy muscle testing anywhere in the world. I work with people in front of me in person or around the world via telephone, video and even email! With The Emotion Code Certification, you learn how to connect to the subconscious of others (with their permission) and release trapped emotions.

You can help and heal anyone, anywhere!

I was amazed when I learned about the connection between your organs, glands, muscles and trapped emotions. Emotional baggage affects every area of your life! When you improve your emotional connections it allows your body to be stronger and improve your health.

The Emotion Code Certification Review: The Process

Is there an Emotion Code Certification Discounts

After you purchase your Emotion Code Certification Training you are given a dashboard to login to. You are also assigned a personal "Case Manager" to help you along the process.

Your dashboard is where you'll view your Emotion Code Certification videos and downloads. You will find your Student Agreement, Biography, Letters of Recommendation followed by the e-learning material.

You have six months to complete all the requirements. I completed my certification in 8 weeks while working a full-time job! Yes, you can request an extension of time but there will be an additional cost for the time to access the dashboard. Six months is more than enough time, just schedule and show up!

Emotion Code Certification Review: The Student Session Requirements

To become certified I had to submit 26 student Emotion Code healing sessions and 4 animals. These can be done in person or remotely via proxy. I suggest doing all you can in person first, I think you learn it quicker having a person in front of you. Don't worry if you cannot do that remote proxy works too!

If you have any troubles finding the student sessions you can ask in the Facebook group for volunteers. People are helping people all the time!

You are supplied a template to record the student session information. After completing the sessions I entered my information in the dashboard. Once I had my 30 total sessions I was able to submit for review. The review process takes a couple of weeks and it is the final step in the process to get your certificate!

Letters of Recommendation

You are required to submit a couple of letters of recommendation. There are no templates which I can understand. Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team want to see a couple of unique letters from people stating you are a good and upstanding person who would be a great Emotion Code healer! I asked my chiropractor and a long time business partner and both wrote a couple of sentences of how long they had known or worked with me. They also stated they would recommend me as a healer.

Achieve your full potential and open up a whole new life full of success and love!

I'm so glad I made the decision to become a Certified Emotion Code practitioner. Yes, I'm helping others find and release trapped emotions but this is not my full-time career yet! Even if I never make a living at this I know how it helps me every day. Multiple times per week I find myself asking my subconscious yes or no questions and using muscle testing to get the answers. Is muscle testing 100% accurate? No, but it's darn close and better than guessing!

I've released so many trapped emotions in my body and I feel so much better. I have a new outlook on life and look forward to sharing and helping others. That alone is worth the cost of the certification!

Questions? Comment below or contact me!

Emotion Code Certification
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Emotion Code Certification

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