Level 1 Certification: The Emotion Code

Become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner in less than 6 months with our easy and fun self-paced certification program. You’ll learn through our online course, reading the Emotion Code book, taking quizzes, and hands-on experience by doing sessions with practice clients. You’ll then be able to legally charge for your services once you are certified.
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You’ll have 6 months from the date of purchasing the program to complete all requirements and achieve certification.*
Become a Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner and open yourself up to a new world of physical, emotional, and financial freedom as a credentialed energy practitioner! No experience is required — this program contains all the training you need to become a pro at energy healing, whether you have any prior experience or not. Join the 10,000+ Certified Emotion Code Practitioners all over the world who are confidently doing this work for their family, friends, and clients, and earning money for doing what they love!

You’ll have 6 months from the date of purchasing the program to complete all requirements and achieve certification.* Many students finish the course in just six to eight weeks!
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To complete Emotion Code Certification you will:

Submit your tuition fee. Your Student Advisor will be assigned to you within one to two days to guide you through the certification process.
Please provide your Student bio and upload your photo.
Next, complete the e-learning course, read "The Emotion Code" book during the course, and finish the quizzes.
Conduct practice sessions on various clients, including yourself and animals. Record your observations in our online Student Portfolio. These sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or remotely without direct communication. Periodically, your Student Advisor will offer feedback to ensure you're progressing well and feeling confident in your techniques. Upon completion, submit your complete Student Session Portfolio for final feedback.
Finally, submit your Certification Agreement.

Emily Smith

Emotion Code Practitioner
For a while, I've been on a quest to find a method to assist both myself and those in my circle. Upon discovering the Emotion Code through a friend, I made the choice to undergo training in it. The plethora of resources available, particularly the new videos, along with the continual email prompts and support, proved immensely beneficial in maintaining my focus and drive. Now that I've obtained certification, I'm eager to delve into the Body Code, allowing me to offer deeper assistance to others. Grateful for this opportunity. 🙏💜❤💕

Lauren Johnson

Emotion Code Practitioner
Completing this course has empowered me to unlock my potential. I now integrate its teachings into my daily routine for personal growth, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to support those around me with newfound skills. This tool has undeniably enriched my life, and I'm thankful for the positive impact it has had.
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