The Emotion Code Book Review

Review Of The Emotion Code Book (Revised Edition) A MUST Read!

The Emotion Code Book amazed me the first time I read it! I had been on a journey of healing for many years. Never before had I found the answers to my issues in such a simple solution. There are many excellent books with theories or comprehensive solutions that have helped me. The Emotion Code Book defined my problems and gave me the tools to heal!

The Emotion Code Book not only healed me but lead me to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I learned how to release trapped emotions for abundant health, love, and happiness.

I've helped myself, friends, family, and clients worldwide. I've worked with animals too! Energy healing is the “missing link” so many people are looking for to solve their problems. But they aren't aware to search for “energy healing” or “The Emotion Code.”

In the revised and expanded edition of The Emotion Code book, Dr. Bradley Nelson explains how to look into the subconscious mind with muscle testing. I learned how to identify negative past life events, holding me back. 

These “trapped emotions” are balls of energy pulsating in your body. They can cause pain, discomfort and can lead to disease.

Trapped emotions can take an emotional toll on you too. They can affect how you think and make decisions. They can affect your level of success and abundance in life.

Your heart is where trapped emotions cause the most damage. Trapped emotional energies can create a heart-wall to protect you. But they can go too far and block you from love and happiness.

The Emotion Code book explains a powerful and straightforward way to clear emotional baggage. Dr. Nelson explains the tools to identify and release the trapped emotions in your life. Removing your “emotional baggage” can open your heart and body. 

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Balance your energy centers and start healing!

The expanded and revised edition of “The Emotion Code Book” includes:

  • 60+ new sections
  • New testimonials from humans and animals
  • Definitions of trapped emotions
  • A new chapter on inherited emotions from your ancestors
  • More information on the Heart-Wall, love, and happiness.
  • More details on “how to” clear trapped emotions
  • How to take your healing to the next level

The Emotion Code Book by Dr. Bradley Nelson Background

The Emotion Code book was first published in 2007 by Dr. Bradley Nelson. He spent over 20 years as a chiropractor and holistic physician. His book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and it's been translated into many languages.

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What is the Emotion Code Certification Program

This lead to the Emotion Code Certification program. Dr. Nelson had helped so many people, but he wanted to do more. By certifying other practitioners, the results would multiply forward! Today there are thousands of practitioners worldwide!

The Emotion Code book contents

The Emotion Code Book author Dr Bradley Nelson
  • Foreward by Tony Robbins
  • Acknowledgments to those who helped create this work
  • A note to readers that the Emotion Code often produces marvelous results. And incredible benefits, both physical and mental. The book is not intended to be a substitute for the services of any health-care professional!
  • The introduction summarizes how Dr. Bradley Nelson came to write the book. He shares his love for people, healing, and how he wants to help the world! You'll learn more about Dr. Bradley Nelson. His professional background and family life. He takes you on the journey to what led to the discoveries in the book. And how it's changed his life and so many others!

Part 1: Trapped Emotions

The two chapters in part one define what trapped emotions are and how they affect us. Dr. Brad explains how over 90% of diseases have negative trapped emotions attached to them. Emotion Code energy healing doesn't heal disease. It removes the energy imbalance holding the body back from healing itself. Remove the negative energies and allow the body to heal. 

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