Emotion Code Heart Wall Chart To Release Emotional Blockages

A Heart Wall is created by your subconscious to protect you from heartache. We all have a Heart Wall from negative past events. The Heart Wall Chart helps you find and release negative trapped emotions. A Heart Wall can drag you down and block you from love and happiness.

Your heart is the center of your being. Emotional heartaches hurt and are hard to forget. Your subconscious builds a wall to protect you! Your Heart Wall grows over time after traumatic emotional events.  

Your Heart Wall is there to protect you from repeat offenders but it can cause other issues!

As Heart Wall grows in strength, you can feel withdrawn from the world. The problem is you are unable to receive love and happiness. Using The Emotion Code Heart Wall Chart, we can identify and investigate hidden heart-wall trapped emotions. By swiping a magnet over your governing meridian the trapped emotions are removed from your heart! The process is repeated over and over to find and release the trapped emotions making up the layers in your heart wall. 

Just like you received them. One by one we remove them!

We also ask questions like "How thick is the Heart Wall?" Or we find out what the Heart Wall is made of. Plastic, metal, iron, cotton, etc. At the end of each Emotion Code Session, we can test how the thickness of the heart wall. This gives us an idea of before and after

You can use a Heart Wall Chart to find and release trapped emotions.  Live a more loving and happy life but learn to protect your Heart Wall in the future!

In this article, I'll answer more common questions I receive about using a Heart Wall Chart. I'll show examples and you can request a packet of charts be sent to you via email.

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There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
Book a free call to talk about your questions and path to healing!

What is a Heart Wall?

Put your hand on your heart. Do you feel it beating? Do you feel the energy of the heart pumping? Now focus on your brain. Do you feel more or less energy from the brain? How about your organs, and digestive tract? 

There are energy centers all over your body but none as strong as your heart!

Another exercise is to stand up still. Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes. It's hard to stand perfectly still but that's ok. Now think of happy times in your past. People you love and love you. Happy experiences you've had. 

Do you feel yourself swaying forward?

Now do the opposite. Think of heartaches, war, hunger, and things that make you sad.

Do you feel yourself swaying backward?

You've just completed a variation of Muscle Testing! I use muscle testing every day but with what's called a "ring-in-ring" method. This is how we connect to our subconscious to use the Heart Wall Chart.

How do you get a Heart Wall?

Emotion Code Heart Wall Chart To Release Emotional Blockages 1

In life, we experience "heartache" from people, situations, or events. You can experience a feeling of pressure or discomfort in your heart. I've also heard this called a "heartbreak." It can also be caused by grief or the loss of a loved one. You can also inherit negative emotions before birth in the womb. 

For "self defense" against this happening again, your heart build an "energy wall" to protect you. This is how you get a Heart Wall

Physical Attraction, Dating, and Heart Walls

What really attracts us to another person? Is it only their looks or personality? Or is it your energy field and your heart wall?

At different points in your life, your "vibrational energy" is different. 

More often than not, we are attracted to those with a similar vibrational energy!

If you have a thick, protective heart wall, are you attracted to similar people? If you are withdrawn and "protected" due to past relationships, what is your "energy level?" You may dream of finding that happy, outgoing, successful person with a big personality. But your heart wall sees them as the enemy. You'll find yourself attracting people with a similar heart wall!

We subconsciously attract people feel we "deserve" rather than those we "desire"

The person who could bring you true love and happiness. Could be perceived as a threat to your heart wall. They can be pushed away or known as self-sabotage.

Giving and Receiving Love

So much of my work is helping people give and receive more love but we don't talk about it enough! You know, or remember that feeling when you see a loved one. Or maybe the first time you met your partner. Science has even measured how your heart rate increases. More blood flows to your body and you elevate your excitement or energy. 

If you haven't had this feeling in a while, it's time to fix your Heart Wall!

I believe a Heart-Wall can contribute to feelings of isolation, sadness, and other emotional problems.

E Motion The Movie Healing Heart Walls

Dr. Bradley Nelson was joined by a number of Energy Healing experts in the movie "E-Motion." You can watch it on Amazon or Gaia. It's part documentary and story. You meet Ty and Lauren who are single in the beginning. As they find their emotional problems they come together.

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

Heart Wall Healing Sessions

I'm here to help you find and release your trapped emotions from negative past life events. I can find your Heart Walls and release the emotions causing issues in your life today. I'll share ways to heal and protect yourself in the future. I encourage everyone to take the Emotion Code Certification course. Learn how to heal yourself and others!

What is the function of the Heart Wall?

The Heart Wall is there to protect you from future heartaches. The subconscious mind is a supercomputer. It knows everything from your past. If you've had a traumatic experience with the heart, it creates a protective wall or shield. When you have a heartbreak, argument, or issue with people. The subconscious builds additional walls or layers. 

As children we're taught to "let it go" or "forgive that person, they didn't mean to." We're taught to put it behind us, and forget about it. 

We were never taught to process the negative emotions and let them go!

Instead, we keep adding layers to our Heart Wall. It becomes so thick we struggle with giving or receiving love. You can become more withdrawn and suffer from anxiety or depression. 

Your body will also become physically sick from these emotions trapped in your body and heart wall!

Do you have a hidden Heart Wall?

Heart Walls can be tricky. At times we can't detect them until we are in a session. The subconscious wants to "trust" you are helping before presenting themselves.

A "hidden heart wall" is even deeper. Likely from a very traumatic event or relationship. 

Maybe childhood or spousal abuse. A very important relationship gone bad. Addictions, bad habits or feelings of a sinner?

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I can help find and release any problems with your heart wall. I will work with you over a number of sessions to dig deep and give you time to heal.

What is a Heart Wall made of?

I learned this from Dr. Bradley Nelson the creator and author of The Emotion Code. I'll ask questions like, "Is the heart wall made of wood?" If the answer is "no," I'll continue with plastic, metal, iron, steel, silver, gold, etc. Often times it will relate to the person or their favorite substance. Other times it can relate back to a parent or relationship in life.

The Emotion Code Book

How thick is a Heart Wall?

When I detect a heart wall I'll ask how thick it is. A very thick heart wall relates to the "blocking energy field" put off by your heart. It's like holding your arm out to stop something from getting to you. Your heart is holding back other energies to protect your heart.

How do you clear a Heart Wall?

Clearing a heart wall is the same process used during an Emotion Code Session. There are additional questions on the Heart Wall Chart like the thickness and composition. We are releasing trapped emotions from negative past events.

How to Release a Trapped Emotion and Clear Your Heart Wall

Heart Wall Chart and Emotion Code Chart
  1. Connect with your subconscious via muscle testing
  2. Identify the trapped emotion using The Emotion Code Chart
  3. Investigate the emotion. At what age did you acquire it? Was it from a friend, family, event, etc? Where is it lodged in your body?
  4. Swipe a magnet over the governing meridian to release the trapped emotion. 

Trapped Emotion FlowChart to Clear your Heart Wall

You can receive a printable PDF copy of the HeartWall FlowChart by email. You'll also receive the Emotion Code Chart, the first two chapters of the book The Emotion Code. I'll also send more details on energy healing news and updates.

Submit your name, and email, and check your inbox right away!

Protecting your Heart Wall

I'm asked this often, "How do I protect my Heart Wall?" The answer is simple yet difficult. Meditation. I like Chakra meditations that activate your seven energy centers. Think of your Aura of energy around your body. Your Aura has a protective shell like an egg. 

In meditation, you can increase your Auric field of energy to protect you from outside negative energies. This protects your heart wall from outside negative energies. 

You may come in contact with negative energies but your field is so strong, they never reach your heart!

Meditation Techniques and Tips

Meditation is a time to slow down your mind and look inside. Connect with your internal self and your heart. 

Meditation can be crazy at first but it's to be expected. Think of your life. It's probably hectic, always something going on. We've trained our minds to always be doing something. We call it "multi-tasking" and many are proud of it!

Meditation is the art of "no-tasking" not "multi-tasking"

Never resist or get mad when you are meditating. Ask for your "highest and best" spirit guides to come forth. Ask them to present themselves. It could take years to "see them" but just know they are there. As other thoughts come to distract you, tell them "thanks but right now is my quiet time." Ask them to take a break and come back later. 

Meditation music is important. There are hundreds of free meditation videos on YouTube!

Can animals have a Heart Wall?

Yes, our pets can also have heart walls. I've used the Heart Wall Chart on many different dogs and cats. Dr. Bradley Nelson and others have worked with horses, cattle, sheep, and other farm animals. If you're a pet lover you know animals have emotions too!

Animals take to Emotion Code Healing very quickly. Although their minds may be less than humans. They don't have the opinions, egos, and hang-ups we do. They enjoy the connection to the subconscious and energy healing.

Heart Wall Healing Sessions

I'm here to help you find and release your trapped emotions from negative past life events. I can find your Heart Walls and release the emotions causing issues in your life today. I'll share ways to heal and protect yourself in the future. I encourage everyone to take the Emotion Code Certification course. Learn how to heal yourself and others!

The Body Code Chart

The Body Code was created after The Emotion Code. The Body Code App is divided into six imbalances:

  1. Energy
  2. Circuit or System
  3. Toxin
  4. Pathogen
  5. Misalignment
  6. Nutrition or Lifestyle

Using muscle testing with the subconscious. We determine which of the six the imbalance is with our client.

  • Each imbalance can have another six or more categories.
  • Each category can have many more.
  • We continue until we get to the issue. 

We are then taken to a page that explains the:

  • Explanation of the imbalance
  • Decoding
  • Association
  • Intention

At the Association we'll ask: "Is there an associated imbalance that needs to be decoded?" IF yes, we return to the home screen to go deeper. 

After those issues are released we return here to confirm it's been released.

The Body Code Certification Course

It's amazing what we can do with The Body Code! To this day I'm still amazed at what we find with trapped emotions. The Body Code Certification takes us deeper into the body. We can find imbalances in places we never thought of before!

Contact me with any questions and learn more about The Body Code Certification here:

Emotion Code Certification

My Heart Wall Story

I was born and raised in a very loving family. We were taught to go to school, get good grades. Go to church, pray and respect others. But emotionally I was crushed growing up. 

My mom died a week away from my 5th birthday. Terrible yes, but I was the oldest of four kids! My brother was born the day before my mom died. He never got to know her!

Fortunately, we stayed together thanks to living with my aunt and uncle for a few years. My Dad got remarried to who I now call "mom." They had three more kids for a total of seven!

Being first wasn't easy. I was "blazing the trail" as the first in school, becoming a teenager and graduating. 

There were good times but I had a major heart wall by the time I graduated school!

I carried this heart wall as an "ego" and drive to succeed in life. I wanted to be a millionaire because we didn't have a lot of money growing up. I wanted success because I was bullied and made fun of all the way through high school. I wanted to play sports but I was only allowed to play one. I had to be at home to help with the family. I had to skip any kind of school trip or event that I couldn't go to church on Sundays.

Fortunately, I met my wife when I was 22 and struggling. I can see now we had similar lives growing up so our hearts attracted each other. 

We've been married for over 25 years and love our life but wow! When you realize you were attracted to each by your heart wall of trapped emotions. It's an eye-opener! It answers a lot of questions!

Looking back the trapped emotions and heart wall held me back from love and joy. Being the "man of the house" I had to work to support my family. 

But that was my greatest joy. I didn't want my kids to be raised the way I was! 

All my life I knew I had this "connect to higher power" beyond what I learned in church. I found myself in the right place at the right time often in life. But I also look back at opportunities I missed!

When my youngest went off to college, we moved into a condo. I was able to devote this extra free time to pursue my "meta-physical" side of me! It's an amazing journey learning about your empathic self. Mediumship and psychic connections. Reiki Energy healing and many more. 

The "life changer" for me has been The Emotion Code! I can't give enough thanks to Dr. Bradley Nelson, his family, and the team at Discover Healing. 

Today I've "shifted" from my left brain of running a digital marketing agency to being an Energy Healer. Both are rewarding work. But there's nothing better than helping people live a better emotional life!

Learn more about Emotion Charts:

Questions? Book a free Discovery Call.

There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
Book a free call to talk about your questions and path to healing!

Emotion Code Certification

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