What are the best Emotion Code magnets for energy healing?

Emotion Code Magnets play a vital role in the healing process. We use energy healing magnets with The Emotion Code and The Body Code Energy Healing. I have my favorite magnet, but I've used different magnets. Some will surprise you!

Identifying trapped emotions is the first step in The Emotion Code and Body Code Healing process. After identification, we learn how and why the trapped emotions were acquired. This "focused attention" on the emotion brings it to the forefront of your mind.

Because emotions are made up of energy, we can eliminate the trapped emotions permanently with a magnet by swiping a magnet from your brow over the top of your head to your spine. The trapped emotion is neutralized and released forever!

Any magnet will work, and your healing intention is more important.  I've used refrigerator magnets and magnetic stones. The 3x5 Emotion Code Magnet is in my back pocket for easy access! My favorite is the Nikken Magduo from Amazon. 

There are many types of magnets to choose from, and I'll detail them below. You'll learn Energy Healing Magnets are great for Emotion Code/Body Code healing! I'll also share how magnets are used for massage and chiropractic care. However, a variety of different magnets can be used. I have listed my personal favorites below.

How to use Emotion Code magnets for energy healing

Releasing trapped emotions

In the book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. You learn about trapped emotions your body acquires and holds on to. The trapped emotions are commonly from negative or traumatic past events. The emotions are like "negative balls of energy" in your system. This can lead to pain, discomfort and more over time!

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There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
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Muscle testing you can help you connect to your subconscious. You can ask where you have trapped emotions using the Emotion Code Chart.

The chart will help you determine which column, which row, block and finally emotion. Next, you'll ask about the approximate age you acquired the trapped emotion. Was it from family or a friend?

By giving attention to this trapped emotion, you are "calling it out." The energy is brought up to the surface on your primary meridian.

By swiping a magnet across your primary meridian, the negative trapped emotion disappears forever! The combination of your intention and the magnet will release the trapped emotion. Your fingerwork at a minimum or a refrigerator magnet. When available, I use a strong Nikken magnet I feel for deeper healing.

If you are treating yourself or via proxy, you'll swipe the magnet over your head. When you are in person you'll swipe the healing magnet from the upper spine down to the middle of the back.

The Science Around Energy Healing Magnets

Human energy fields are another aspect of science that play a big role in energy healing methods. Human energy fields relate to the electrical pulse put off by the beating of a heart and the functioning of a brain. Scientists can measure the human electrical field of the heart and brain. Researchers have found a human’s electrical and magnetic fields increase substantially during energy healing sessions. These changes can be measured and recorded. 

You can see this with Aura Photography and the energy fields around people.

I'd love to invent "Energy Glasses."

Imagine putting on a pair of glasses and seeing the aura energy fields. People, animals, plants, and trees have energetic fields.

Energy Healing Magnets with animals

I've found Emotion Code Healing with animals to be one of the most rewarding. Yes, animals get trapped in emotions too. But they have less of an ego and anger. Animals react very quickly when you connect to their subconscious. They enjoy the magnet going down the spine. Especially the Magboy and MagDuo models. The rolling magnets are like a massage!

Magnets Used for The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code Magnetic Chart

The magnetic Emotion Code Chart is 3″ X 5″. You can carry the full Emotion Code Chart with you!  Release trapped emotions from anywhere!

Kenko MagDuo by Nikken

The Kenko MagDuo, Nikken’s new model of the MagBoy.  It's a great little massager which also works very well for unlocking The Body Code. The two magnets are housed in a hard plastic case and can be removed and rubbed in the hands.

This is the magnet I use and recommend!

Nikken Mag Duo Magnet

Remember, Any Magnet will Do!

While many of the magnets listed are preferred, a business card type of magnet will also work. The Nikken magnets are designed to relieve discomfort and body balancing. They have more uses than just relieving trapped emotions.

More about Nikken Magnets

Nikken magnetic products have changed the lives of many people. This page on Amazon is dedicated to Nikken.

Magnetic Massage with the Kendo Magduo

Magnets can help in many ways beyond Emotion Code Healing. Magnetic energy healing dates back for centuries. Many modalities exist in Japan, China, India, Egypt, etc. 

Magnets are also used in healing modalities like Reiki, Massage and more. It makes sense, magnets are a natural product of the earth. 

The Kendo Magduo from Nikken employs strong magnetic fields. This provides for deeper magnetic penetration into your body. The rolling magnetic balls with points acts like a massage. If you have a stiff joint, ache or pain. Magnetic massage can work wonders at time.

Chiropractic Magnetic Healing

Many Chiropractors use magnets in their practice. Dr. Bradley Nelson is now a retired Chiropractor. Over decades of practice, he created The Emotion Code. He used muscle testing to find trapped emotions in his patients. Then he used Nikken magnets to release the trapped emotions. He's also a proponent of the rolling magnetic massage products from Nikken.

How Magnets Helped Finish My Chiropractic Healing

I'm convinced there are times you have a backache or discomfort and go see the chiropractor. The adjustment goes well and you feel great but it comes back. 

Are the chiropractic adjustments just moving the trapped emotion temporarily? 

I love my Chiropractors and they've done so much good for my family. After years of seeing them, I still had a mid-back discomfort that would flare up at times. 

After many self Emotion Code Sessions, I found the trapped emotions lodged in my back. I released them with my Nikken Kenko Magduo, swiping over my head! Today I'm "chiropractor free" and release trapped emotions if I get discomforts.

I recommend everyone purchase The Emotion Code Book by Dr Bradley Nelson. 

Read it, and practice the healing process. You'll be amazed at how you can improve your life and those around you!

How to use the Magboy Massager by Nikken for The Emotion Code

The Magboy models of healing magnets have been updated and replaced by the Kenko Magduo

Cautions to consider when using Emotion Code magnets for energy healing

If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker. Or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant. Do not use or wear magnetic products. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy or anyone with a health problem. You should first consult a physician before using magnetic products. 

Questions? Book a free Discovery Call.

There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
Book a free call to talk about your questions and path to healing!

Emotion Code Certification

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