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How Can I Muscle Test Myself To Get Subconscious Answers?

When I first learned about muscle testing, I wasn't sure I believed it? I first read The Emotion Code book to answer my thoughts, "How can I muscle test myself." Now I muscle test myself every day! I've created this article to help you better understand the power of Muscle Testing. I'll also teach you how to get started and use muscle testing to get the answers!

Muscle testing is the art of communicating with your subconscious to get answers. You ask specific yes or no questions and your muscles will answer. You can ask broad questions but be careful of misguided or vague answers. 

There are many variations of Muscle Testing. The most common are:

  • The Sway Test
  • Ring in Ring
  • The Elbow Test
  • Divination with a pendulum

Imagine you're communicating with someone who understands you 100%. But they can only answer yes or no. You'll need to practice asking the correct questions to get the right answers.

The results will amaze you!

This article will help you will gain a strong understanding of muscle testing. You will also gain the knowledge to get started! I've been muscle testing for so long, I've learned to "mentally ask questions" and I get the answers! Read along to learn more!

What is muscle testing?

How Do I Muscle Test Myself

We are all aware we have a subconscious mind looking out for us.  But we may not understand your subconscious is there to help us out. Your subconscious has answers to questions you cannot or don't know how to answer.  When you connect to your subconscious and ask the questions, muscle testing will give you a yes or no answer! Also, known as a positive or negative reaction. 

One thing to never forget about muscle testing is "Keep it Simple." Practice every day to gain awareness and grow your abilities. Nothing is 100% but you'll be amazed at the accuracy of muscle testing. I learned over time most of my "wrong answers" were too broad of a question! Narrow down your questions and focus!

How Can I Muscle Test Myself in daily life?

Every day I'll be in a situation where I have to make a decision and muscle testing is there to help, another opinion. If I'm looking at a bunch of supplements, I can ask my subconscious if I should be taking them now. Maybe you're unsure of which outfit to wear. As I'm driving I ask if I should turn here or wait.

How Can I Muscle Test Myself?

Not every method will work for you right away. Practice self-testing with simple questions in your life. Then start using The Emotion Code charts to find and release trapped emotions. Expand to the Body Code and other areas of your life!

The Sway Test

Probably the easiest muscle test to learn. Your body will sway forward when you think of positive situations or circumstances. You will sway back when you focus on negative situations.

Let's do your first test now. Shut off any radio, tv or distractions.

Stand up now and relax, clear your mind and talk to your subconscious. Close your eyes. You'll notice it's hard to stay perfectly still but that is your body balancing. Now start thinking of a beautiful life. A beautiful place surrounded by family and friends. You're happy, healthy and life is abundant. Do you feel yourself swaying forward? This is the answer "YES," and be careful, some people almost fall forward! Amazing isn't it!

Now close your eyes again and standstill. Think of war, poverty, sickness and you'll start to sway backward. This is the answer "NO." 

The sway test is how I show people or a group for the first time. It's not "practical" for me to use when seeing clients. You can use the Sway Muscle Test to get started and increase your awareness and confidence!

The Elbow Test

A very popular way of muscle testing, as you can do it for long periods of time. You won't fatigue as quickly when seeing clients or long sessions.

Sit or stand with your arm bent at your side. Elbow against your side with palm up or down. Your lower arm is parallel to the floor and you want to hold it slightly stiff.

Now with your opposite arm use two fingers and say "yes" while slightly pushing on your arm. You should notice your arm is stiff, hard to push down.

Now with the same two fingers say and think "no" while slightly pushing down on your arm. You should notice less resistance from your arm. Your arm will drop as you press down.

Your goal is to notice the slight difference in resistance when you say or ask something "yes" or "no."

Keep practicing to fine-tune your responses! Gain more confidence in your abilities!

Ring in Ring Muscle Testing

This is my favorite muscle testing. I make a closed ring or circle with the thumb and middle finger. (Or your pointer finger) Now do the same with the other hand but connect or link the rings together. Your rings will remain locked when you ask a "yes" question or state a "positive statement." One ring will open up when you ask a "no" question or "negative statement."  

To repeat my process. I keep my left ring locked and my right open. I slowly and repeatedly pull the rings apart. My wife thinks it's weird as I sit there. Over and over pulling my fingers through my ring. When I ask a positive yes question the rings lock up. It's an obvious yes. 

So again I start by repeatedly pulling my rings apart. I do this while asking "is the trapped emotion in column A? 

If the answer is no change I ask Column B? Next, I'll ask odd or even rows and on and on. Until I determine the trapped emotion and release it.

Using the ring in ring muscle testing with The Emotion Code

Some practitioners ask a question, then test the ring-in-ring muscle test. I prefer to lock my left hand as the ring. Then using my right hand I repeatedly pull my fingers through the ring. Like I'm getting a no. I ask questions and when the rings lock, I know it's a yes answer.

First I connect to my subconscious, get permission to ask questions. With a "yes" I then ask if I have trapped emotions to I need to release. With a "yes" I get started asking which column A or B. 

If both columns are "No" I ask is this a "heart wall trapped emotion" and the answer is always yes. I continue to ask questions to find the trapped emotion.

Although this is my favorite, there are times in public it won't work. Sometimes I'd like to ask a question and I'll use the Elbow Test instead, it's less noticeable.

How Can I Muscle Test Myself using divination with a pendulum

Some people won't connect muscle testing with divination. I've had great success holding a pendulum and asking to see "yes." The pendulum will swing one way. Next, ask to see "no" and you'll see it sway the other way. Now you can start asking the same questions to find the yes or no answers.

Other factors that can affect your muscle testing results

  • Hydration: be sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!
  • Try too hard: Don't apply too much pressure, you subconscious loves you, trust it!
  • Trapped Emotions: maybe you have too many emotions trapped right now. Work with an Emotion Code Practitioner like myself. Release the trapped emotions so you can continue your journey!
  • Lack of self-confidence could affect your muscle testing. Contact me to set up an Emotion Code session.

How Can I Muscle Test Myself With The Emotion Code?

As an Emotion Code Practitioner, I'm able to connect to my subconscious. Next, I'll ask if I have any trapped emotions causing issues. By using The Emotion Code Chart I can determine which emotion is trapped. Often times we can learn the time frame it was acquired. Other times it may be inherited from a family member.

When I work with clients, I get permission to connect to their subconscious. Again we address specific issues and ask specific questions. The subconscious is powerful and the answers will amaze you!

How Can I Muscle Test Myself With The Body Code?

As you may imagine, muscle testing is very similar when using the Body Code. The differences are the questions and charts being used. Body Code charts are more specific to parts of the human body. There are charts for herbal supplements and more. The Body Code focuses on six imbalances:

  1. Energies
  2. Pathogens
  3. Circuits and Systems
  4. Misalignments
  5. Toxins
  6. Nutrition or Lifestyle

We muscle test to ask the subconscious which area to start with. We continue digging into the charts to find the answers. Many times we find a trapped emotion in a part of the body we never considered! 

The results are amazing and our clients love The Body Code Sessions!

Kinesiology: the science of muscle testing

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movements. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement. Wikipedia

You can also learn more about the origin at 

Here is another great resource about manual muscle testing

Learn more about Muscle Testing from Dr. Bradley Nelson. Visit Discovery healing here:

I have a full article about  Emotion Code and Body Code Certification here

Emotion Code Certification

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