What is the Emotion Code Chart?

What is the Emotion Code chart used for?

The Emotion Code chart helps determine which trapped emotions are causing challenges in your life. Trapped emotions within your body can affect your overall physical, mental, and emotional feelings. Thanks to The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, it’s easy for a certified practitioner to release trapped emotions with the help of the Emotion Code Chart.

Chart of Emotions Card

My first experience with the Emotion Code Chart

The first time I saw the Emotion Code Chart, it was confusing and overwhelming. But after I took the time to read the book and review the training videos it made total sense! I tested myself and was amazed at how quickly I could find the trapped emotion I was working with and how quickly I could find more!

The Emotion Code chart is a key component in determining and releasing trapped emotions. 

The Emotion Code Chart consists of 60 emotions, divided into two columns and six rows. Each box contains five emotions. Each row is listed with areas of the body these trapped emotions often affect but there are exceptions. I find it interesting when working with clients how their trapped emotions for a particular issue tend to “clump” in one area. Not every time but enough to know you are releasing the correct emotions!

How do you use the Emotion Code Chart?

So you start by connecting to your sub-conscious or your subject. (could be a person or an animal in front of you or remote) Next asks yourself or your subject, “Is the trapped emotion we are trying to release in Column A or Column B?”

Once you know the column you ask “Is the trapped emotion in the odd or even rows.” Often times I never get a chance to ask if it’s “odd” because my muscle test tells me it’s “even” before I get to the next part of the question. Once I know if it’s odd or even I then ask “Is it A1, A3, A5” whichever combination of column and odd or even from the previous questions. Again often times I’ll get a “yes” from the first column and I know I don’t need to go any further.

Now that you know the box you are working with I personally ask is this the “first, second, third, fourth, fifth” and again I will get a yes answer before finishing I don’t go any further. Once I know, for example, it’s the 2nd emotion, I go into detail and release it.

Muscle Testing with the Emotion Code Chart

I personally use the “ring in ring” muscle test so I can quickly find which column, odd or even rows, which row, then which of the five emotions are we targeting. Some prefer using the straight arm or bent arm. There are numerous ways to muscle test, one is not better than the other. Each person has to find what they are comfortable with and practice, practice, practice!

Dr. Bradley Nelson recommends muscle testing 100 times per day for 10 days and you’ll be a master! Those who test a few times have doubt or worry will never gain the experience and confidence you need to trust your sub-conscious.

How to use the Emotion Code Flowchart and why it’s important

The Emotion Code Flowchart helps you add a couple of layers to using the Emotion Code Chart. Above I explained how you connect to the sub-conscious, ask if the trapped emotion is in column A or B, odd or even rows, which box, then which of the five emotions. This is the Emotion Code Flowchart that shows the process you can do over and over to release as many trapped emotions as the body will allow.

But what if your Emotion Code muscle testing isn’t working?

When I get a weak answer or I can’t determine if it’s column A or column B I ask “is this a heart wall trapped emotion?” and 99% of the time I get a yes. It’s as if the subconscious is telling me to focus on this emotion wrapped around the heart!

How do you find inherited trapped emotions?

I always ask my clients their age. This helps me find the approximate age they acquired the trapped emotion. After I find the trapped emotion I ask “did (name) acquire this trapped emotion before the age of (1/2 of their current age).  If I get a “yes” I’ll ask again cutting the age in half again. Over and over till I get a “no” and work my way back up to find the date.
Once in a while, I will uncover an “inherited” trapped emotion or an emotion that was passed to you from your biological mother or father. We can ask how many generations, from which side etc.
Often times my clients agree their grandparents or parent fit that emotion and they aren’t surprised they inherited the emotion.
They feel great knowing I’ve released the trapped emotion from them AND their ancestors!

Summary of "How Does Releasing Trapped Emotions Work?"

Generally speaking, releasing Trapped Emotions is a four-step muscle testing process. It’s designed to prepare yourself or the person you’re working with, to identify their trapped emotions. Next, you check for any background circumstances and finally release the identified emotion.

To learn more about how to release your own trapped emotions and how to release them from others, contact me to set up a session or to ask questions.

The Emotion Code is available through Amazon or your local bookstores. In addition, the book is available as an app on the Apple App Store and the Google Amazon Pendulums.

How to become Certified In The Emotion Code to heal yourself and others!

By becoming certified in The Emotion Code, you’ll become an expert in the holistic healing field and using muscle testing with The Emotion Code Chart to identify and release trapped emotions. Emotion Code certification training is critical to learn directly from Dr. Bradley Nelson and how to be most effective.

Contact me personally with any questions and how to get started!

Read my Certified Emotion Code Certification review and contact me to learn more.

Book an Emotion Code Session with Bob!

I’m available most days Monday - Friday and Saturday mornings. If you need a special time contact me and I’ll find a way to fit it into my schedule.

I offer single sessions but advise a package of three or six sessions will serve you better. It’s hard to release all your trapped emotions in one session, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here looking?

I created this YouTube video to explain more on how the Emotion Code Chart works

What is the Emotion Code Chart? 1

The Emotion Code chart has helped change my life and many around me!

Learn more here about The Emotion Code and how to find/release trapped Emotions

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