How does manual muscle testing work? What can it tell me?

Manual muscle testing is the process of connecting with the subconscious mind. With measurable resistance, your muscles answer specific "yes or no" questions. IF your muscle shows resistance, it's a yes. If it shows no resistance to pressure, it's a no. I'm always amazed at what your subconscious mind can tell you!

Manual muscle testing dates back thousands of years. Many cultures around the world used Muscle Testing. Also, know as "Kinesiology" there are many resources to learn from! It doesn't take long to learn manual muscle testing. What takes time is practicing daily for days or weeks to strengthen your abilities. 

A key lesson is to ask specific questions. Broad questions still bring answers but they can be misinterpreted. We can't see everything your subconscious can!
The questions are generally part of a flow chart or guide. This allows you to ask simple "Yes or No" questions to find the specific answers.

How does manual muscle testing work What can it tell me

I first learned about muscle testing from Dr. Bradley Nelson. A retired Chiropractor and author of The Emotion Code. Many chiropractors and energy healers worldwide practice manual muscle testing with their clients.

After watching the movie E-Motion and reading The Emotion Code book. I started muscle testing myself. It didn't take long to learn and I now use muscle testing daily!

Below I expand and grow on manual muscle testing and how it can help you and others! I've used muscle testing for weight loss, allergies, relationships and much more!

Manual Muscle Testing Definition

Wikipedia defines manual muscle testing as Applied Kinesiology. "AK is a technique used in alternative medicine. Claimed to be able to diagnose illness or choose treatment, by testing muscles for strength and weakness."

I find it odd the reference to "alternative medicine." 

I use muscle testing throughout my day for more than health related questions.

I understand science can't prove you have a subconscious there to help you. If they can't prove it they won't believe it. Or "I'll believe it when I see it." I prefer Wayne Dyer's version

If you believe it, you will see it. 

Wayne Dyer

Manual Muscle Testing Books

You can find many books on Amazon about Manual Muscle Testing or MMT. There are books that are very "scientific." There have been many studies on MMT (Manual Muscle Testing). As a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, we are more spiritual connecting to your subconscious.

I was trained by Dr. Bradley Nelson and The Emotion Code Certification course. I recommend you start with his book The Emotion Code.

Emotion Code Certification

The purpose of Manual Muscle Testing

I'm sure you've pondered things in life before. You've asked yourself questions and answers run through your head. This is your subconscious talking to you. Manual muscle testing can help you narrow down the answers. You'll get more specific guidance.

The purpose is to confirm and find answers running through your mind. NO your not going crazy or hearing voices. 🙂

Different Types of Manual Muscle Testing

You can read more in my article How Can I Muscle Test Myself Get Subconscious Answers? 
I explain there are four major types of manual muscle testing:

  • The Sway Test
  • Ring in Ring
  • The Elbow Test
  • Divination with a pendulum

My favorite and most popular is the Ring in Ring Muscle Test. I hold my left thumb and finger in a solid ring. I loosely hold my right thumb and finger in a circle locked inside the other. As I pull apart my right finger and thumb separate.

Manual Muscle Testing Questions

Now hold the rings together and make a positive statement. Say something like "my name is (your name)." The rings will stay locked when you ask a positive or yes question.

Next, say something wrong or negative like "my name is Bob." For me, they stay locked but for everyone else, the ring will break.

When I'm working with a client, I sped things up by constantly sliding my rings apart. When I'm looking for a trapped emotion I use The Emotion Code chart or Heart Wall Flowchart. 

  • I ask "Is the trapped emotion in column A or B." 
  • My fingers will lock on one of the answers OR I ask is it a Heart Wall trapped emotion. 
  • Once I know the column then I ask "is it in the odd or even rows?" Then I ask is it for example "is it in A2, A4, A6." 
  • I will get a locked ring on say A4 then ask "is it the first emotion? second emotion," until I find the correct emotion.

Manual Muscle Testing The Age of the Acquired Emotion

Once I know the emotion, I ask "can we learn more about the trapped emotion?" Again with a locked yes I'll ask "did this happen before (client) was (half of their current age). 

  • Then repeat splitting that age in half. 
  • Until we narrow it down to a few years. 
  • Next, I'll ask "was the trapped emotion acquired at age x, x+1, x+2, etc.

An age muscle testing example

Say our client is 42 years old. I first ask "was this emotion acquired before the age of 21?" With a locked muscle being yes I ask "was this emotion acquired before the age of 10?" With a No answer I  ask "was this emotion acquired before the age of 15?" With a Yes answer I know we are within 5 years. Now I ask "was the emotion acquired at age 11, 12, 13, 14" until I get a Yes answer.

I let my clients know the age isn't perfect. It could be a year before or after. 

Our subconscious doesn't recognize or use linear time like we do. 🙂

Muscle Testing to find out how the emotion was acquired

Sometimes we can ask if the emotion was from a friend, family member or event? I'm amazed when I'm muscle testing and find an emotion at a certain age, with a certain circumstance. Next, the clients' eyes open up or they start crying as they remember exactly what happened!

Muscle Testing for a Heart Wall

I suspect the vast majority of humans have a Heart Wall of trapped emotions. How many times has your heart been broken or crushed due to a circumstance or people in life? 

It hurts and our heart wants to protect us. So the negative trapped emotions are stored in a wall around your heart. Kind of like the troops protecting the castle. As you have more heartbreaks, the wall gets thicker and starts to block positive energy. If your Heart Wall gets too thick, it can hold you back from love and happiness. 

If you feel this is you, I'd schedule an Emotion Code Session!

Muscle Testing For Allergies

I've been able to help myself and others with allergies. Nothing is 100% but you'll be amazed how a trapped emotion can affect allergic reactions. It makes sense if a trapped emotion is a negative energy ball or group of energies. They exert pressure on the physical body and we call them "allergies."

Lifelong allergies and food allergies can take time. There may be many layers of energies to remove. We also need to look at the foods causing the allergies too. Think about the concept that the food you eat is full of negative trapped emotions. You're simply feeding your allergies! You'll want to consider emotional energy AND the foods you eat!

Muscle Testing For Weight Loss

I can say from experience you can lose weight with muscle testing! Your stomach, organs, and intestinal tract can hold trapped emotions too. I'm sure you've heard of the "gut feeling" about a situation. Or the event/relationship was so traumatic it "made you sick to your stomach." 

These balls of energy excerpt physical pressure on your body. They can throw your digestive system out of balance!

How I lost 25lbs without crazy exercise or diet over the holidays!

A quick backstory. In 2011 I topped out at almost 250lbs! I was 180lbs when I graduated high school 25 years earlier! I followed the "low carb diet" and got down to 225lbs by the end of 2012!

Since 2012 I've hovered around 220lbs with the goal to "get below 200lbs."

I tried many diets, moderate exercise. I'd go on a 14-day Nutribullet Cleanse. I am a proponent of Intermittent Fasting and Plant-Based eating but nothing seemed to work. I'd get down to say 210lb but then it would come back.

It hit me in November of 2019 to use muscle testing! I found and released trapped emotions in my stomach and lower abdomen. I combined that with a new focus on Intermittent Fasting. I would only eat between 2 pm and 8 pm every day. This gave my body time to cleanse. When I got hunger pangs I told my body to "go use the fast storage." I also reduced my intake of animal products and focused on raw plant-based eating.

Good news, in January of 2020 I broke the 200lb mark! My body is now in the 198lb range plus or minus 5lbs.

I'm going to write another article and expand on this more!

If you've struggle with weight loss and every form of diet, take a look at balancing your digestive system. Get your body back into balance so you can lose weight!

Muscle Testing Reliability and Validity

Remember NOTHING is 100% reliable or valid. MOST of the time when I get an answer that doesn't make sense I realize it's too broad. After muscle testing thousands of times, I started to get overconfident at times. As I go through the day I'll ask my subconscious questions and "hear" the answer. It's amazingly accurate but not perfect.

Muscle testing is like having a second opinion but don't assume it's always right!

If you have questions or comments let me know I'm here to help!

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