What is a Heart Wall? How do you Release Trapped Emotions?

We've all experienced traumatic or negative events in life. These negative emotions or memories get trapped in your heart wall and cause issues for years to come. A Heart Wall is automatically created to protect you but can hold you back. It's important to find and release your heart wall trapped emotions to heal and feel better!

Think of a heart wall as an emotional shield meant to protect you. When traumatic or negative events affect your heart, a heart wall is created. It's created to catch or block future negative emotions from harming you. Your subconscious creates the heart wall to guard against repeat offenders in your life. Your subconscious wants to stop further negative emotions from affecting you but it can go too far.

As time goes by, your heart wall can grow thicker and hold you back. I've found heart walls in myself and my clients. I'll ask questions like "how thick is the heart wall." Or "is the heart wall made of ." Many times I'll find the heart wall is hundreds of feet thick! Made of concrete or plastic or straw. Your heart wall will shut you down and hold you back. You can feel victimized and introverted. 

Yes, a heart wall is there to protect or help you against further negative emotions. But too often the heart wall holds you back in ways you may not notice for years!

Don't worry, life was meant to be happy, healthy and abundant!

You can find the trapped emotions in your heart or work with a practitioner. Heart walls take more time to uncover, explore and release. I'll share more details and my experiences below

Heart-Walls Broken Down

What causes heart-walls?

A heart wall is made up of trapped emotions from negative past emotions. Like anxiety, heartache, sorrow, sadness, loneliness, betrayal, abandonment, abuse, and more. Your subconscious creates the heart wall to protect it from negative emotions.  In your subconscious mind, the heart wall is a physical reality. At first, this is a good thing to get through a rough time. But long term the wall can grow!

How do Heart-Walls affect us?

If the heart wall continues to grow, it can lead to trust issues with yourself. Commitment issues with others, and even interfere in other areas of our life.  A heart wall can restrict the flow of love into or out of our hearts. Your heart wall can lead to depression, numbed emotions and feelings of disconnection. A heart wall can block you from moving forward in your life. It can hold you back from your hopes and dreams in life.

Other Heart-Wall Issues

Other Heart-Wall issues may include: 

  • Back pain or discomfort - I was able to release years of back discomfort through my heart wall
  • Headaches - Could a headache be a negative energy-trapped emotion?
  • Abdominal pain - Your stomach is your solar plexus in the chakra chart. It functions as the center of energy associated with the ego. It’s the source of personal power, self-belief, and self-worth.
  • Allergies - My allergies have practically gone away!
  • Fatigue - I don't need my afternoon power naps anymore!
  • Joint pain - This is a big one for many people, especially with poor diets. The negative energies from processed foods affect your joints!
  • Sinus problems - I still occasionally get seasonal sinus allergies. But I don't get winter colds or touches of flu!

Because trapped emotions are made of energy. They exert an influence on your physical tissues. Releasing trapped emotions helps create a more balanced body that can heal. You will heal both physically and energetically. 

Do you have a heart-wall?

Don't let your heart wall hold you back from life!

You can have a heart wall at any age! As you experience more trauma and negative situations in life. You keep adding layers on top of layers of your heart wall. Your subconscious mind wants to protect you and it's ready to do anything to keep you safe. The heart is the core of your being, your true essence.

Have you ever been injured emotionally? Have you ever felt that emotional heaviness in your chest like your heart was breaking?

The heart is the center of your physical and spiritual being. Some people feel the heart may be a second brain.  Your brain is fully activated when you are giving and receiving love and acts of kindness. Our brain is analytical and thinks. It's through our hearts that we give, receive, and feel love.

But our hearts are vulnerable to emotional injury. Trapped emotions are created in the body. These trapped emotions can create layers or a heart wall. Your subconscious mind will take that extra energy and create a heart wall to protect you.

Heart-Walls affect us in two major ways:

  1. Heart walls block the heart's energy from flowing through the body. This makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself. This can cause physical symptoms, particularly in the neck, upper back and shoulders. 
  2. Heart walls block us from fully opening our hearts to those around us. We can become numb and unable to connect to others.

What happens after you remove a heart-wall

As the Heart-Wall is removed over time, the body begins to heal. Some feel the changes immediately. For others, the change is more subtle and takes place over time. 

The reason I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner was to heal heart-walls and emotional traumas holding people back! 

But I'm only one person, we need more people to help release heart wall trapped emotions! Let's heal the world!

Why is the heart associated with emotion?

Your heart is your central place for love and compassion. If you don't feel the same, you likely have a heart wall blocking you. Have you had broken heart events in the past? Parents, family, and friends can all break your heart. Some by mistake, others on purpose. It doesn't matter if you weren't able to let go, a heart wall was created to protect you. The heart wall grows as you experience more issues. Over time it slows your flow of love and compassion from going in or out of your heart. It can make you feel withdrawn and hurt.

The Emotion Code and Heart-Walls

Using muscle testing we can connect via proxy to your subconscious mind. After we get permission we ask if you have a heart wall. Upon confirmation, we proceed with The Emotion Code chart to identify the trapped emotions.

Next, we ask when you received the trapped emotion and maybe a time frame. Next using a healing magnet we release the trapped emotion permanently. Over and over we keep going back and asking if there are more emotions to release from the heart wall. In one session we can release ten or more but you can only do so much in one session.

Your spiritual body needs time to heal. It has to fill the voids from where we released the trapped emotions. Your heart also needs to heal. Your subconscious will tell us when enough is enough.

After every session, we suggest hydrating and eating a clean plant-based diet. Get plenty of rest and let your system heal!

Heart-walls are generally very complex. They take multiple sessions to release all the emotions around the heart wall. Think about the layers and layers of emotional baggage you collect over time.

During the process you'll feel better and once the heart wall is clear the results are amazing!

How to Remove your own Heart-Wall

This is one of my favorite questions! The quickest way to get started is to purchase The Emotion Code book and start reading. Shut off the noise around you and focus. You'll learn how to release your heart wall trapped emotions and more!

I highly recommend EVERYONE go through The Emotion Code Certification program. This is how practitioners get started BUT many people never see a client. They look at this certification as personal training and healing! Your assigned a student advisor, you take online video courses, quizzes, and a final test. You work with 26 people for your training sessions and 4 animals. 

Emotion Code Certification
What is a Heart Wall? How do you Release Trapped Emotions? 1
One of the best ways to learn about Heart Walls is to watch E-Motion, the movie with Dr Brad and others

The Body Code Heart-Wall Flowchart

The Emotion Code Certification is considered Level 1. You'll learn how to identify and release trapped emotions. You'll learn to use The Emotion Code Chart to release trapped emotion. The Heart Wall Flowchart releases trapped emotions in the heart wall.

The Body Code Certification is considered Level 2. You'll advance your learning to the six major imbalances and associated conditions. Many of the imbalances refer back to the Emotion Code Chart or the Heat-Wall Flowchart.

The Body Code is an extension of The Emotion Code and they compliment each other.

You are required to become an Emotion Code Practitioner before moving on to level 2 Body Code Certification

Questions or comments? Please let me know

Learn more about The Heart-Wall from my mentor, teacher, Dr Bradley Nelson at Discovery Healing

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