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Are there Emotion Code Certification Discounts in 2022?

Are you considering The Emotion Code Certification program? I've had a number of people ask if there is an Emotion Code Certification discount or coupon? Occasionally you may find a small discount but in my experience is they aren't worth waiting for. The added bonuses are what you want to look for!

I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Although I don't work for Discover Healing or Dr. Bradley Nelson. I've noticed there are discounts around the Christmas holiday season. A couple of times per year there may be small discounts, generally, they are 5-10%. If you're hoping for half off deal, it's not likely to ever happen. I'm not aware of any set discounts or times they are offered. To view, the current offers visit the certifications page.

Emotion Code Certification

Two factors more important than discounts are: 

  1. The speed at which you become certified
  2. The bonus training materials included with the certification

I'll address both of these topics below, so read on!

It's not worth waiting for an Emotion Code Certification discount!

If you "feel ready" to become a Certified Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner, don't wait. Doubting or second-guessing yourself isn't what you need right now. Don't let the hope of a discount hold you back! Muscle test to get the answer!

The quicker you get your certification done, the better you'll feel helping yourself and others! 

Emotion Code Certification

View any current promotions and certification discounts here.

Certification Bonus Training Series

Is there an Emotion Code Certification Discounts

As of writing this article, I'll share the bonus training programs I've used. The awesome team at Discover Healing will add new bonus training sessions. And some will be removed as they become dated. There is no guarantee these bonus programs will be included with your program. Or you may have new guides!

Emotion Code and Body Code bonus programs I'm using:

Abundance Breakthrough

I love the opening statement of this guide, "Blast away your money blocks for good!" The goal of this guide is focused on Wealth, Abundance and Success. This guide is good for yourself or clients who focus on these areas. 

Creating Your Dream Life

A workbook to help you identify the life you want and stay clear of resistance while you achieve your goals.

This guide has been designed to help you:

  • Gain more clarity about what you really want in all areas of life
  • Set SMART goals for each life area
  • Create the energetic vibration of what you want. Through visualization identify the obstacles to success and eliminate them
  • Retrain your brain to view stumbling blocks as communication of imbalance
  • Help you with motivation, clarity, efficiency, attraction, receiving & manifesting

Resonating Relationships

"The Energy of Romance" and relationships. Go into depth discussing a relationship problem. Find and release trapped emotions and feel better!

Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery

This guide was designed as a quick reference guide. Use it anytime you suspect someone (or yourself) may be subconsciously resisting the natural recovery and rebalancing process.

Comprehensive Issue Clearing Session

Many of us have lived with complaints for so long, they have become part of the background. They are no longer triggering us to solve them. As a result, our stress levels are elevated. We feel fatigued more easily, we age faster, and our immune systems struggle. Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly why.

Alternative ways to help people using The Emotion Code and The Body Code

The majority of my sessions are focused on solving a problem or discomfort. We have a backache, neck ache, sinus issues, etc. Or it could be more emotional like stress, depression or anxiety. 

What I like about the bonus training is they are focused on broader topics. Abundance, dreams, relationships, blocks holding you back in life

Types of Emotion Code Certification

In my article Emotion Code and Body Code Certification, I go into detail on each level. I've posted a summary as an overview.

Emotion Code Certification - Level 1

The online, self-paced video course helps you to learn several muscle testing techniques. You'll also learn how to release Trapped Emotions on yourself and others. You'll learn how proxy and surrogate testing works. Dr. Bradley Nelson explains how to identify and release Heart-Wall emotion. He also covers inherited and shared Trapped Emotions. 

This is a prerequisite to Level 2 Body Code Certification and must be completed first.

Body Code Certification - Level 2

You'll learn about the six underlying imbalances from Dr. Bradley Nelson. He teaches how they adversely affect our health and happiness. You'll find a deeper level of restoration. The Emotion Code is one part of the Body Code imbalances. The Body Code is more advanced. You'll download the Body Code app to your phone or tablet computer. As you muscle test, you'll use the app to find and address imbalances in the body.

Emotion Code Certification

How much does an emotion code session cost?

There is no "Emotion Code Practitioner Salary." People have asked, "How much can I make as an Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner?" You are self-employed as an Emotion or Body Code Practitioner. So your income potential is only limited to your charge per session. And how many sessions you complete each day, week or month. 

I've talked to other practitioners, searched the Internet and found a wide range of prices per session.

Personally, my sessions are 30 minutes. I charge $85 for a single session with discounts for three and six sessions. I've seen prices as high as $150 per session or as low as $40. Most practitioners I've found are using 30-minute sessions but some will go up to an hour. The time isn't the "value" of the session. It's how many emotions you can get release WITHOUT an emotional hangover! You'll go through a healing process after an energy release session and you'll need time to balance. Your subconscious will watch out for you and only release so many per session!

Why aren't your sessions free?

I'm amazed when people ask this but I get it. I agree in a "pure energy" balanced world people should help each other freely. But think about it, if we helped each other freely, we may not have trapped emotions!

  • If a person works 50 weeks a year, they get two weeks of vacation. 
  • There are 40 hours in a week and the "normal" workday is 8 hours.
  • If you consistently booked 5 sessions a day and one canceled you'd complete 4. 
  • 4 per day over a week is 20 sessions per week. Take that times 50 weeks and you'd complete 1000 sessions per year.
  • At $50 per session, you'd earn $50,000 per year. Not bad but NOT if you are self-employed. The headaches, taxes, etc aren't worth it. You're better off getting a job 🙂
  • At $100 per session, you'd earn $100,000 per year. This is more like it for a self-employed individual!

This is why I chose $85 per session with discounts. I feel I can keep my sessions short and exceed 20 per week. I feel every practitioner should have a goal to earn over $100,000 per year. Even if you don't need to earn that much, imagine how you could impact the world with your donations!

I'll go into more scenarios and details in another article. Let me know if you have any questions!

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