What is an Emotion Code Therapy Session Like?

Emotion Code Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive and safe approach for emotional balance. The focus is on finding the trapped emotions and releasing them. Rather than focusing on the circumstances which caused the emotional imbalance. As you become more balanced, you'll fee better, more at ease and happier!

An Emotion Code Therapy session is focused on energy healing. The primary goal is to identify and release negative emotions. 

  • The emotions are from past events, still causing you issues today. 
  • Emotions can become trapped due to past events with family, friends, relationships, etc. 
  • Your body can hold on to negative balls of energy from abandonment, betrayal, shock and many more! 
  • These trapped negative emotions can exert physical pain or problems in your body. 
  • From headaches to backaches to joint pain. Emotions can be trapped in certain areas of your body or your organs. 
Chart of Emotions Card

The Emotion Code Chart lists sixty different trapped emotions which can cause "emotional imbalances."

Muscle testing (Kinesiology) is used to find the trapped emotions. Your subconscious has been with you your entire life! It knows and remembers everything. You may want to put past issues behind you but they can come back. This is "emotional baggage" or an emotional imbalance.

Once the emotion is identified, we ask to learn the approximate time frame it was acquired. Maybe the emotion was from an event, a family member or friend?

This process brings the trapped emotion to the top of your primary meridian. By focusing on the emotional details, we pull it out of your body. Using one of the earth's primary energies, we remove the emotion with a magnet. We "swipe it away" by moving a magnet over the primary meridian. That particular emotion, in that part of your body, is permanently removed

Next, we repeat the process of removing additional emotions. Your subconscious will tell you when to stop. Removing too many emotions in one session could drag a person down or feel overwhelmed.

After a healing session your body goes through a "processing period." Your energetic body needs time to heal and fill the voids with positive energy! 

Emotion Code Therapy is an amazing and vast topic. I'll expand more below and also talk about trapped emotions in animals.

Energy Healing with Emotion Code Therapy

I think everyone experiences emotional trauma in life one way or another. Some have the ability to let it bounce off and they go on with life. Others seem to let the emotion "attach" to their aura or energy field. These trapped emotions are like balls of energy excreting a negative force field. You collect them throughout your life. Your memory brings back the emotion and you try to put it behind you or forget the experience. Other times the emotion is too traumatic and you have problems letting go. It feels impossible to forgive them for what they've done.

Emotion Code Therapy and Animals

Our pets have emotions too. They can be mistreated, abused and sad. I'm amazed at how dogs can get so excited and tail wagging when you see them. But it's sad to find animals shy, scared and withdrawn from a negative life. They too can hold on to negative emotions and need Emotion Code Therapy. 

Emotion Code Therapy session example

I'll expand on this in another article but keep in mind the pets around us!

Why I personally needed Emotion Code Therapy

In other articles, I've talked about my life growing up. It was good in many ways but bad in many others. My mother died when I was five and I was the oldest of four kids! I was bullied as a kid, made fun of and ridiculed. But early in life I "felt a presence." Spirit Guides, angelic beings, my subconscious was there. 

School learning and homework was easy for me.  I was quick to understand the content and tests were easy. I had guidance helping me!

I tried to put these negative emotions behind me and forget about them. I'm happy to report I've done very well. I've been married for over 25 years, have a couple of amazing kids and my health is perfect. 

My journey to Emotion Code Therapy

Decades later as I started to give more time to my metaphysical being. I read all sorts of books about Mediumship, The Psychic Pathway and one of my favorites Ask Your Guides. I attended local classes about Empathic living and eventually started Reiki Certification. Today I'm a USUI/Holy Fire III Master Teacher. 

But then something bigger revealed itself!

e-motion the movie

Emotion Code Therapy and GAIA TV

My favorite TV is Gaia TV also known as the "Netflix of Metaphysical TV." It's full of weekly series, documentaries, and movies. They cover metaphysical, energy healing, ancient civilizations, yoga, diet and more! I recommend subscribing and watching content that can improve your life!

E-motion Code the movie with Dr. Bradley Nelson

I found the movie E-Motion with Dr. Bradley Nelson. The movie explained how emotions can get trapped and cause adverse effects on your life. Both physically via sickness and mental health. This resonated with me as Reiki is a healing modality to balance your Chakras and energy centers. Reiki is like getting an energy healing massage!

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

I had to watch the movie again with my wife and I've shared it with hundreds. I purchased the book The Emotion Code and learned the basics of muscle testing. Finding trapped emotions and releasing them. I was amazed at the results and later I completed The Emotion Code Certification Course!

Some people prefer to watch a movie, others prefer a book. The goal is to help more people find and release trapped emotions holding them back in life!

Emotion Code Therapy with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a retired chiropractor. For many decades he helped patients but he found some "hard to cure" cases. This leads him to the ancient art of Kinesiology or what's known as Manual Muscle Testing (MMT). Dr. Brad would say a prayer before each appointment with a client, intending for healing. He would connect to the patient's subconscious using muscle testing. Next, he'd ask for permission to find trapped emotions. With a yes he'd continue using emotion charts. Over time Dr. Brad created The Emotion Code Chart of sixty emotions. The emotions were also mapped to areas of the body in The Body Code he later created.

Once identified, he released the trapped emotion by moving a magnet over the primary meridian. 

He would repeat the process and sometimes release ten or more emotions. 

The Emotion Code Charts

I will send you The Emotion Code Chart package and energy healing resources to your email inbox. 

I recommend you get a copy of The Emotion Code book. Learn how to identify and release trapped emotions.

The Emotion Code Book
Click to view on Amazon

If you get hooked as I did, take the next step and get certified!

The Emotion Code and Body Code Certification

The most rewarding decision I've made is to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I learned from Dr. Bradley Nelson and his amazing team at DiscoverHealing.com.

I'm sure you've heard the term "10x" or taking something to the tenth level. Emotion Code Certification is like taking the book The Emotion Code and 100x the results!

Once you pay for your certification course, you first agree to the rules set forth by the program. You are then assigned a student advisor to help as you need it. There are hours of self-paced training videos from Dr. Brad and his team. You'll have quizzes along the way and a final exam. Don't worry about the exam. If you follow each stage and pass the quizzes you'll be ok!

Emotion Code Certification

Emotion Code Practice Sessions

Once you've completed the courseware and passed your test. You can start practicing with people AND animals! The course walks you through how to do a session and submit the results. There are clients who will need more than one session. You can also submit these results. You'll also work with animals and find it's very rewarding!

Once your sessions are completed, your package is submitted for review. You'll get your certification approval or request for more sessions. Don't feel bad if you're not approved the first time. We want the best practitioners out there!

Have you ever searched "emotion code practitioner near me"

It's not required to find an Emotion Code Practitioner nearby. I know some people want to meet in person. But we can use video conferencing options or the telephone. We can complete an Emotion Code Session via proxy. 

Almost 100% of the work I do is via proxy using Zoom conferencing.

As a Pro Member at Discover Healing, you can get yourself listed on the Practitioner Map

My Goal for You, Emotional Balance!

We all go through ups and downs in life. If you have a strong aura and emotional shield, you may not attract negative emotions. Most people are not aware or were never taught they could block emotions. Instead, they go through life-attracting layers of emotions over the years. These blocked emotions continue to group together in areas of your body. The balls of negative energy lead to discomfort or imbalance. The imbalance could be pain or even illness. 

Generally, people use "traditional" physical cures like chiropractic, medical doctors and medication. Some use more holistic approaches like meditation, Reiki and crystals. Supplements and healthy eating also plays an important role in your health.

What about finding negative trapped emotions causing problems!

Never stop using your traditional approaches but consider adding energy healing!

Here's my challenge to you.

Sit quietly and focus for a moment. Now think of an ache or pain you have. Or maybe an illness affecting you. Now ask your subconscious if this was in-part from a negative past event. Pay attention to what comes to mind. Your subconscious will flash events past you. This will confirm you have trapped emotions!

Book a session with me or get the book. Get started on releasing trapped emotions. Create a more balanced life with less emotional struggles!

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