Weight Loss Energy Healing with the Emotion Code & Body Code

The Emotion Code and Body Code helped me break a plateau and lose weight. They are excellent examples of weight loss energy healing. For years I've eaten well and exercised but I was stuck at a plateau. The Emotion Code helped me release trapped emotions. I used The Body Code to dig deeper and more answers! The results were losing weight without crazy diets or exercise!

In November 2019 I decided it was time for me to lose some weight. I found trapped emotions in my midsection and released them. I had a feeling my weight wasn't belly fat. Rather it was inflammation in my organs and a malfunctioning digestive system. 

I performed many Emotion Code Sessions to balance my digestive system. I also used the Body Code to pinpoint specific teas and supplements. 

I also focused on my raw plant-based diet using colors from the Chakra Chart. I also continued my intermittent fasting, only consuming my food in a six-hour window every day. 

It was amazing I lost over 25lbs over 90 days. Nov-January over the holidays! 

I was extra thirsty and slept at least 8 hours per night. I didn't notice for over a week as I wasn't weighing myself every day. When I realized I lost over 5lbs in a couple of weeks without changing my eating or exercise I excited me! I started weighing myself daily and was happy to see I could lose weight during the holiday season!

I'll break down more of my journey and results. You can use these ideas and concepts to help you discover how to lose weight. Energy Healing with the Emotion Code and Body Code is essential. "Emotional Baggage" can cause issues with your body weight! Your emotional balance affects more than you may know!

The Emotion Code and Weight Loss Energy Healing

Most weight loss "experts," tell you to "eat less and exercise more." All food manufacturers promote the same and it's no wonder! 

There is no "blame" placed on any specific provider of foods, that they are part of the problem!

It's my belief this "vague recommendation" confuses people even more. I was going in circles for years with my weight. I had lost over 25lbs but I was at a plateau for years. I wanted to lose another 25lbs! Let me explain.

Weight Loss Diets

Dieting is changing the foods you consume which likely are not what caused your weight gain.

Emotion Code Weight Loss Energy Healing

Every day you hear another expert or doctor releasing a weight loss diet plan. Each diet focuses on

  1. Eliminating certain foods from your diet
  2. Reducing caloric intake
  3. Exercising more
  4. Track your progress by measuring your body inches

What about your emotional baggage dragging you down. Holding you back from being the person you want to be!

Short Term Weight Loss Results

Being focused and motivated on the physical diet, people will have short term success. You'll see your weight drop and likely feel better. You love it when people notice and comment you are losing weight. You feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. 

Then something takes you off the eating plan and you gain back the weight and more. You're not sure what triggered the change. Old eating habits start again. 

Have you ever asked yourself "What is a habit?" I've learned past events from trapped emotions cause habits to form.

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how emotions become unhealthy habits

When you have an emotional reaction or situation. Most people don't think they can control their emotional reactions. No one has taught them they can process and release the emotions!

  • If you allow an emotional reaction to last for hours or days, that’s called a mood.
  • If you keep that same emotional reaction going on for weeks or months, that’s called temperament.
  • If you keep that same emotional reaction going on for years on end, that’s called a personality trait.

In summary an emotional event can turn into a personality trait that affects you for years. 

Learning how to process emotional reaction is where your work starts.

Overeating Therapy with Energy Healing

I was an overeater most of my life. We had to clean our plates before we got dessert, being the oldest of seven! So we force fed ourselves the amount of food my mother gave us. Then we were rewarded with a sweet dessert like cake, cookies, fruit cobbler, etc. 

Overeating wasn't a problem when we were kids, I could run it off outside on our trampoline or riding my bike. 

We lived a couple miles out of town and I would ride my single speed bike to the hardware store or to see friends. 

When I moved out of the house at nineteen I was introduced to the Whopper sandwich and loved them. Every day we'd have a cheeseburger, fries and a soda for lunch. It didn't take long and I started gaining weight!

I had to use The Emotion Code as my therapy for overeating. I found and released the past emotions which became my personality. I had to stop going back for more food and overfilling my plate. I'd eat it all and never let it go to waste!

Feast or Famine Binge Eating Therapy

In my early 40's I was 75lbs heaver than my weight in high school! My weight had gone up and down over the years. I'd get in a good mindset and some exercise. But then boating, drinking and eating was too much fun to worry about my weight!

I would do well during the week. I'd eat processed, lower fat and caloric foods. I focused my exercise on weight lifting with some biking. But once the weekend came, I'd bing eat anything in site. Erasing all the good I had done throughout the week.

I had to meditate and using Reiki and Emotion Code healing, balance and release my emotions. I had to break the habits of over eating. 

I used The Emotion Code and Body Code as my Binge Eating Therapy. I was able to release trapped emotions from my past triggering my binge eating.

Emotional Eating Therapy

Emotional Eating Therapy is very similar to Binge Eating Therapy. Where I was binge eating on weekends, many people suffer from overeating every day. The emotional trauma or past experiences have created habits hard for them to break. 

A negative emotional event could have happened or resulted in eating certain foods. If this emotional mood goes unprocessed over time, it becomes a temperament. You have to process your emotions. Otherwise, they become a personality trait that can cause problems. You'll find yourself over eating due to blocked emotions from negative past events. 

Using The Emotion Code we find and release the negative trapped emotions. The Body Code focuses on the six imbalances in your body and goes deeper. The Body Code uncovers trapped emotions in areas you may never expect. Or The Body Code can lead you to find herbs, teas or other adjustments to balance your energy centers. 

When your emotional body is in balance, your physical body can heal itself

Anxiety Eating and Weight Loss Energy Healing

Although our physical world around us is evolving every day. More and more people are suffering from anxiety. This leads to anxiety eating also referred to as stress eating." This is what we call"self-sabotage." You are anxious but likely about nothing important to your life. You could fall into fight or flight mode. IF you are constantly worried about something you feel is a "predator." you are in fight mode or ready to fight back.

If you fell overwhelmed with life, you just let it all go. You are in "flight mode." The goal of emotional energy healing is to find balance!

The same goes for anxiety eating! The food you put in your mouth is NOT helping your anxiety and I think a lot of people realize this and ask. "What else can I do?" "Is there a new treatment?" "I need a better doctor."

No one has ever taught them about energy healing. Finding and releasing the trapped emotions causing the anxiety. This will help you stop anxiety eating. 

Emotional Eating Books

There is no shortage of Emotional Eating Books. I have not read them and I'm sure there are some good ones out there. 

My challenge to you is this. 

If you've come to this page, looking for Emotional Eating Books. I'd prefer you  focus on Emotional Energy Healing Books!

I recommend starting with The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Another great book is Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza

After reading these books you'll have a new perspective on healing and weight loss. You won't spend all your time looking for the next best physical solution. You'll understand the answers lie your subconscious. 

Energy imbalances from past events put pressure on your physical tissues. The trapped Emotions can convince your mind to eat and keep eating. Trapped emotions can cause your digestive system to weaken. If you stomach can't process foods. The foods are pushed to other organs and inflammation fills your body! 

Weight gain doesn't happen from one meal or a week or a month. It happens over the years and the changes are so slight, you don't notice them.

Before you know it you're dealing with overeating, anxiety eating, binge eating and more!

Schedule an Emotion Code Session with me or download the charts to get started! I encourage everyone to complete The Emotion Code Certification program.

Is something on your mind from the past, holding you back today? Are Emotional blocks holding you back from losing weight?

Diets and exercise help our physical body lose weight. They focus on reduction and increased burning of calories. If you have the mindset and will power you can lose weight and keep it off for good. But for many of us, the emotions that caused the weight gain are still trapped. The urge to go back to your old habits remain and are oftentimes the cause of yo-yo dieting.

Stop putting so much attention on the food and exercise. Heal your emotional body first!

Using The Emotion Code or Body Code to balance your energy

I've discovered lose weight with a balanced body you have to consider your past emotions. During an Emotion Code Session, we can find the trapped emotions and learn. We can find a general time frame and maybe a location where the emotion is stuck in your body. We will release the trapped emotion and allow your body to heal and balance. This reduces or eliminates the old habits which cause emotional eating

During your weight loss journey I recommend:

  1. Meditation: Look inside to discover your past emotions that can be triggers. It may hurt but recall your major life traumas and the emotions. Focus on becoming aware of your emotional triggers so you an release them.
  2. Journaling: Keep track of your thoughts. Record your eating, exericse and energy healing in your daily journal. It's hard to change and make progress without knowing where you are currently. Know your triggers and balance your body to become better.
  3. Listen to your Body: Your subconscious is like a supercomputer and remembers everything. It's always communicating with you but very few are listening.

Losing the Weight of your Emotional Baggage

Your Heat Wall and Weight Loss

When I think of energy healing, I know our entire body is made up of energy. If you look inside our body the largest energy source is your heart. Place your hand over your heart and feel the pumping. Your heart pushes blood to every part of your body even your brain.

Most people feel your subsconsicous is your mind or in your brain or is it? I prefer to think my subconscious is my entire body, my aura or energy field.

I've talked about how negative past events caused balls of emotions to attached to your body. Inside your body, in your cells and organs. The primary place for emotions to attach is the heart!

Think back to events that "broke your heart." They could be personal events or you witnessed an event of a friend or on TV? If you have heartache from something and you can't let go, they build up in your heart. They are called a "Heart-Wall." Your heart wants to protect you and not let the heart break happen again. So it creates a "protective layer" around your heart. Over time the layers become thicker and thicker. 

Heart Walls work and protect you from heart ache but they also back fire. A heart wall will also hold you back from love and happiness. You'll find it harder to give and receive love. You can feel more withdrawn and disconnected from life. 

Grief, Depression and Anxiety from Heart Walls

Grief is unavoidable in life. We recently lost our dog of 13 year. She was like a child to us and our kids remember her as a puppy when they were children. It's ok to show grief and emotion but we have to learn to process and not hold on forever. I had to learn how to turn that grief into happiness knowing her spirit has graduated to a higher level. She will be great in her next life, dog or human?

If you let the grief go too long it can lead to depression. If you keep replaying the grief over and over. You'll find yourself trying to predict and avoid it from happening again. Before you know it you get depressed and become anxious. You are worrying about that thing which caused the grief. It's likely to never happen again but it's grown into depression!

YOU have a choice to look for the good in grief or continue to feel depression and anxiety from it

Schedule an Emotion Code Session to learn more and start your healing process!

Heart Wall Trapped Emotions and Weight Gain

As your emotions build up in your heart wall. You'll find certain triggers that cause Emotional Eating or Binge Eating. When you feel down you may turn to food, even drugs or alcohol. The salty, foods full of fat are most satisfying to our taste, so we go for those first. High calorie drinks can add up quickly. A few drinks a day can be over 1000 calories or more!

I think you can see what will happen when you have trapped emotions. As they grow over time they excerpt more pressure on your physical tissues and your mind. Heart Wall trapped emotions can cause you to pull inward. You'll find yourself eating based on your emotions, not your well being!

Are You Anxious or Nervous About Losing Weight?

Emotions can affect you in many different ways. YOu know yuo shouldn't worry about your physical looks, but many do. I know it's easier said than done. If you are overweight and subconscious of your looks now. 

This may sound crazy, but you'll likely be worried about your looks. Even IF you lose the extra weight!

I've worked with many people, who have not physical need to lose weight. But they still think they are fat or they are comparing themselves to when they were teenagers!

Stop thinking about "losing weight." Think about how can I heal my energy body first. Next I'll only feed my physical body natural plant based foods. Drink a lot of water and get outside!

Your body will heal and lose weight!

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