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Does The Emotion Code Really Work?

People have asked me, "Does The Emotion Code Really Work?" I let them know "yes," it works very well. I've spent years practicing energy healing and experienced the results firsthand.

I always smile and say yes when someone asks, "Does The Emotion Code Really Work?" Clients continue to be amazed when I uncover trapped emotions from their past. Next, we discuss the details and release the negative trapped emotions. Clients are even more convinced when we hold a session via proxy over video conference!

Here's a quick overview of the process:

  • I start with a short prayer and connect to the subconscious.
  • I ask for permission to find and release trapped emotions confirming with a YES.
  • Next, by muscle testing, I determine the trapped emotion causing issues.
  • We expand on the time, people, and background of the emotion.
  • They remember the situation in a time when we find the trapped emotion.
  • Next, by swiping a magnet over the primary meridian, we release the trapped emotion.

Clients can feel and sense the emotions being released.  They begin to realize how negatively trapped emotions are "baggage" they've held on to for too long! We repeat the process many times, releasing over a dozen trapped emotions. Your subconscious will tell you when it's time to stop!

In this article, I'll detail more of my experiences and those of my clients. I can't use names due to privacy, but I can share results. If you're new to energy healing, I'll share some ideas to open your mind. We live in both the physical and energy worlds. Learn more below!

How does energy healing work, and what is it?

For centuries, cultures around the world have practiced energy healing. In today's world, the primary focus is on religion, which is also a form of energy healing too! I'm also amazed at people who don't want to believe anything if it's not from religion or science. I encourage you to look at "historical evidence." You'll learn energy healing is older than modern religion or science!

Energy healing, as I understand it

We don't know exactly where we came from or where we are going next. I was raised Catholic and became Lutheran later in life. Both had great experiences, and I love all religions. I've grown to a point where everything is energy. We should love ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet we live on. I've removed labels and want to raise the consciousness of the world. I want to help others heal and raise their vibrational level!

How I came to be an energy healer

As I've mentioned, my mother died when I was five, and I was the oldest of 4 kids! I had a very strict Catholic upbringing but a fair amount of conflict. I was always connected to spirit and felt a presence. I put aside my "spiritual connection" to pursue the American dream. Go to college, get a degree, build a career, etc.

Today I have an amazing wife of 25+ years, two great kids, and many friends. I've lived what many would call "a great life," but the changes when my youngest went off to college. It was time for me to get back to my spiritual life!

Becoming an energy healer in the second half of my life

I decided to devote my free time to pursuing my "metaphysical" side. I started taking courses and reading books about meditation. I studied psychic reading, mediumship, empath, etc. 

I found a lot of the spiritual principles were similar to studying personal development. I'm a long-time trainer in the Law of Attraction and Goal Setting. As I learned more about the meta-physical, I found the connection!

Reiki Energy Healing

I fell in love with Reiki healing! I ended up taking multiple classes and passing four certification levels. Today I'm a USUI/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing that promotes balance and wellness. A Reiki practitioner is like a "conduit" between the spiritual energy world and the client. By holding hands over the various chakras of the body. Energy healing passes through the Reiki practitioner to the client. The energy healing clears and strengthens the body's aura and energetic fields. 

Does The Emotion Code Really Work For Me

A Reiki session is similar to a massage without the touching. 

A Reiki healing session can also be done via proxy for remote healing. If you're wondering, a Reiki Master teacher can train and certify others.

This is only a brief introduction to Reiki. You can learn more at or contact me with any questions.

Then I wondered, "Does The Emotion Code Really Work?"

My favorite TV channel is As a station full of shows from metaphysical and spiritual leaders. There are transformational shows and thought leaders. Combine that with Yoga, healthy eating, and even some conspiracies. You should subscribe too!

E-Motion the Movie

This is where I watched the movie and was first introduced to The Emotion Code and Dr. Bradley Nelson. I was inspired by the movie E-Motion, and it made total sense. Instead of general energy healing like Reiki, I could communicate with the subconscious. I was able to pinpoint the issues and balance the energy!

Does The Emotion Code Really Work? 1

The Emotion Code Book by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Next, I purchased the book The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (Updated and Expanded Edition), and I read it one night. I couldn't go to sleep! Next, I learned muscle testing and connected to my subconscious. The first few times, you're not sure what to expect. You're wondering if this is for real. You're asking, "Does The Emotion Code Really Work?" Then as you pinpoint an emotion, you're like, ok, that makes sense. But when we learned about the time frame and maybe some circumstances, I was convinced it worked!

The Emotion Code Book
Click to view on Amazon

Big eye-openers using The Emotion Code

You may be reading this thinking, "those thoughts were in his mind and memory." Yes, but as I progressed, I started opening up trapped emotions. I found they were attached to negative past events I forgot about. Or should I say, "put behind me?" 

Chiropractors and The Emotion Code

I've gone to some amazing Chiropractors for many years. But there was ongoing discomfort they could never relieve. I was ok for a few days, but the pain came back.

Inversion Machines for Stretching

I own and use a Teeter inversion machine to stretch out my back. My back would feel better, but in time the discomfort came back.

I highly recommend the Teeter for its quality. If I'm going to hang upside down, I don't want a malfunction! There are many brands to choose from on Amazon. Check them out here.

Does The Emotion Code Really Work for Back Pain?

I didn't think of it right away. Then ideas came to me "why not ask my subconscious which emotions were causing my backaches." It was amazing. I would focus mentally on the discomfort in my back. Then I'd find the trapped emotion with muscle testing. Next, I'd go back in time to see when I acquired the emotion. It was amazing how well it worked. I cried at times from some of the memories!

My kids don't think I ever cry but this was touching!

I remember sessions where I'd swipe the magnet over my head to release the trapped emotion. 

I felt the pain go away immediately! 

Most of my emotions went back to my childhood and emotional fights with people in my life. It's odd to write that as I'm a pretty calm, laid-back person, but I did hold on to negative past events.

As of this writing, it's been over a year since I released and relieved my backaches. I've learned if I get pain in my neck or any part of my body. I muscle test to release the trapped emotion and feel better. 

Watch out for the skeptics!

Everything in life seems to have its skeptics. No matter how many people are for something, there's a certain group that wants to prove them wrong. When it comes to energy healing and The Emotion Code, the rules are different. I've read skeptical reviews that say, "The Emotion Code doesn't work." Maybe it didn't work for them. Can you not respect the process that has worked for others?

Does The Emotion Code Really Work in one session?

Unlikely. The person who sees the chiropractor, doctor, or energy healer once is expecting miracles. The old say goes, "if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it." It makes me think of preachers who have healed people on stage. There are many examples of healers from around the world with amazing powers.

The subconscious is only going to help those who are open to healing.

Again there are exceptions, but someone who comes to see me with a stern, doubting, and questioning attitude, is not a good fit. I'm not here to "prove" anything to anyone. It took me watching a movie and reading the book a few times before I started to see The Emotion Code working. Later I invested in certification, and today I help myself and my clients. Those who are positive and watch healing oftentimes gain more. Doubters may need more time. If they take the time to study, their eyes will be opened. When we uncover past life events around their negatively trapped emotions, they will understand!

Emotion Code Certification

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