15+ Holistic Health and Energy Healing Questions Answered

Holistic health and holistic healing focus on the whole person. We are made of the body, mind, and spirit. Imbalances in any one of these can manifest into physical pain or disease. Holistic health and energy healing balance your whole body to allow healing naturally!

The term Holistic Health has become a more "accepted" in the world of healing. More people are searching for "Holistic Health" alternatives. Traditional medicine has moved more to diagnose and prescribe vs. natural healing. 

Holistic health focuses on Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Body: We are all aware of our physical body. You know when your body is healthy or sick. We can feel if we are overweight or sore from exercise. The body is easy to understand but let's talk about the mind.
  • Mind: We know what our mind is or do we? Are the thoughts in your mind yours or from spirit? We use our mind to recall memories and unfortunately, too many people live in the past!
  • Spirit: Do you sense spirit's around you? They are with us all the time. It's that intuition and memory combined.

When your body is out of balance, you get signs or signals something is wrong. By finding and balancing the body, it can heal naturally. Left untreated with continued abuse. The imbalance can grow into sickness, disease, and health. 

Holistic Health focuses on listening to the body when it tells you something is wrong. Correct that and the body will go back into balance or "homeostasis." 

Holistic Health also listens to the "energy field" or spirit of your body. Two examples are the Chakras and Meridians. Emotions play an important role in Holistic Health and the "whole person." The energy fields of the body can affect our physical tissue and well being. By balancing the Chakras and Meridians, your body can heal.

Traditional healthcare leans more towards science, medicine, and research. Many believe it has to be proven before it's real. But science and research haven't discovered everything! 

Someday they may catch up but for now, we have to stop ignoring our Holistic Health! When you open your mind you'll discover the power holistic health!

I'll dig deeper into Holistic Health below. Learn more about energy healing, chakra healing, and more! Learn how "emotional baggage" can drag down your immune system. 

We measure health in so many different ways it becomes confusing. Misleading at times. My goal is to open your mind and heart to a better life!

Energy healing is a foundational part of Holistic Health. Energy healing balances the whole person: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

What Is Holistic Health?

Holistic health or holistic healing is defined as a form of healing that looks at the whole person. Holistic healing considers your body, mind, and spirit as the whole person. Holistic healing often involves many complementary medicines and alternative healthcare practices. Integrated Health and Holistic centers overlap modern-day western medicine with historic healing practices. 

Some centers lean more towards the whole body. They will go beyond the singular treatment of symptoms to support more than just the body. Other Integrated Health centers will focus more on medical practice. And integrate holistic healing too. 

It's a grey area that can be confusing!

Some examples of alternative healthcare practices defined as holistic health are:

  • chiropractors
  • massage therapists
  • energy healing work like Reiki, Emotion Code and Body Code healing
  • yoga/meditation
  • acupuncture
  • herbalist
  • essential oils
  • nutrition
  • general western medicine

The goal is to bring all these therapies together for "total body holistic healing."

Our amazing medical industry and it's challenges

The medical industry has changed our world and I give them the greatest respect! Accident and emergency procedures are life-saving! Recovery medicines help people get through a time of healing. 

The downfall has been diagnosing day to day symptoms and treating them with drugs. The past 50 years have seen a record number of people prescribed medications.  to treat a symptom, not the illness. People are not eating or exercising properly. There are too many convenience and processed foods that are less expensive. As your diet changes over the weeks and months. Your body is lacking and gives you signals. You go to the doctor to get a prescription and feel better. You continue with bad eating and exercise habits and they cycle repeats itself.

Medical doctors are not looking at the cause of the issue. They are not considering the possibility that the diet can cause issues. They are not trained to know that energy imbalances can affect the physical body. They can manifest as aches, pains, and illnesses.

I recommend continuing to see your doctor and seek medical advice. We aren't here to give any medical advice. But you can complement what your doctor is doing with Holistic Health!

The goal is healing and they can work together. We want symbiosis and balance. Allow your body to become stronger and heal naturally!

Holistic Health Is Healing the Whole Person!

For thousands of years, humans have survived on planet earth! We were made to adjust and defend our health. History has documented many plagues and illnesses but humans survived. The healthy survived and we have that same strength today!

Western medicine has worked to convince you the doctor knows everything. They've systematically removed all treatments used for hundreds of years. If it hasn't been proven by science or a completed study, you're told not to believe it.

I don't agree with this thinking but continue to see your doctor. Holistic Health is a combination of many forms of healing. Your doctor will likely disagree with alternative healing but that's ok. It's their passion for what they do. It's your life and passion to find answers!

The Primary Aspects of Holistic Health

When I explain Holistic Health is about the whole body. What does "whole body" mean? We have to break down your body, mind, and spirit!

Your Holistic Healthy Body

Let's start with your physical body. We know it's there and you should love your physical self. If you don't this is the first sign of imbalance. If you are not in love with your body, is it due to weight gain, aging, lack of exercise? Don't worry we can change those things.

Are you comparing yourself to others? Do you wish you could be someone else or look at others to create you?

This is an emotional imbalance focused on your emotions. Don't worry we can change this too but we have to learn more about your mind!

Your Holistic Mind

I list this second because we all know we have a mind. But do you understand how it affects your holistic health? The thoughts and ideas in your mind affect your future. IF you are holding on to issues from the past, they will manifest in the future. If you are wishing you looked like someone else. It's causing emotional issues that can lead to physical problems.

This is how emotions play a major role in your mind. 

How Emotions affect our Holistic Health

We can all relate to the term "emotional baggage." Imagine these bags full of past negative emotions. You are dragging them behind you attached by ropes or what is called "cords." Cutting cords is an energy healing process to disconnect from these past emotions. You maybe be dragging the memory of a person behind you? With energy healing, we can "cut the cords" and let them go!

Holistic Health and The Emotion Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the creator and author of the book The Emotion Code. As a Chiropractor and Holistic Health Practitioner, he worked with patients for decades. Dr. Brad noticed some of his chiropractic patients needed additional holistic healing. He was an advocate of magnetic healing therapy. He used magnets to clear energy imbalance in the body.

He also practiced Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing. Muscle testing allowed him to connect with his patient's subconscious. He could ask yes or no questions to find and treat imbalances in the body. 

This led Dr. Brad to create The Emotion Code Chart of sixty negative emotions. 

Using muscle testing he connected to the subconscious mind of his client. By asking yes or no questions, he could pinpoint the trapped negative emotion on the chart. He would ask more details and background on when the emotion became an issue. By intention, he released the trapped emotion. He would wave his hand over the primary meridian of the spine to magnify the intention of release.  When available, he would use energy healing magnets. Holistic healing magnets amplify the intention of emotional release. I use the Nikken Magduo whenever possible.

After releasing the trapped emotion. You repeat the process over and over to release more emotions. Your subconscious will only allow so many emotions be released in a session. Your whole body needs time to process after a session and can bring you down. 

By releasing negative trapped emotions you are cutting cords I talked about before. These balls of negative energy lodged in your body. Excerpt pressure on your physical tissue. This can be felt as pain or lead to disease.

Experts agree over 90% of disease and illness have negative emotions attached! By releasing the emotions, you give your body a chance to heal!

Holistic Health and Spiritual Healing

I've discussed your body and mind. Now we talk about my favorite, your spirit. Your spirit is that "attitude" you have in life. It's that spark or drive. It's what defines you from others! 

Unfortunately this can become an ego out of control. Or you are so withdrawn you have no spark or drive. 

It's my belief when we are born we receive our spirit. Our spirit has been here before on planet earth, many times. 

Your spirit has amnesia at birth and can't remember the past, for good a reason. 

Your spirit is back to learn about this new life. Experience growing up as a human and experiencing planet earth. As a baby we are still connected to the spirit realm. I think babies are talking in a language we can't understand. Have you ever seen the look on a babies face when you talk to them. They look at you bewildered, not sure what you are saying.

Holistic Health and Energy Healing

In time they become more connected with the physical world and less with the spiritual realm.

Intuitive people remain aware of the past connections. Or they pay more attention and believe in their past experiences. They start to realize their dreams are connecting them to the spirit world. They notice de-ja-vue moments when they know they've been there before. 

Finding your God or Spirit Power within you

Holistic Health Practitioners teach that you have all the power within you. There no need to be looking for God outside of you. Rather connect with the spirit inside your soul. Pray or meditate to connect with your God Spirit Power. 

This will help you find balance with your spirit

Holistic Health and your Primary Chakras

We've heard it's important to be grounded but not everyone knows how. We've also been told to "keep our heads out of the clouds." 

Your Wholistic Body is made up of groups of energy. Your energetic field is called your "aura" or "auric field."

Your auric field surrounds your physical body. Science has proven and photographed this field of energy. As you interact with people you are exchanging energy. Your Chakras process these energies and send them to your Meridians to be stored. 

At the root of your spine is your base or Root Chakra. This is your grounding and connection to mother earth. IF you don't feel grounded your life may feel like it's "floating along" out of control!

On top of your head is your Crown Chakra. This chakra connects you to the universe above. The spiritual world. There are soo many spirits wanting to help you. When you wish for this or that, they go to work. If you want to improve life, they want to help you get there. The problem is you are "head in the clouds" going all directions without being grounded.

7 Chakra Balancing Chart

Chakra meditation is what you need. Chakra Balancing will help energize or slow down your chakras. The 7 Chakra Chart will help you visualize the chakras and colors. They follow the rainbow from the base of your spine to the top:

  • Root Red Chakra
  • Orange Sacral Chakra
  • Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Green Heart Chakra
  • Blue Throat Chakra
  • Indigo Brow Chakra
  • Violet Crown Chakra

When you 7 Chakra Energy Centers are balanced, your body, mind and spirit will feel better. I recommend Daily Chakra meditation. This helps to balance to a  point of homeostasis with your whole body!

Holistic Health Practitioner

There are many types of Holistic Health Practitioners including but not limited to:

Are there Holistic Doctors?

More and more we are seeing true Holistic Doctors. Practitioners with a PHD in healing but not trained in western medicine. A true holistic doctor takes into consideration a persons:

  • attitudes
  • emotions
  • lifestyles
  • spiritual health
  • physical health

Many Chiropractors are considered "Holistic Doctors." Who look at the entire body for healing and balance. They are not able to prescribe drugs or medicine, but rarely need to. Their holistic approach is to heal the body from within!

What is a Holistic Approach to healing?

The Holistic Approach is about healing the person not the symptom. Western medicine is about treating the symptom not the disease. If you get sick and go see the doctor. They run tests and take samples to determine the illness. They diagnose and treat the symptom not what's causing it. 

The last time I saw my medical doctor for a physical they were amazed. The doctor asked how I was in my 50's and not "on" any medications? She wondered how I was so healthy and not obiese? I shared my diet and she said. "That's the opposite of what they teach us." Isn't that an irony!

The History of Natural Health

For thousands of years our bodies have been catching virus and disease. This is happening every day but we don't get sick every time. Our immune system adapts and changes and keeps the whole body well. Our body builds antibodies to protect us when we are well. IF we don't take care of our bodies, our immune system weakens. If your body is low on energy, it can allows invaders into your system. Before you know it your, tired, sluggish and feeling sick all the time.

What Is Holistic Health

Holistic Health combines physical and spiritual health. Your emotions, thoughts and experiences make up your spiritual health. Your body is one big energy field also called your Auric Body. Inside of your Auric Field you find 7 Primary Chakras. These Chakras are energy centers. They process incoming and outgoing energies. The energies are passed through the meridians on your spine and throughout your body. Negative balls of trapped emotions are stored in your body.  

Your physical body reacts to these pulsating  balls of energy. You can feel pain or discomfort. Over time they can lead to sickness and disease. Too often you make a visit to the doctor who completes a checkup and tests. You are given a diagnosis, prescription and sent on your way. No mention of removing the issue. Instead it will continue and become stronger than the medication. The cycle starts over with another trip to the doctor! 

Holistic vs Wholistic Definition

So what is the difference between Wholistic and Holistic. In the context of this article, nothing.  

  • Wholistic means considering the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Holism is the idea that various systems. (e.g. physical, biological, social) It should be viewed as wholes, not as a collection of parts.
    • Jan Smuts in his 1926 book Holism and Evolution. He coined the term "holism."

Wholistic is considered the synonym for holistic because they mean the same. Wholistic Health takes into consideration the whole person. Body, mind, and spirit, the same as Holistic Health.

Modern medical practices tend to focus only on the physical body. Procedures and medicines are created to treat specific physical issues. Not considering the whole person or wholistic health. 

Today the term wholistic is holistic!

What is Integrated Health?

The term "integrated health" is becoming more and more popular but at times can be more confusing. People are searching for integrated healing solutions. For years people went to see their family doctor. Over time, research created more and more specialists. Diluting the effectiveness of the family doctor. The family doctor started referring to certain cases to a specialist. Every doctor is required to collect the same background data. They are likely to run the same tests when you see them for the first time too!

When you have one doctor for this symptom and another for this and some many more. The doctors don't always communicate and it can create more confusion. 

It's become frustrating for people and many are looking for Integrated Health. People prefer an Integrated Health center with many doctors and practitioners!

What is a Holistic Wellness Center?

Integrated Health at holistic treatment centers has been growing for years. Many chiropractic offices offer massage, reiki, acupuncture, etc and more. Chiropractic adjustments, massage, diet, etc. are critical for the whole person! 

What is a Holistic Diet?

If you search Holistic Diet you'll find pages of definitions and opinions. After years of research and testing, I've found a pretty simple answer.

A Holistic Diet is one from the earth. A plant-based diet of raw fruits and vegetables. Combined with drinking plenty of clean water. 

When humans were created, the earth had everything to support our diets. The earth and our physical bodies are primarily made up of water. So it makes sense to drink a gallon of water a day. 

Cleanse years of build up by eating a clean diet! Drink lots of water

As you read this I'm sure there are questions like:

  • Do I have to become a Vegetarian or Vegan?
  • Where will I get my protein?
  • Do I have to give up my comfort foods?

The answer is yes IF you want to turn your life around. But not forever! Health and weight loss won't happen all at once. It will happen over time as you remove certain foods and add others. 

If you look at cows or gorillas, you won't worry about protein. They get their protein from green vegetables. I'm not saying you have to give up "flesh protein" from animal sources forever. I'm saying reduce how much you eat and go for quality, not quantity!

Weight Loss Energy Healing

How can I lose weight with the Holistic Diet?

Why do so many people gain weight and lose their holistic health?

  1. When you eat processed foods and animal products your stomach reacts. It's trying to tell you to "Stop" but we take antacids and keep eating. Carbonated drinks, too much sugar and/or salt. Before you know it our stomach weakens and leaks some food into our bloodstream. This is the start of Inflammation!
  2. Now your stomach isn't working effectively.  Your stomach passes off undigested animal protein and foods to your small intestines. The food gets stuck, lodged, and builds up over time. More indigestion and the food actually "rots" in your gut!
  3. The "trickle-down effect" continues as your organs try to get nutrients from the food. Instead, your organs can become inflamed and out of balance.
  4. Over time you gain weight, lose energy, and your health declines. This can also reduce how long you live!

There is so much research out there to support low-fat, starch-based diets! Contact me for more details and to answer your questions!

Holistic Health Coaching and The Emotion Code

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I've helped many people lose weight. We all have trapped emotions that bring our energy levels down. We oftentimes turn to food and overindulge. The trapped emotions can get lodged in your organs. Our stomach, kidneys, liver, and intestinal tract. They can cause problems with digestion and cause inflammation. 

Your digestive tract is low on energy and out of balance. Eating less and exercising more is NOT the answer!

I always said, "If diet and exercised worked, everyone would be skinny!"

Yes, we need exercise but keep it simple. Walk 30-60 minutes a day! Yes, we need to change our diet but focus on plant-based eating. Don't be afraid of carbs from potatoes, rice, or healthy pasta. You need carbs for energy to process food and take your walks. Drink a gallon of water a day! Yes, you'll go to the bathroom more but isn't that the goal. To flush and cleanse your body!

How I Approach Holistic Health Coaching

When people come to me looking for Holistic Health Coaching. I work with them to release negative past emotions AND improve their diet! We add Chakra meditation to their daily routine to bring balance into their life.

You will have to shift your mind and beliefs. Get rid of what you've been taught to date about weight loss. Focus on thousands of years of historical evidence!

  • For your body: Eat a low fat, plant-based vegan diet as much as you can.
  • For your mind: Forget what you've been told about weight loss. We have been programmed to focus on diet and exercise. Most often promoting a product or service!
  • For your spirit: Meditate and ask for guidance during this change. Focus on the "new you" and the outcome. Ask for guidance, your spirits are ready to help you!

Confirm all this by looking at thousands of years of historical evidence. Go back to the time of kings and queens. You've seen them in the movies or read about them in books. The kings had all the best food but suffered from their weight and disease. The peasants lived on plants and vegetables with little to no animal products or fat.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

I believe this would be a tough business or career. My experience with Holistic Nutritionist is they are focused on recommending supplements. You work with a Holistic Nutritionist to look at your diet and test your blood levels. As they look at your "markers" and make suggestions. They are basically "prescribing" supplements. Not the inexpensive ones from online or the local store. They suggest their "higher quality" more expensive options they offer.

I personally feel you can get all the supplements you need from the food, herbs, and teas you consume. I created a guide called "Eat the Right Foods to Replace Supplements." Eat a couple of Almonds to get your magnesium. Figs for Chromium, Brazil nuts for Selenium. 

Is it only me or why do all supplements come in white powder? I'd prefer to eat the foods to get my supplements naturally!

The ONLY supplements I take are Glucosamine and Cardio Miracle. My mother died when I was 5 of an aneurism. My grandmother and sister also suffered from aneurysms. 

The men in my family all had heart problems. Going back five generations none of them lived past 67 years of age! Cardio Miracle focuses on naturally helping your cardiovascular system. The goal is to reduce heart disease and aneurysms!

Juicing is another way to get high doses of natural supplements into your body. I own a juicer for celery juice every morning. And a NutriBullet or Ninja Bullet for creating smoothies!

How do I define Holistic Wellness and Holistic Living?

Balance of your body, mind and spirit.

You cannot abuse your body with processed foods, sugar, salt, and fat! Of course, you'll get sickness, disease, and shorten your life!

You may say "that's easier said than done," and I agree. This is where mind balance is so important. You have to let go of past emotions and experiences which may cause you to give up on life. If you give up you don't care about what you are eating.

This can crush your spirit too. By balancing your body and mind your spirit will come alive! 

You can change your life starting today!

Are you looking for Naturopathic Schools?

There are many great Naturopathic schools around the world. In my opinion. Too many of them lean towards modern medicine while keeping a foothold in Holistic Healing. 

This is what lead me to Emotion Code Certification. As a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I'm able to help people find and release trapped emotions. These emotional blockages hold them back from love and happiness in life. Trapped emotions can lead to illness and disease in the body. Although not a Naturopathic School. The Emotion Code and Body Code Certifications have similarities. 

How To Become Holistic Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner

If you are looking for holistic health degrees. You should consider the Emotion Code and Body Code certifications. The certifications are self-paced online learning. Combined with practice sessions, quizzes, and a final exam. You are assigned a student guide to answer questions along the way. You will get feedback on our student session portfolio too. You will submit 26 sessions with humans and 4 with animals.

Emotion Code Certification

In this day and age, more and more people are looking for Holistic Health Online Degrees. There are great schools around the world. With online learning, you can obtain your Holistic Health Degree online. 

Contact me with any questions and you can learn more here:

Holistic Health Books

The Emotion Code book is a great holistic health book to read. First released in 2007. Dr. Bradley Nelson released the updated and revised edition in 2019. You'll learn how to find and release trapped emotions holding you back in life. 

Holistic Health Practitioner Near Me

If you are searching to find a holistic health practitioner near you. Don't worry you can setup appointments via video conference and online meetings. 

My Holistic Health, Healing And Wellness Summary

I consider Holistic Health as the primary umbrella over the whole person. Inside you'll find the Spirit, Mind and Body.

I listed Spirit first because we have to understand this. "We are spirits having a human experience on planet earth. Not the other way around!

We can connect with our mind through meditation and our spirits. Muscle testing, dowsing and many other ways to connect.

We can release trapped emotions and allow our Body to heal in a natural way. Let go of negative emotions from past life events. Use energy healing to create a better life.

Find more happiness, health and abundance in life!

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