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20+ Emotion Code Energy Healing Questions Answered

The Emotion Code energy healing is a life-changing discovery! With the discovery comes many questions I'll answer here. After your mind opens and realizes 90% of the issues in your life have trapped emotions. You'll have questions and want to learn more! The Emotion Code Energy Healing has changed my life and I want to pay it forward to you!

I've been connected to spirits all my life. I've "felt" that other being or voice. I've found myself in the right place at the right time, many times in life! I'm very blessed in so many ways BUT emotional baggage built up and lowered my energy over time. I gained weight, lost some relationships, and the world frustrated me. I studied Energy Healing and learned I was empathic. I found Reiki healing and became a master/teacher. 

It wasn't until I found The Emotion Code Energy Healing that I was able to put the pieces together. I watch E-Motion the movie. Read The Emotion Code book many times. I then completed the Emotion Code Certification training course. Today I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner helping people and pets!

I know I had questions when I discovered The Emotion Code Energy Healing. I wrote this article to pay it forward and help others. This is for those wanting to learn more about energy healing and The Emotion Code. If you have a question that is not answered here. Please comment below or contact me and I'll update the article for others!

What is Emotion Code Energy Healing?

If you think about it, everything is energy. Look at your hand under a microscope and you find energy. Everything around you is energy. Thoughts from our minds shape energies into groups that make up the physical things in our lives. 

Emotion Code Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. Remove energy all and we have black empty space!

Science has proven we have an energy field around our bodies. Your "auric field" or referred to as your "aura." I like to call it your "energy body."

When energies are out of balance they can cause issues.

When life is happy, healthy, and abundant your aura "glows." But when life is stressful, unhealthy, and lacking your aura is dark and retracted. Life is amazing in so many ways but we can lose sight. If we eat low-energy foods, watch low-energy media, and listen to low-energy people. You'll attract these negative emotions!

Negative traumatic events in life leave "energy scares." Remember that last time you argued with someone. Or someone reprimanded you? A parent, boss, co-worker, or friend?

These negative events in life attach to you as "trapped emotions." Our mentors teach us to "put things behind us" or "let it go." You may think you've forgotten a negative, past event. But as soon as that person, situation, or memory comes back, it hits you.

This is a "Negative Trapped Emotion" causing current issues!

Now think about your life. 

  • If you were born into a tough life, you can receive "inherited trapped emotions" at birth.
  • If you had a rough childhood, more trapped emotions are attached to your energetic body.
  • Next is the teen years, your 20's, 30's, and beyond

The effects of trapped emotions sneak up on you. Before you know it you're struggling and looking for answers! You've been putting things behind you for so long it feels like you are dragging luggage behind you. It's time to cut the cords and feel lighter again!

It's my opinion, that over 90% of diseases have underlying negative emotions trapped to it. By releasing these trapped emotions, your energy body can heal. Your physical body will heal itself.

If you are suffering from any of these emotions, you are ready for energy healing!

The list of Emotions and The Emotion Code Energy Healing Chart

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It helps us identify and release trapped emotions in our energetic bodies. Trapped emotions are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. These "emotional blockages" can cause 

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • they can hold you back from love and happiness
  • they can make you feel disconnected from others. 

Trapped emotions are energy, like the rest of the body. They exert pressure on your physical tissues in the form of discomfort, or disease. This can cause acute pain and emotional distress. This can even lead to the manifestation of major diseases. Releasing trapped emotions allows the energetic body to heal. 

Physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.

What is the Emotion Code Chart and how do you use it?

Emotion Code Chart

 You'll find many emotion charts used by emotional healing practitioners worldwide. Emotion charts will list both positive and negative emotions. The Emotion charts are great for teaching or used in emotional therapy sessions.

The Emotion Code Energy Healing Chart lists the primary sixty negative emotions. Not meaning to focus on "negative." But this is what we are trying to get rid of! 

The Emotion code energy healing chart has column A and column B with thirty emotions in each. The chart is also divided into six rows of odd and even. This creates twelve boxes with five emotions in each.

You can use The Emotion Code Energy Healing Chart yourself. Or book a session with a Certified Emotion Code Energy Healing Practitioner. 

  1. The first step is to say a little prayer for guidance and healing.
  2. Next using muscle testing you connect to your subconscious mind.
  3. Now ask your subconscious if you can find and release trapped emotions at this moment.
  4. With a yes or positive reply, ask. "Is the trapped emotion in Column A?" if no ask "Column B?" if still no ask "Is this a heart wall trapped emotion." Now check again column A or B.
  5. Once you know which column "is the trapped emotion in the odd or even rows.
  6. Know the answer and for example, ask. "Is the trapped emotion in B1, B3, B5." Until you get a yes answer
  7. Now that you are down to the box. Say B3, ask is it the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th." Until you determined the trapped emotion
The Emotion Code Process Overview

Now that you know the particular trapped emotion you can read the definition. You next ask "can I learn more?" With a yes you can determine the age when you acquired the trapped emotion. Or the location in your body? Who you got the emotion from, a friend, family, event, or ??

Once you realize the power of tapping into your subconscious, it will amaze and motivate you to learn more!

Repeat the process again to release more trapped emotions. Clear emotions in your body and your heart wall. There is a limit set by your subconscious. Generally, I'll find 10-20 emotions per Emotion Code Energy Healing Session. Your subconscious will tell us when to stop. 

What happens after an Emotion Code emotional healing session?

Your energetic body will go through a processing period after an energy-healing session. When we release a trapped emotion it leaves a void in our energetic field. Over the coming hours or days, these voids fill with positive, loving energy. You may feel down or tired after an energy-healing session. Don't worry your body is going through a good change. Drink plenty of water, sleep more, and eat plant-based raw foods!

How Emotion Code Energy Healing Works

Emotional healing is the process of finding and releasing trapped emotions. From childhood, you've picked up negative emotions. They build up and lower your energetic field. The dragging of emotional energy behind you has an effect on your body. It can weaken your immune system and moods too!

Emotion Code Certification

I recommend EVERYONE take The Emotion Code certification training

You'll become a Certified Emotion Code Energy Healing Practitioner and that scares some people at first. Don't worry you won't need to see clients! I want you to first become the best energy healer for yourself! Later you can decide if you want to see clients and create a practice. I love working with people and animals. It's very rewarding and makes my heart feel good!

Understanding Emotion Code Course and Body Code Certification

Emotion Code Certification

Watch The Emotion Code Energy Healing Movie on Gaia TV

My journey to becoming a certified practitioner started by watching E-Motion The Movie. This is where I first learned about the effects trapped emotions can have on the body. I realized a lot of changes we attribute to aging may not be? I started connecting how our emotional imbalances affect our physical imbalances.

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

E-Motion is a part movie and part documentary. Some of my favorite mentors like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Neal Donald Walsch. One of my favorite books on Psychic awareness is by Sonia Choquette who also appears in the movie.

The movie starts with the single life of Ty a lawyer. He's young, successful, and good-looking. What people "think" life should be about. But he's actually stressed, frustrated, and anxious for change.

Lauren is also single and attractive with a good career. She's struggling with finding her life partner. She learns her heart wall from past emotional trauma is causing issues today. The emotional trauma from past relationships and breakups created a heart wall. Many layers of trapped emotions.

Heart walls bring down your vibrational frequency. Sort of like a radio station on the dial. In her mind, she was looking for someone on a higher frequency. She attracted the right dates, but their hearts were not on the same frequency. So the relationships failed.

Being positive and using affirmations only covers up the issues. When she started releasing trapped emotions her life changed.

I won't give away the entire movie but they both benefited from energy healing. They released trapped emotions and found each other! You'll have to watch it to see how the story ends. 🙂

Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson? The creator of The Emotion Code Energy Healing

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a retired Chiropractor and an amazing man! He has a great family and team at Discover Healing! They support The Emotion Code Energy Healing, Body Code app, and supporting services. 

Who is Dr Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code

As a chiropractor, he helped many people but he noticed inconsistencies. He practiced muscle testing kinesiology to ask questions of the subconscious. This led him to create The Emotion Code chart to find and release trapped emotions. 

He also practiced healing meridians with magnets. Dr. Brad used energy healing magnets in his chiropractic practice.

Over time he perfected The Emotion Code healing process. 

  1. Ask the subconscious questions using muscle testing
  2. Find trapped emotions causing issues in the body
  3. Investigate the circumstances around the trapped emotion
  4. Swipe an energy-healing magnet over the meridian to release the negative energy. ) Like erasing the magnetic strip of a credit card)
  5. Start again at step 1 and continue to release more trapped emotions.

The Emotion Code Book

The energy healing process became The Emotion Code Book. First released in 2011, with thousands of copies sold worldwide. Translated into many languages too. 

In 2019 the expanded and revised edition was released. It's full of accolades from people like Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and more!

There are four sections and eleven chapters that make up The Emotion Code Energy Healing Book:

  • Part 1: Trapped Emotions
    • Trapped Emotions: The Invisible Epidemic
    • The Secret World of Trapped Emotions
  • Part 2: The Energetic World
    • Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers
    • Healing with Magnets
  • Part 3: Using the Emotion Code Energy Healing
    • Getting Answers from the Subconscious Mind
    • Releasing Trapped Emotions
    • Inherited Trapped Emotions
    • The wall Around our Hearts
    • Surrogate Testing and Distance Healing by Prosy
    • The Emotion Code and Animals
  • Part 4: A Brighter Future
    • Life Without Trapped Emotions
  • Extras:
    • Notes about the Emotion Code
    • Glossary of Emotions
    • Emotion Code Research
    • Resources
    • Index

Order a copy of The Emotion Code Book

You CAN buy the book via other sources, sometimes for less. I request you buy the book at Discovery Healing to support what they are doing. Buy from the source and support emotional healing!

How to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Emotion Code Certification – Heal Yourself – Heal Others

While writing the book, Dr. Brad created the Emotion Code Certification training. His purpose in life shifted from healing people one by one to helping many. Certified Emotions Code Practitioners can heal the world! Today there are thousands of practitioners worldwide!

Emotion Code Practitioner Near Me

If you've come to this article searching for "Emotion Code Therapist Near Me." Or "Emotion Code Therapy Near Me" you've come to the right place. You can book a virtual session with me via my online calendar. We will meet via video conference or phone call. You can schedule a single session or many. Many of my clients get started with weekly sessions for the first 4-8 weeks. After that, we may reduce sessions to every couple of weeks or monthly. 

Over 90% of all disease has trapped emotions. Also, over 90% of people have heart-wall trapped emotions. 

A lifetime of emotions will take more than one session to clear!

Emotion Code Practitioner Salary

Emotion Code Practitioners do not receive a salary. We are all independent energy healers paid by appointment. It's an amazing life helping people anytime from anywhere. But it didn't happen overnight!

If you have any questions about certification or income, please contact me, I'm happy to help!

The Body Code 2.0

As a chiropractor and holistic physician for decades. Dr. Bradley wanted to take The Emotion Code even deeper. So he next developed The Body Code healing process and flowchart manuals. I have a copy of the original flowchart manuals. They are full of color and beauty. 

The Body Code starts with six major imbalances. Using muscle testing. We ask the subconscious questions to find the imbalance on the first page. Next, we go to that section and again ask which imbalance is causing issues. We continue deeper into areas of the Body Code flowcharts. We expand on the issue and release it with an energy magnet. Repeat the process to find more Body Code issues and resolve them!

In 2010 Dr. Brad was a leader in using technology with energy healing. He created the Body Code mobile phone and computer program. The Body Code app replaced or in ways supplemented the manuals. By using the app or your phone or computer, it was quicker to access the imbalances. And we didn't need to lug around the manuals!

The Body Code App released in 2020

Body Code App

In March 2020, the new and revised Body Code App was released. The app contains BOTH The Emotion Code and The Body Code making it a total energy healing tool! You click through the six types of imbalances using muscle testing. You keep clicking deeper to discover emotional and physical imbalances.

Emotions can hide in places you may not be aware of. The Body Code helps you ask the right questions to heal deeper. 

How Does The Body Code Chart Work?

The Body Code Chart starts with six primary imbalances. By asking the subconscious question via muscle testing. You can determine which of the six imbalances to tap on first. As you click on each imbalance, the next screen takes you to the next level of imbalances. With muscle testing, you continue asking questions.  Keep tapping until you reach the imbalance. 

The six major imbalances lead to hundreds more! 

Can I download The Body Code Chart PDF?

Unlike The Emotion Code Flowchart, there isn't a downloadable PDF for The Body Code. It's far too advanced and wouldn't fit on a piece of paper. The original Body Code 2.0 uses printed flowcharts. Body Code 2.1 was the first app on a phone. The Body Code App 2020 is the latest version.

Download the Body Code App and 7-day free trial here

What Are Emotional Walls?

When we talk about "emotional walls" it's generally a "heart wall." But other parts of your body will create "emotional walls." My stomach or Sacra Chakra had a wall of emotions affecting it. I remember around 10 or 12 years old my belly was sticking out. I felt I had to hold it in and it became a permanent habit. Over the years I gained weight and my belly grew. I have a body type where it was all in my belly but less in my butt and legs. I had what people call a "beer belly" with a chubby face.

How I lost weight with The Emotion Code

20+ Emotion Code Energy Healing Questions Answered 1

When I started asking about trapped emotions in my digestive tract, I was amazed at my sessions. I'd spend over 30 minutes releasing many emotions. Somewhere family inherited but most were around the age of  10 or 12. I was in tears because I hadn't remembered that time. The subconscious remembers everything!

My focus was to remove trapped emotions from my digestive system.

Don't focus on losing fat! Focus on improving your digestive systems!

A switch flipped in my body and I saw my digestive system working better. It was able to digest old fat stores in my liver. It was able to flush my system and cleanse my colon.

I lost over 25 pounds in 90 days over the holiday season!

How do you get a Heart Wall?

Over 90% of people have a heart wall. Your heart is the most energetic organ in your body. Put your hand on your heart for a moment and feel your heartbeat. Now, remember a time you've had heartache. It can be mourning the loss of a loved one. Or an argument with someone else. Often times it's a breakup in a relationship. Even worse, an ongoing, never-ending stressful relationship.

When your heart gets hurt, it puts up an emotional wall so you don't get hurt again. Over and over in life, this can happen and you've created a "heart wall" full of trapped emotions.

Don't let your Heart Wall hold you back from life!

Signs of a heart wall affecting you:

  • Unable to find love and happiness
  • Feeling inward and distanced from others
  • Feeling misunderstood and isolated
  • Emotional numbness, lack of emotion
  • Feeling the outside is looking in on you
  • Feeling unable to change or stuck for no reason
  • Unable to manifest your goals, money, relationships, health

Using muscle testing we can find your heart wall and hidden heart walls. Heart walls can be tricky as they are there to protect you. If your heart thinks your Emotion Code healing session is trying to harm you it can hide or hold back.

Your heart loves you and wants to protect you. But like an overbearing parent, it can go too far. Heart walls can hold you back from giving and receiving love. IF you look back and wonder why you've changed so much, it's likely a heart wall. Negative emotions hide in all parts of your body. You can get relief from backaches, and joint issues, and even lose weight. Heart walls are more personal and affect you deeper!

Request a printable Heart Wall Flowchart PDF

We use a collection of emotion charts during an Emotion Code and Body Code healing session. The Heart-Wall flowchart shows the step-by-step process. How to identify, find, and release trapped emotions in your heart wall.

Request copies of the emotion charts

What is our Emotional Body?

When we look in the mirror we see our physical bodies. We see the physical body of people and animals in our lives. We're moving around, breathing, eating, sleeping, etc. 

But take a closer look, squint your eyes, can you see your Emotional Body?

Is your emotional body full of happy emotions? Do you see joy, love, and happiness all over your body? Or do you see negative emotions? Sadness, pain, anxiety, or stress?

Think about other people in your life. Forget about their looks, think about their emotional body. Are they filled with happy, loving emotions? Or are they negative and unhappy?

  • Our energetic levels in our body are like frequencies on the radio dial. 
  • There are low frequencies that are hard to tune in. Like depression, unhappiness, and frustration with life.
  • Then there are high frequencies on the radio. Like being happy, healthy, and abundant.

Where is your dial tuned on the radio? It's your decision to change it!

Your 7 primary Chakras are the frequencies of your emotional body.

What are Chakras?

20+ Emotion Code Energy Healing Questions Answered 2

Your energetic body or auric field is your total energy field. You can feel your energy field or the auric field of others when you are in a group. Some have large auric fields that take up the entire room. Others you hardly notice as their chakras are low on energy.

Focus on "energy balancing." Not too much and not too little. 

How do we process energies in our Chakras?

  1. You send and receive energies through your auric field. 
  2. You have seven primary Chakras which process these energies. 
  3. Your Meridians distribute the energy throughout your body.

Here's an example. You break up with a long-time spouse or partner. It's tenuous and frustrating. You're mad at each other, it takes time to part ways. There are many "emotional struggles."

Your auric body is sending negative energy to the other and vice versa. Your Chakras take in the emotions and process them. 

You are "corded" to the person between your hearts. So the Chakra sends the energy via your Meridian to your Heart Chakra. Your heart feels the pain and creates a heart wall. 

You send emotional energy back and it's processed. This happens over and over. Your heart wall grows to protect you. Your heart Chakra powers down to protect you. You are living in a flight-or-fight mindset. If this goes on too long, it becomes who you are!

The first step is realizing this and it will bring tears to your eyes. I know it did for me. All those years of emotions I thought I put the emotions behind me. 

It's time to schedule an Emotion Code healing session. Find and release the trapped emotions causing issues!

The Emotion Code Magnets

Emotion Code Magnets

We, humans, are crazy. 🙂 People ask me all the time what are the best Emotion Code Magnets. My quick answer is the Nikken MagDuo, I use it every day! Clients see the "special tool" I'm using to release their trapped emotions.

The "energetic" answer is an Emotion Code Magnet is not needed.

The primary way to release trapped emotion is by INTENTION. You release trapped emotions by seeing them go away in your mind. I've released many emotions without a magnet, by intention.

The Emotion Code magnets "amplify" the INTENTION of releasing the emotional blockages. By using your hand, fingers, or refrigerator magnet. You can amplify releasing emotions from your primary meridian.

Scriptures On Emotional Healing

I prefer to leave religion out of energy healing. I was raised Christian and forced to go to church every Sunday. I stopped attending but never gave up on my faith. I'm not an avid reader of the Bible, but I have read it. I'm not one to quote "bible bullets" to people to prove anything. The Bible is an amazing book, like many other books before its time. All religions have scriptures about emotional healing. All religions talk about our spiritual energy and forms of life. 

Emotional healing and religion compliment each other! One love, one life!

Does The Emotion Code Technique Really Work?

Without a doubt, The Emotion Code works! Even if you are a doubter or unsure of all this "energy healing." You can't deny that science and religion have proved everything is energy. Our bodies have an auric field or energy field. We send and receive energies to our 7 Primary Chakras for processing. The chakras distribute the energy to your body via the Meridians.

So it makes sense a negative emotion gets lodged in your body. These pulsing negative energies will excerpt pressure on your physical body. You will feel it as an ache, pain, or even disease. You may gain weight, have allergies, or have puffy inflammation. 

Over 90% of illness has trapped emotions associated with it!

I recommend everyone buy a six-session Emotion Code Healing package. We will work to uncover and release trapped emotions and let your energy body heal! We will plan a weekly session for six weeks and then plan as needed. 

If you're not ready to book a session, watch E-Motion the movie on Gaia TV

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

To your happiness, health, and abundance in life!
Bob Randklev, Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner

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