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Cut Cords With These 5+ Simple Energy Healing Techniques

Cords are unseen strings of energy that connect humans, animals, and nature. Thought and emotion create cords. Energy cords can be healthy, or unhealthy. Unhealthy cords can drain your energy and emotions. It's vital to cut cords and stop the "Energy Vampires" from draining you! I'll explain more in this article and share some energy-healing techniques to cut cords!

We are all spiritual beings living in an energy world. If you look deep enough, energy makes up everything. Every minute of every day we are sharing energy with humans, animals, and nature. Energetic cords are like "connections" to people in your life. There are good cords and there are bad ones. Sometimes we can pick up cords that may not serve our highest good. 

We've all experienced negative events in life. Most of the time you let it go or you may suffer from trapped emotions and past memories. Other times you have a stronger connection with someone and create an Energetic Cord. 

Your parents have energetic cords for you. Parents have cords for their children. You can have an energetic cord with animals, nature your home, or events in life!

What about those negative people and events in life? They have likely gone through a tough time and they've directed their pain and sorrow at you.

They are holding negative feelings towards you and you can feel it through an Etheric Cord. 

Cord attachments can drain us of mental health and emotional energy! 

As much as you may love someone, there comes a time when you have to cut cords! You have to honor yourself and disconnect from the negative energy.  It can be tough, especially if it's a close family member or spouse you still love. 

I'll share simple ways to cut cords, meditation and more below! Learn how to identify and cut cords to balance your energy fields!

What are Cords?

The term "cord" can describe a small rope or string. "Umbilical Cords" are the tubes between a mother and baby. A "connection" between two bodies. After birth, the umbilical cord is cut. But an emotional etheric cord remains connected. Mother and baby are connected energetically.

Demonic Cords

An Emotional Cord is created the first time a father, siblings, and family see the baby.

Anytime you "love" something you create an Etheric Cord. Your loving heart connects you to people, animals, events, and nature.

Cords are also considered energetic ties. Energetic cords are created anytime you love something. 

But cords are also created when you have objections. Fear, anger, worry, or negative feelings can also create cords of attachment. 

Etheric Cords of Attachment

Your Etheric Body is that energetic field surrounding you. It's also called your Auric Field or Astral Body. Imagine we had "energy glasses" we could put on. Then as we look at people we'd see their energy fields and Chakra energy centers. 

We'd also see Etheric Cords connecting them to others. Meant to be used for love and happiness. Sometimes the Etheric Cords become negative and harmful. The Etheric Cords drain energy away to others. Oftentimes referred to as Energy Vampires! These "energy suckers" can drain you emotionally and physically!

Cords of Attachment or Spiritual Ties

I've read that some feel the positive cords of attachment are called "Spiritual Ties." The negative ties are called Cords of Attachment.

I've researched, meditated, and muscle-tested this. The answer I get is Spiritual Ties are another form of Cords of Attachment. Whatever "human definition" we put on them, they are still etheric cords of energy.

It doesn't matter what we call them. We want to identify the problems and cut the cords!

Chakras and Cords

We have seven primary chakras in our bodies. Chakras are considered energy centers that run from the bottom of your spine to the top. Your auric field encompasses all of your chakras. This is your body's aura where cords connect. 

  • Your Aura receives energy
  • Your Chakras process the energy
  • Your Meridians distribute the energy into your body

The majority of negative cords are connected to your heart or solar plexus (gut) chakras. IF you feel heartache or upset stomach around certain people or situations. You likely have a negative cord affecting your chakra. It's time to cut cords!

Cut Cords With These 5+ Simple Energy Healing Techniques 1

I don't experience Demonic Cords very often with my clients. In my mind, these are from stories of ancient medieval times. But don't underestimate demonic cords!

Demonic comes from the word Demon. There are still demons in our world today but not mythical creatures. I'm sure you've met people who are very demonic and mean. Who treats the world in terrible ways. 

Imagine you were their parent, sibling or friend? Imagine this person was vengeful and "out to get you." This is where you'd want to cut the Demonic cords!

Who Do We Create Negative Energetic Cords With?

We form Negative Energetic Cords with people we've interacted with significantly. They can be from the past or present time like:

  • Parents (living or in heaven)
  • Spouses (current and former)
  • Siblings (full or half)
  • Children 
  • Family, cousins, aunts, and uncles
  • Co-workers (current and former)
  • Former Friends
  • Ex-Relationships, sexual partners or sexual assault
  • Someone who has violated us in a physical or emotional way

We can form negative energetic cords to people we've never met. Movie stars, politicians or anyone who affects us emotionally or frustrates us!

How can negative energetic cords affect us?

We can be affected emotionally and spiritually. Negative energetic cords can take our energy and leave us feeling drained. 

Here are a few examples of my experiences with negative energetic cords

  • Are you still emotionally connected to an ex? To a point where you are unable to attract a new, healthy relationship in your life. You likely have a Heart Wall Cord which has changed your vibrational level. Your mind is looking for "the right person" but your heart is on another level. It's time to cut the cords!
  • Are you experiencing a lack of confidence in your abilities and talents? Not getting the promotion at work? Feeling withdrawn? Stomach problems? You may have a Sacral Chakra Cord it's time to cut!
  • Are you consistently being defensive when around certain people but not all the time? Does it only flare around certain people? Maybe an energetic cord is draining your energy and emotions. Your emotional body is fighting back and being defensive? It's time to cut the cords!
  • Repeating patterns in friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships. Your Heart Wall is blocking you from love and happiness. On top of that, you have a negative cord with the people around you. Your heart wants to protect you but it can go too far. It's time to cut the cords!
  • Clinging on to relationships for fear of abandonment. You've been drained of confidence, hope, and happiness. You don't think you can create new relationships so you wallow in what you have. Fear of nothing is holding you back. It's time to cut the cords!
  • Attracting negative people or events in your life on a continuous basis. Your auric frequency is low. You're feeling depleted. The Emotion Code Chart lists 60 emotions that can be trapped in your system. By releasing these trapped emotions and cutting cords, your frequency will rise. Your attraction level will be like none you've seen before! It's time to cut the cords!
  • Holding on to anger, pain, or hurt from the past. I get it, it's tough to let go. But today is a new day and we need to look into the future. Your mind doesn't know the past from the future. It only knows what you hold in your mind. Find a way to meditate and recall these past events. Forgive them and let go. Imagine the cords being cut. Let go of the past! It's time to cut the cords!
  • Not speaking your truth or defending your position to another out of fear. What do you fear, someone, learning your truth? Maybe you want to protect someone in your life? You've created an energetic cord and they are draining you. The best decision you can make is to cut the cords and help them do the same! It's time to cut the cords!
  • Feeling drained emotionally. Or physically depleted after interacting with a person, on a regular basis. Probably the most obvious example of a negative energetic cord! 

Don't let "Energy Vampires" take your emotional and physical energy. It's time to cut the cords!

Guide to Cut Cords

Define the meaning of "Cut Cords"

Cutting the cord is disconnecting from the other party. You are cutting the cord with the negative people. You're disconnecting your cord from any animals you've struggled with. You're disconnecting any cords to past events, nature, politicians, etc.

You are literally cutting the energetic cord mentally and physically.

How to Cut Cords of Attachment

This paragraph is probably the most important of the entire article! Once you know what an energetic cord is, it's time to cut the cord! I will share many layers or techniques for releasing energetic cords.

The overall arching answer to the question, "How do I cut the cords" is Intention backed by Belief!

There are so many opinions and answers to cutting cords it's confusing. I say this with love from my heart for everyone out there writing about cord-cutting. 

Intention focused on the belief the cord has been cut is all you need. The other options can aid in the process of healing but it all comes back to intention and belief. Without those, all healing will fail.

More ideas to aid in the Cord Cutting process!

Cut Cords Meditation Ritual

Sit down in silence, I prefer the outdoors in nature. Connect to the spiritual world around you. With your eyes closed, look up and see the white light. Imagine that light flowing down around you. The universe loves you and wants you to heal. 

As you think of an experience or person you may have a cord with, imagine the cord breaking free. Being cut or dropped. Shrinking to nothing. 

The intention and belief is all you need to release the cords. 

Cut cords with your hands and energetic knives

As you are meditating and releasing cords by intention. You can imagine you are holding an energetic knife or sword. Just like the movies see yourself cutting the cords. Watch the cords fall away and shrivel away out of sight!

If you prefer you can just wave your hands in front of you or behind. Again with intention and belief see the chords being cut. 

Feel the swoosh of energy and your vibrational levels rise!

Cord Cutting Meditation Music

You can search YouTube and find many free meditation videos. If you search "cord-cutting." You'll find other practitioners and their experiences. I was not able to find a lot of meditation music. 

Here is my favorite channel with pure healing music.

Using the same Cord Cutting Meditation Ritual above.  Sit in a quiet place but use the music for your background. It will help keep your mind focused. I've also purchased special headphones for listening to this music while sleeping.

I'll say again that intention and belief are most important when you release your cords. 

Cord Cutting Spiritual Energies

As I discussed earlier, Spiritual Energy Cords are likely good and friendly. There's likely no reason you want to get rid of them. These are the "good energy cords" that make life what it is. 

You may have a great personal aura field. But the cords are what connect you to others.

Cut Cords with your Twin Flame

A Twin Flame is a person who you feel connected to. Not just on a physical and emotional level, but also on a soulful or spiritual level.

Twin Flames can be our friends, lovers, and teachers in this life.

If you are already in a relationship, a cord to a Twin Flame can create problems. This may have a positive cord connection to you. But this cord could be creating negative energy with your current spouse or partner. 

It's hard to define in writing but a positive cord in one sense can cause a negative or worse cord in another.

Cut Cords With Someone in Your Life

If you have that "someone" in your life causing issues, you can cut the cords. It will likely take more than one cord-cutting to find them all. Go into your quiet place and turn on your meditation music. Center yourself and connect to the higher power above. Feel the white light surrounding you. Now think of the someone you want to cut cords with. See the cords attached to your aura as you remember the circumstances. Now cut the cords with your arm or sword. With your intention and belief see the cords fall away. Keep repeating until you've cleared the cords. 

If you cannot seem to release them all I'd suggest you schedule a session so we can look closer at it.

Cut Cords with Ex

So many people suffer from ex-relationships and former spouses. This is likely the most common cause of negative energetic cords. When a relationship ends there can be a lot of emotional baggage. Your heart was connected, you had physical connections, and more! Maybe there were kids involved and a lot of emotion. This is where negative cords with animals can occur. 

When you end a relationship with a person. You likely end relationships with other people, animals, locations, and events. 

You will have many negative cords with your ex!

It's ok, you can release the cords with intention and belief. You may need a few sessions to dig up the past and cut the cords but you won't regret it!

How to Cut Relationship Cords

Relationship cords are for friends, co-workers, and people you hang out with. These are not long-term dating relationships or ex-spouses. 

Often times we hear about toxic people at work. Or the friend who is always negative or upset at the world. The people looking for a fight or conflict. 

They may not even be a friend, just someone you are associated with due to a workplace or social network. 

If you have confrontations with these people or they "get under your skin" a cord can exist.

Cut Cords with Animals

My wife and I recently lost our dog of 13 years. She was like another child and we miss her every day. It's very hard at first but we were able to process the emotions and get on with life. 

At times we find people who can't let go. They are so emotionally drained and lost after their pets die. We all know they are with us spiritually but some can't let go. They have a cord with an animal they need to cut. 

How to Cut Cords in your Chakras

Sometimes you can't recall the person, place, or event that created your energetic cord. Maybe your heart is very heavy or you have constant stomach problems. 

During meditation, you can open and energize your chakras. At each chakra, you can ask if any cords need to be cut. You may have a memory flash by or not. You can use muscle testing to ask questions. Or just wave your arm and with intention, cut the cords. This is another way to cut energy cords.

Cut Cords causing Emotional Issues

As an Emotion Code Practitioner, I help people find and release trapped emotions. Using muscle testing I connect with the subconscious to ask questions. I find the hidden heart wall and trapped emotions on The Emotion Code Chart. I continue learning more about emotions, location, age, etc. 

Next, I swipe a magnet over the primary meridian we release the trapped emotions.

How to Cut Etheric Cords and Release Emotional Attachments

The Body Code is the "big brother" to The Emotion Code. There are six major imbalances in the body that may lead to etheric cords. With the same muscle testing, we pinpoint the emotional attachment and etheric cord. With a magnet, we release and cut the cord permanently!

How to Cut Cords Summary

I hope you found this article informative and full of answers. My goal was to summarize various types of cords. But also to simplify the process to cut cords. Too many practitioners believe you can't cut a cord if you're not certified. I don't agree!

With a strong intention and belief, anyone can cut cords. It's best when you sit quietly and focus on your spiritual body. It works best if you recall the negative past experiences and people. When they are top of mind you can cut the cords.

It also may take a few sessions. If you have had really bad relationships, it's going to be tough to cut all cords in one session! Keep the belief and intention. Keep finding emotional problems and cut the cords.

IF you're ready to hire a healer, I'd be happy to help!

Contact me with any questions and to set up a session

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