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6 Reasons to hire an Emotion Code Practitioner

It was a crazy world in 2020. No words can explain the COVID-19 impact on the world! With this "uncontrollable change," many people have emotions from their past returning. Many are feeling more anxiety, stress, fear, unworthiness, depression, etc. 

The benefits of hiring an Emotion Code Practitioner

Do you suffer from:

  • Chronic pain? Do have neck, back, knee, or other pains that won't go away? It's likely trapped emotions!
  • Anxiety or stress? Who isn't stressed these days with everything happening in life? But what if we could release some extra trapped emotions bringing you down?
  • Money or business blocks? Do you struggle with money and/or your business? Do you want to start a business?
  • Past negative events shaping your current life? Are past life events dragging you down? Do you think you've let go of the trapped, unprocessed emotions?  Are they causing pain or conflict in your body?
  • Weight challenges? There's so much confusion about which diet, food, or exercise is right. What if you had trapped emotions causing you to hold onto unwanted weight? 

I lost 20lbs after releasing trapped emotions from my midsection!

Bob Randklev
  • Addictions or bad habits? Are you addicted to certain foods, soda, and sugar? Drugs, alcohol, or more? Release trapped emotions to remove the addictions!

If you answered "YES" to any of these, The Emotion Code is right for you!

Releasing emotional baggage is the first step toward a better life!

6 reasons to hire an Emotion Code Practitioner

  1. You can't do this yourself. You need others to help you. Self-talk won't solve your deepest emotional issues. News and social media are NOT the places to get your updates!
  2. Together we can find the negative trapped emotions. Causing issues inside your body and affecting those around you!
  3. You'll learn you likely have a Heart-Wall. Uncover the trapped emotions holding you back from love and happiness
  4. Investigate each trapped emotion. At what age did you get the trapped emotion? Who did you get it from, family, or friends? Bring the emotion to the surface and remove it!
  5. Release the trapped emotions forever! Know and understand your life will be different from this time forward!
  6. Learn to heal your emotional body. Become a better person to yourself and those around you!

It's time to stop being stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage so you can live the life YOU want!

Bob Randklev

Do you have a Heart-Wall?

Emotion Code Practitioners heal my heart

During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can get hurt. Negative emotions hit your heart and it hurts. This is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Your heart wants to protect you and will put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart. Over and over your emotions create a “heart wall” of protection that can block you from love and happiness!

During an Emotion Code Session, we delve into the Heart Wall to find and release trapped emotions. You'll feel more love and happiness in life when you release emotional blockages.

The Elephant in the Closet

In E Motion the movie Dr. Bradley Nelson explains how trapped emotions are present in over 90% of diseases. We use modern medicine and surgery to cover up the symptoms or remove the problem. But we never give time to understand the underlying cause. Trapped negative emotions can cause physical ailments in the body!

How will you feel after an Emotion Code Session?

You will go through a "processing period" after each Emotion Code Session. I explain that as we remove these balls of negative energy. Your body's aura has to heal and fill the voids with positive energy. The healing may drag you down, and make you feel sluggish. Don't worry, drink lots of water, eat a clean diet, and rest! The end results will amaze you and you'll feel better!

How many Emotion Code sessions do you recommend?

I always recommend starting with a six-session package. A single session will work but our past lives are full of negative past emotions. It's not possible to remove all negative trapped emotions in a single session. It would be too hard on your body! 

Schedule one session per week over the next six weeks and then see how you feel!

Why did I become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner?

All my life I've been connected to a higher power or spirit. I grew up in a large family with a lot of problems. I spent years making myself better, but I was putting my emotional baggage behind me. I was a student of personal development, the Law of Attraction, and more. As I continued my journey I learned about "energy healing." That took me through psychic, mediumship, and empath training. Next came the amazing world of Reiki Energy Healing. Today I'm a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher.

But that all changed when I found The Emotion Code!

Today I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and I'd love to work with you! Below I'll share more details of my journey and answer some questions! 

What is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner?

A Certified Emotion Code Practitioner has completed the course requirements at Discover Healing. They have learned:

  • The principles of energy healing. How to use energy healing to restore happiness, health, and abundance. They have learned people and animals benefit from energy healing.
  • How to use muscle testing to tap into the subconscious mind. Ask yes/no questions of your subconscious to guide you.
  • How emotional energy blocks can create havoc and discomfort in the body.
  • How Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls can create imbalances.  They affect how you feel, the choices you make and how you treat others.
  • How can trapped emotions be inherited from the family? These blocked emotions can exert control over our bodies. You'll learn to remove them for ourselves, ancestors, and future generations
  • Most importantly, how to release Trapped Emotions and Heart-Wall emotions. 
Emotion Code Certification

What is The Emotion Code?

Dr. Bradley Nelson created The Emotion Code while he was a practicing Chiropractor. Over the years, Dr. Brad used muscle testing to identify other issues. He found issues he couldn't address as a chiropractor. 

The Emotion Code Book

Dr. Bradley Nelson was also a student of muscle testing or Kinesiology. He used energy-healing magnets to release pain or discomfort in different areas of the body. 

As he saw patients over the years, he noticed some had more "emotional baggage" than others. He started to realize some people held on to these negative emotions forever. They would never let go. These blocked emotions were lodged in their body and caused physical pain. A backache or kidney ache was due to a trapped emotion.

What does an Emotion Code Practitioner do?

I find, investigate and release trapped emotions in people and animals. Certain emotions from negative or traumatic past events lodge in your body. These negative balls of energy excerpt physical pressure on your tissues. It can be a pain, disease, discomfort, and more. 

By connecting to your "higher self" we can ask questions to locate the trapped emotions. 

When we start our session we'll identify what issues you want to address. Is it a pain or discomfort? Is it an addiction or depression or sadness? We want to know what's bothering you most.

Next, I say a little prayer for love and guidance when starting the healing part of the session. I then connect to your subconscious using muscle testing. I ask "can we find and release trapped emotions now." With a positive or yes answer we move ahead.

Using The Emotion Code Chart I ask your subconscious if you have trapped emotions we can release? Are the emotions affecting the issue you've stated? With a yes answer we find, investigate and release the trapped emotions.

We will repeat this process many times in a session. Each issue can have many emotions to release. 

Your subconscious will know when to stop. IF we release too many emotions in one session, your recovery time can be longer and tougher.

You will go through "processing time" after a session to heal. I recommend drinking a lot of water, eating clean, and resting. Journal your feelings and thoughts. Remember you are healing!

What is Proxy Testing and how does it work?

Over 95% of my Emotion Code Sessions are completed via video/phone conferencing. Proxy Testing is when you connect remotely to a client's subconscious. Using a video conference or phone call. We are connecting "remotely" to your subconscious and it works amazingly well! I'm connecting to your subconscious using the energy around us.

Think of how you are reading this article. Your eyes are looking at a screen but your device is connected across the Internet to this web page. It's a lot like TV or radio antennas tune to the signal in the air. 

Proxy Testing allows us to connect to your subconscious via the energy around us!

Why become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner?

The joy and happiness you'll feel in your heart. It's hard to relate to the feeling you have after you help people. In the first couple of sessions, people aren't sure of what's going on. When you see their eyes open up or the tears start, you know you're helping. When you track emotions to a time frame and they remember, it's life-changing for them!

There isn't a greater reward in life than helping someone change their future for the better!

Bob Randklev
Emotion Code Certification

What does a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner charge for a session?

As of this article, I charge $85 per 30-minute session. The first session will take a little longer. I have package discounts and highly recommend them. I wish I could solve all your life issues in one session but that's not likely!

As my practice grows, there are times I feel I need to start charging more. By no means are you going to "get rich" at this but we all have to make a living. I too am trying to balance my family life with my energy-healing practice.

I do offer discounts at different times throughout the year. Contact me and we'll discuss your needs.

Some practitioners charge over $150 per session, while some are less than $50. There is no "set session rate" for Emotion Code Practitioners. I'll show you the calculation in this article.

Does anyone offer free Emotion Code Sessions?

I've seen practitioners who offer sessions for free but I question that. I would love to live in a free exchange world but I have bills to pay. Often times the person has a spouse or no need for taking payment. That's a detriment to those who have a family to support.

I recommend charging something and giving it to charity! Imagine the impact you could make!

Emotion Code Practitioner Certification Training

The Emotion Code Certification Program is completed online and is self-paced. A student advisor from Discover Healing is assigned to help you. Your advisor is there to answer your questions and review your work as you are learning.

You have six months to complete The Emotion Code Certification requirements:

  1. Submit the Emotion Code Certification tuition payment
  2. Electronically sign and submit the Emotion Code Certification Program Liability & Participation Agreement
  3. Submit your student biography. Submit two Letters of Recommendation from people other than your family
  4. Complete the e-learning video training series with quizzes
  5. Take the Final Exam (don't worry, if you pass the quizzes the test isn't that hard)
  6. Practice Emotion Code sessions. Submit your results by completing a Student Portfolio of 30 different subjects
  7. Electronically sign and submit the Emotion Code Practitioner Agreement

I completed my Emotion Code Certification in 8 weeks! As I was taking the e-learning part, I was creating a list of 30 subjects. I scheduled them in the future to make sure I had time to finish my quizzes and the final exam.

Ongoing Emotion Code Practitioner Training

At the time of this writing, there are no ongoing training requirements. Every day is training for me as I find and release trapped emotions in myself. I also use The Body Code to find imbalances in my system, created by the world around me.

The team at Discover Healing continues to hold webinars and classes around the world. There's even an Alaskan Cruise for Practitioners only. We have to pay but what a great way to spend a week learning from your mentors!

Emotion Code Practitioner Reviews

Here are a couple of my client reviews. You can find more on my website

“I noticed a change right after our sessions. Releasing trapped emotions gave me a sense of enlightenment. I felt lighter, uplifted and happier!

Most of the dates that came up with trapped emotions did connect with life events. Apparently some bothered me more than others. I'm happy we released them!”

Brenda M

The session was great! The dates matched up perfectly. Especially the date regarding my left knee pain, it was exactly the year I began having pain! I noticed a feeling of more energy, but also more of a calming effect. I seemed to be more alert but relaxed at the same time. Other things in life that normally trigger emotional responses had less of an impact. Thanks for the session!

Kiernan R

Is there an Emotion Code Practitioner Salary?

No, there is no salary for an Emotion Code Practitioner. We are self-employed and love the freedom of setting our own hours. Your income is unlimited so you can earn more than a salary. 

You can start your energy healing practice part-time and grow it into a full-time business. Work your way out of your job and the 9-5 stress of a salary!

  • Work anytime from anywhere! I travel and my business comes with me. I can move from one location to the next and explore the world!
  • Set your own schedule. With my online calendar, I only set the hours I want to hold sessions.
  • More fulfilling work! It's an amazing feeling to help others improve their lives and those around them!
  • Unlimited earning potential. Only you can limit how much you make when you are self-employed!

Is an Energy Healing Practitioner the same?

Yes, an Emotion Code Practitioner is the same as an Energy Healing Practitioner. Energy Healing is more of an umbrella for various healing modalities. Other examples are Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, etc. 

We live in a world of energy. Everything is energy including our bodies. Our eyes can only see a small band on the light spectrum. Emotions are "invisible" to our eyes but not to our subconscious. Using The Emotion Code we can use our energy healing to find emotional imbalances. We address them and release the emotional energies with a magnet. This allows the body to heal and become strong to fight off disease and negative energies!

Have you searched for Emotion Code Practitioner Near Me?

I know it's a natural thought for many people to look for an "Emotion Code Practitioner near me." I've had people find and book sessions with me because we are in the same state. But we still hold the session over video conference. I can share the screen and send session reports.

I've offered Emotion Code Sessions in person at my local metaphysical store. 

I always carry an emotion chart magnet in my back pocket! Just in case I bump into someone needing help!

Bob Randklev

Learn more about becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner

I recommend everyone take The Emotion Code Certification Course. Even if you never intend to see clients. The intensive training and practice sessions will help you become a better practitioner! You'll find ways to heal yourself you never thought possible.

Here's the process I see most people follow:

1 - Watch E Motion The Movie. Understand how trapped emotions are controlling our lives. Hear from Dr. Bradley Nelson and others!

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

2 - Request The Emotion Code Charts Kit

3 - Buy and read The Emotion Code Book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Read and practice The Emotion Code Healing Process

Click the book to purchase from Amazon

The Emotion Code Book

4 - Enroll in The Emotion Code Certification Program

Emotion Code Certification

After you receive your certificate, post to your social media to see who may contact you!

Keep moving on your journey to be an energy healer and help change the world one person at a time.

If you want to find an Emotion Code Practitioner, look no further! Book a session with me!

If you have any questions, post a comment below

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