What happens after an Emotion Code Session?

An Emotion Code Session is a magical experience. My clients have healed from many past emotional traumas and events. I've healed myself in more ways than I can list here! After an Emotion Code session, you'll go through a "processing period." You'll feel the energetic healing process! It will amaze you!

Most people feel an energy shift during the Emotion Code Session. Some feel "lighter" or a "lifting of their shoulders." If we are working on back pain or discomfort in the body. You may feel it go away immediately. Others may take a few hours, even days, to notice the shift. When trapped emotions are released, it's like negative balls of energy are removed. After the negative emotions are released, the "gaps or openings" need to heal. Your body will fill the voids with positive energy. Remember, everyone is different, though. Your subconscious knows when you've "had enough." Generally, there are many layers of trapped emotions. The emotions will need to be removed over many sessions. 

I know some people hope all their past life emotions can be released in one session. What they don't realize is this could put their energy system into shock and drag them down for days or more! During the processing time, you'll need to drink plenty of fluids and eat healthily. Meditation also aids in healing your spiritual aura.

I'll share more detailed examples of my Emotion Code Sessions below. I'll take an "analytical approach" to the factors. But remember, we are working with spiritual energies called our trapped emotions. If an Emotion Code Session is unfamiliar to you, keep reading to learn how to heal emotionally! 

The Primary Goal of Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions

Healing the world one person at a time! 

I see people in life struggling every day. Some more than others. I know I had my struggles! I used to say "I'm fortunate, I didn't have any major life struggles." But that wasn't true, I was really good at "putting them behind me." That feeling of "dragging your emotional baggage along" due to past life experiences. 

My mom died when she was twenty-six and I was five years old. 

I was the oldest of four kids. My brother was born the day before my mom died. She had a brain aneurism. Her brother, my uncle, spent the previous summer with the family. My mom told him she didn't feel right and felt she may not live that long. He brushed it off as I would have.

We were blessed though. 

My aunt and uncle took all four of us in. My dad was able to continue working. He saw us every night and took us home on the weekends. Three years later he remarried and had three more kids. Today I'm the oldest of seven and we all remain pretty close. But all of us can talk about emotional trauma growing up and how it's affected us!

All my life I've had a connection to the spirit world. I've had intuitions and premonitions. This is what lead me to energy healing and becoming an Emotion Code Practitioner

The Emotion Code Session Overview

Every Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner has a unique way of completing a session. We've all been trained, tested and certified. Dr. Bradley Nelson and his staff at Discovery Healing do an amazing job!

Before any session, I connect with my God and my spirit energy. I pray and ask for guidance for the people I heal. Dr Bradley Nelson feels this healing modality was brought to him through his prayers.  

Steps to complete an Emotion Code Session

  1. You or your practitioner first connect with your subconscious. You ask permission to identify and release trapped emotions from your "energy body." After a "yes" proceed to number 2.
  2. Next, you find trapped emotions using muscle testing and The Emotion Code Chart. You're asking the subconscious which column, row, and emotion is causing issues.
  3. Once identified you ask if you need to learn more about the trapped emotion. What time frame was it acquired, circumstances, people involved, etc?
  4. Next by swiping a magnet across your primary meridian. You release the trapped emotion forever!
  5. Now repeat! Go back to step 2 to find if there are more trapped emotions.
  6. Keep going until you get a "no" when asking for more trapped emotions. Now ask if there are "heart wall trapped emotions." If "yes" continue to identify, release and check again. Repeat until you have no other emotions to release.
  7. Once you are done releasing trapped emotions. Say another short prayer and give thanks for continued healing. Disconnect from your client's subconscious and answer any questions.
  8. Next comes "processing time" for your energetic body to heal. The following hours, days and even longer you may feel the changes. Focus on the positive, feel yourself healing and let go of the trapped emotions

Processing After an Emotion Code Session

What happens to my heart after an Emotion Code Wall Session

Some people experience nothing after an emotional release session, but they feel better. Others report they just feel "different." These differences can range from feeling tired for a few days. To flu symptoms, to feelings of the emotions that were released. This may seem like the opposite of what you want.  But remember this is a healing response and that is a very good thing. As you are processing, you are healing. Take it easy for a while! The more you rest, the more your body can use its energy to heal. This allows you to process faster!

In very rare instances, the post-processing time can be very tough. When you release a large number and/or major emotions, your body will need more time to recover. This rarely happens because your subconscious will stop the session before you release too many emotions.

During the processing period, listen to what your body needs, it will let you know.

How many sessions should I plan for?

For emotions that cause depression, anxiety, or loneliness you'll likely need multiple sessions. If you've had a very traumatic life. Or you've experienced years of emotional trauma. You'll need to plan for multiple sessions.

Don't expect life-changing miracles from one session!

I understand this may be new to you and you're unsure. It took me dozens of sessions to find and release trapped emotions in my back. If you start with a single session, be positive, pick issues from recent events or minor aches and pains. Experience the Emotion Code Process.

Next, you can book multiple sessions and plan them over time. Take on larger issues and continue to heal your emotional aura! 

How long is an Emotion Code Session?

On average Emotion Code sessions are around 30 minutes. Some can be longer if the subconscious allows more releasing. Others are shorter if the client is weaker or maybe doubting?

Emotion Code Side Effects

There are no known "negative" Emotion Code side effects. Sure it would be great to know exactly how you'll feel after a session. Or a way to know which emotions to release to give you the most effective results. But this is the same hope for modern medicine and other healing modalities. 

It would be easy if we had a meter to test everything. Imagine you had a bar chart on your arm you could look at. It would list all your trapped emotions, the layers, and more. You could see how many emotions make up your heart wall. You'd see the bar chart go down after a session. You'd see the levels of each of your emotions! 

Is the Emotion Code Legit?

YES! There's always going to be non-believers but they are outnumbered! For centuries, various cultures have used muscle testing. It's used to get answers from the subconscious. Other cultures have used various emotion charts. Religions have prayed and believed in higher spirits. Dr. Bradley Nelson brought these together as The Emotion Code. It didn't happen overnight. He worked as a chiropractor for decades and perfected The Emotion Code. Later he went deeper and created the Body Code. Today there are thousands of certified practitioners around the world.

Our subconscious will tell us everything we need to know to heal. Trust and believe in it. So many people are benefiting from the Emotion Code Sessions!

Emotion Code Certification

Summary of what happens after an Emotion Code Session

You'll feel great! Your body will heal the voids left after removing the trapped emotions. The negative energies are removed and your positive energies fill your aura. As you continue to take more Emotion Code sessions, you'll be more positive, upbeat and looking for the good in life! You'll have new hopes for your happiness, health, and abundance in life. You'll have a new respect for the people around you.

Go after your dreams and stop holding yourself back!

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