Emotion Code Certification & Body Code Certification

Emotion Code Certification has been life-changing for me. I've helped myself and many others release "emotional baggage." The Body Code training and energy healing benefits took me to a new level!  EVERYONE should consider the certification training programs. Learn to heal yourself. Then consider healing others by starting a healing practice!

Over 90% of illness and emotional stress are from negative trapped emotions.  Our bodies collect negative balls of trapped emotions from past life events. Events like arguments, abuse, and relationships. We find these emotional blockages in all parts of our body. They drag us down, hold us back, and excerpt pressure on our physical bodies. Trapped emotions can lead to stress, anxiety even physical pain. You may suffer from money blocks, relationship problems, and heart-wall trapped emotions. 

Bob Randklev Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Certificate

You can find, investigate, and release trapped emotions. The Body Code Certification can help you find and release trapped emotions. Erase past stress and traumas. Cut the cords and stop dragging the trapped emotions behind you!

Get your life back and allow you body to balance your energy centers and heal!

The Body Code certification course goes deeper into the body. As you dig down from the six primary body imbalances.  You'll find thousands of issues affecting your life! Learn how to balance and release the issues with the Body Code certification

Emotion Code Certification is Level 1. After completion, you'll be able to take Body Code Certification Level 2. You can start using the Body Code app to heal yourself at any time. Only certified practitioners can charge for Body Code Sessions.

I'll go into more detail and expand in this article. I'll share my experiences and journies. Body Code Certification has been a life changer for me and many others. The Body Code energy healing will amaze you too! 

The Connection Between Energy Healing, Chakras and the Emotion and Body Code Certification

Before I explain Emotion and Body Code Certification. We have to understand the basics of Energy Healing and Chakras

If you prefer to click ahead to The Body Code Certification and the Body Code Training.

In this article, I'll build the power and effectiveness of the Emotion Code. The Body Code energy healing takes this to a new level!

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There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
Book a free call to talk about your questions and path to healing!

What is Energy Healing?

Everything in our world is energy! If you look at your hand under a microscope, you'll see it's energy. Humans, animals, plants, water, rocks are all made of energy.

Our bodies have an "energetic field" called your "auric body." The auric body has an outer protective layer called a "shell." 

Aura Chakra Chart

Some people have weak auric fields and the shell is close to their skin. Others have powerful auric fields and their shell is floating around them. The auric energy creates a protective aura around them. You will likely feel withdrawn and avoid large groups of people.

Think of past events you've attended. A family gathering, wedding or party. It could be a work event, bar or church? 

As you mingle with people, you can feel their auric fields.

You can sense people with large auric fields when you meet them. They can be happy, outgoing, and genuine people! They are i"n balance" and full of positive energy.

Or you meet people with large negative auric fields. They are angry, upset, full of ego for their personal success. 

It can be hard to see them but you can feel them.

They can smile, be happy, and interact with others. But they often get into arguments and control others. They tend to step on people's hearts or worse. These negative energies attach to others. These "trapped negative emotions" cause physical pain and can lead to disease.

For centuries religions and eastern medicines have believed in auric energy fields. Energy healers of all types to read and heal the auric body.

Science has proven these energy fields with special cameras. You can see the energy fields around plants and humans. You can find people who have lost say a finger and the energy field is still there. Like they never lost the finer!

Because everything is energy. It makes sense we have an energy field or auric body around us!

How does Chakra Healing relate to Energy Healing?

Our auric body is the collection of our energy fields. Inside your aura are seven primary Chakras. 

Chakras match the colors of the rainbow:

The 7 Chakra Chart

Imagine each Chakra as a tube of liquid color. 

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

I imagine the tubes being about 6" in diameter. As you look into the end of each tube you see the color rotating clockwise.

Now step back and each Chakra tube itself is rotating. Like a radar bar spinning on top of a ship. These spinning Chakras create a circle of beautiful light and color on each layer.

Your Chakras located along your spine or primary Meridian. 

The 7 Primary Chakas and Locations are:

  1. Red Root Chakra: Located at the base of your spine
  2. Orange Naval Chakra: Located in your naval area
  3. Yellow Sacral Chakra: Located in the area of your stomach
  4. Green Heart Chakra: Located in the area of your heart
  5. Blue Throat Chakra: Location in the area of your throat
  6. Indigo Brow Chakra: Located in the areas of your brow and eyes
  7. Emotion Code Certification Body Code TrainingLocated on top of your head

Your Root Chakra grounds you. Imagine seeing the gravity pull you down to earth. And energy going back into your Root Chakra.

Your Crown Chakra connects you to universal energy. Imagine seeing a white light going to the spirits. Energy flows in and out of your Crown Chakra.

How Chakras Process Emotions

As you go through life day by day. You interact with people and situations. Everyone has their "auric fields" which are full of energy. You pass energies back and forth as you interact on planet earth.

Emotion Code Certification & Body Code Certification 1

Emotions are also made of energy. When you receive an emotion your auric field passes the energy to your Chakras. The spinning Chakras process the energy, sending the emotions through your primary meridians. Your spine sends these emotions into your body via your nerves, cells, and vessels. 

These emotions can become trapped or lodged in your body. These "balls of emotional energy" pulsate. Positive energy is beneficial. Negative energy causes imbalances. These imbalances can lead to illness and emotional issues.

The Benefits of Emotional Healing

It's not hard to believe we all have emotional baggage from negative past events in life. The arguments failed relationships or trauma. It's like we are dragging suitcases full of emotions behind us!

From the simple to extreme, emotions get trapped in our bodies!

It takes Emotional Healing to get rid of emotional baggage. We need to focus on cutting cords vs putting our emotions behind us!

For years I worked on my personal development. I read and followed teachings about positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. I forever grateful for what I learned from these books and programs. But I learned I was only "covering up" the negative trapped emotions. At certain times the paste emotions would come back or breakthrough. I was dealing with the emotions all over again.

Emotional Healing is the process of removing trapped emotions. We have to stop trying to cover them up with positive thoughts. 

I love positive thinking and the law of attraction. But we first need to release trapped emotions!

Healing the Emotional Body

Don't give up on positive thinking and affirmations. Apply them in a more direct way. Focus on finding the old trapped emotions from your life. Review them and learn from them. With positive intention release the emotions. Let go, forgive, move on in life!

Vibrational Healing

Finding and releasing trapped emotions is a form of vibrational healing. Because emotions are balls of vibrating energy. They each have their own frequency or rate of vibration. When these emotions become lodged in our bodies. They can excerpt pressure on the physical tissues. It could be a backache or joint pain. A kink in your neck. Emotions can lodge in your tissues and organs. Emotions can be the cause of stomach aches or intestinal problems.

Healing Therapy

What is an Emotion Code Therapy Session Like

When I hear the word "therapy" it makes me think of psychologists and doctors. They do a great job as there is a lot of mental illness in our world. We hear the term "mental illness" more and more. My uncle is a retired school counselor who worked around the world. His passion is helping his students get through the problem. He wants them to live a better life. He worked abroad around the world for over 20 years. When he came back to the US, it surprised him to find most kids were prescribed ADHD drugs. Rather than solving the emotional issues, they prescribed treatment.

Body Healing vs Treatments and Therapy

When there is an imbalance in your body. Your body will let you know. IF you aren't eating correctly, you can gain weight or become ill. Indigestion is a sign you are consuming the wrong foods or drinks. Your body is telling you to "stop and change." But today we go find a "treatment" to cover up the imbalance.

If you continue and the treatment isn't working you are given more prescriptions. 

If the problems continue they will grow to a need of "therapy." An ongoing collection of treatments that may or may not help in time.

Why don't we go back to what's causing the imbalance and use body healing. 

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code Certification

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the creator and author of The Emotion Code Book. For decades he treated patients in his holistic chiropractic practice. His experience with Emotion Charts, Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing, and Energy Healing Magnets. Led him to create The Emotion Code Certification training program. 

The Emotion Code book has been translated into many languages worldwide. There are thousands of Certified Emotion Code Practitioners (CECP) worldwide. 

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique. By muscle testing, we can connect with our subconscious. We ask questions to find our trapped emotions on The Emotion Code Chart. Often times the emotions wrap around the heart. We call these Heart-Walls. They can hold us back from giving and receiving love or happiness.

Once we identify an emotion, we ask to learn more. Often times we can determine the age the emotion was attached. We can learn if it's from a friend, family or experience. Many times we have inherited trapped emotions from our ancestors.

Uncovering and asking more details brings the emotion to your primary meridian.

With intention, we clear the emotion and tell it to go away. Using energy healing magnets we magnify the intention to release the emotion. Much like using a magnet to erase a credit card. The emotions are released for good.

The process is repeated removing additional trapped emotions. The subconscious will only allow so many emotional releases per session. It will take more than one session to release a lifetime of blocked emotions!

Heart-Wall Trapped Emotions and Emotional Walls

Our hearts are the largest, most powerful energy center in our bodies. The send and receive the most energy. When you walk into a room you can fee the hearts of others. Hopefully, you grew up with a loving heart connection to your parents and family. 

Emotion Code Certification & Body Code Certification 2

At some time in life, you come in touch with negative people full of anger. Your open heart feels for them but they step on your heart. You go through different times of heartbreak and heartache. This hurts your heart every time it happens. So to defend you your heart creates layers of trapped emotions to protect you. This is what we call a Heart-Wall. They can block you from sending and receiving love and happiness. Over time you become more withdrawn from others. You can no longer send and receive love or happiness. 

Your heart-wall has a certain frequency level. You will be attracted to others with a similar frequency.

You can heal your Heart-Wall using the Emotion Code. Using muscle testing you connect to your subconscious. Ask if you have heart wall trapped emotions you can release. With a "yes" answer you find the imbalance on The Emotion Code Chart. With more questions, you can learn the age you acquired the emotion. YOu can also learn if this was from a family, friend, or event. By focusing on the emotion, you are bringing it to the top of your primary meridian. By thought and intention, you can tell your body to release the emotion forever! Using an energy healing magnet or your hand, you magnify the release.

The Emotion Code Book Revised and Expanded Edition

Dr. Bradley Nelson published the Emotion Code book in 2011. The revised and expanded edition was released in 2019. Over 200,000 copies have been sold worldwide. The book has been translated into many languages.

Praise for The Emotion Code

Tony Robbins The Emotion Code

“I believe the discoveries in this book. It can change our understanding of how we store emotional experiences. And change our lives. The Emotion Code has already changed many lives around the world. It is my hope that millions more will use this simple tool to heal themselves and their loved ones.” —TONY ROBBINS

Emotion Code Certification & Body Code Certification 3

“In this wonderful book, Dr. Brad Nelson gives us a truly evolved model of how we get sick and how we can indeed heal. He brilliantly teaches us by what means a broad spectrum of trapped emotions can be stored in our bodies. Limiting the expression of health. He provides us the practical tools to free ourselves. From the chains of those self-limiting emotions. Read it and become your own healer!” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Questions? Book a free Discovery Call.

There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
Book a free call to talk about your questions and path to healing!

Emotion Code Certification Overview

Dr. Bradley Nelson and his staff at Discover Healing manage the certification program. The program is a self-paced online learning course. You have six months to complete the certification training. You start with online video learning, lessons, and examples. There are quizzes along the way and a final exam.

Next you'll apply your learning by creating a portfolio of Emotion Code Sessions. Generally you'll work with 26 humans and 4 animals. Each of the 30 may have multiple sessions. You enter the session information online. If you have questions along the way your student advisor is there to help. 

Once your session portfolio is complete you'll submit for review.

Other Emotion Code Certification Requirements

You will also submit two letters of recommendation with your portfolio. There is no exact form or letter. They simply want to see a recommendation on letterhead about you as a person. It can be your Chiropractor, a pastor or a non-family member who has known you for some time. It could be from one of your sessions too!

I respect and agree with the Emotion Code Certification requirements. There are so many certification programs but few have these requirements or dedication!

Emotion Code Certification Program Step by Step

To get started you first, pay your tuition fees, and submit your application. You will be assigned a student advisor.
Next, you'll complete the certification steps below:

  1. Complete the online video courses and pass the online quizzes
  2. Complete, document, and submit 30 Emotion Code Sessions.
    (26 with humans and 4 with animals) 
    The sessions can be in person or by proxy via video conference or phone call.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation from non-family members
  4. Submit your Certification agreement and session portfolio for review and final approval. 

You're never alone during training. You will be assigned a personal student advisor!

You have 6 months to complete The Emotion Code Certification program. 

Emotion Code Certification Discount

Is there an Emotion Code Certification Discounts

How much does the Emotion Code Certification cost? I paid $897 a few years ago. At the time of this writing, the price was the same and I feel it's a bargain! Think of the money people spend on supplements and over the counter treatments. Imagine removing blocked emotions so your body can heal!

Every now and then there are small discounts but I wouldn't wait for them. Once per quarter there may be an extra program offered in certification. Other times there may be a $50 discount. 

There's never been any type of deep discounts like 50% off. The price is going to be around $900 and well worth it!

Emotion Code Certification

My Experience with the Emotion Code Training Course

From the day I purchased the Emotion Code training course. To the day I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner was 3 months. I've heard of people completing it quicker and you have up to 6 months total. 

Your student sessions start after you complete your video lessons and final exam. I would start scheduling ahead of time. Create your list of 30 people and 5 animals. You only need 26 people and 4 animals. In case people get busy over schedule and submit your student portfolio when you complete 26 and 4. 

Bob Randklev Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Certificate

When you contact them, let them know something like this. 

"I'm excited to share I've started a new career path in energy healing. I learned about Dr Bradley Nelson who's taught this to thousands of people like me. Part of my certification is my first 30 energy healing sessions with people. I'd like to offer you a few sessions at no cost. Your name or info will not be shared and we are only looking to make life better!"

Of course you'll find some doubters who won't agree. Don't worry move on. There are plenty of people looking for energy healing.

I found if I talked to much about negative emotions, it could hold people back. There's no perfect formula for everyone!

If you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact me.

CECP Certification School

What does CECP stand for? Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. 

If you're searching for CECP Certification School or Training. You've come to the correct resource! I detail the steps for Emotion Code Practitioner Training. You can get started on yourEmotion Code Classes today!

Learn more here:

Emotion Code Certification

Emotion Code Certification Session Guides

The team at Discover Healing has created some amazing Session Guides. These can be used for group sessions and more! I'll share a quick overview and comments. There are links to the website to learn more.

Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery

This guide is to help you recognize when someone is resistant to energy healing. Learn how to resolve the underlying causes of that resistance. You will meet people who are "open" to energy healing. But they have too many doubts which can hold them back. 

Learn more here>>>

Comprehensive Issue Clearing

This guide is to teach you how to identify your own potential problems. IF you have doubts or struggle with energy healing. You'll want to clear those first!

Learn more here >>>

Creating Your Dream Life

This guide addresses how to identify the life you want and stay clear of resistance. Balance your energy centers while you work on achieving your goals!

Learn more here >>

What is the Body Code?

How does a body code session work

The Body Code is a system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The Body Code App starts with six major energy imbalances. As you tap and dig deeper you find imbalances in the body. Like the Emotion Code, we use muscle testing to find the imbalance in the body. We use the Body Code App to find the imbalance. There may be extra decoding and information we can learn.

With energy magnets and intention, we release the imbalance from the primary meridian.  Your spine is your primary meridian which connects to your body systems.

Body Code Certification

Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Discover Healing team are amazing. They manage the Body Code Certification program and seminars. Body Code training certification is Level 2. 

Body Code Certification is only available to Level 1 - Emotion Code Practitioners.

The Body Code certification is a self-study program. You are assigned a student mentor to help with questions. You'll complete the video training and sessions. Quizzes, final exam and submit your session portfolio. Your student mentor will review and approve your portfolio. Finally, you become a Certified Body Code Practitioner!

Body Code Training Cost

At the time of this writing, the Body Code training course is $1297. There are minor discounts but only a few times per year. More often there are bonus programs included rather than monetary discounts. The Body Code training cost is priceless! 

Learn more here about current pricing and any promotions.

Emotion Code Certification

Body Code Practitioner Training Course Step-by-step

  1. Submit your Certification Agreement
  2. Complete the online video courses and pass the online test
  3. Complete, document, and submit 20 Body Code Sessions. Each person MUST have a significant imbalance to address

Again you must complete Level 1 Certification The Emotion Code. Before enrolling in the Body Code program.

Don't worry you're never alone. You will have a course mentor if you have questions along the way!

Body Code App Training

The updated Body Code app rolled out in March of 2020. The Body Code App replaces two volumes of color flow charts and years of research and practice. With a combination of muscle testing, you'll use the app to find the imbalance. Next, you'll discover the directions to release the imbalances.

CBCP Certification School

What does CBCP mean? It stands for Certified Body Code Practitioner. 

Bonus Body Code Training Programs

The team at Discover Healing has created many bonus programs. You can buy them online. Sometimes they will be a part of the certification program. 

Currently, the bonus programs are:

The Abundance Breakthrough Training Series To Blast Away Your Money Blocks

You could break through your biggest abundance blocks.  One by one, opening the door to a happier and more abundant life! The Law of Attraction works better when you release emotional blocks. Learn how to refine your money goals.

>> (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener" class="rank-math-link">Learn more here>>>

Awaken Your Highest Self-Training Series

A 10-part transformational video series! Discover the secrets to energetic harmony and conscious awareness. Find the "God Power" within you! Balance your energy centers and create a better life!

>> (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener" class="rank-math-link">Learn more here>>>

Resonating Relationships Training Series

Identify exactly what you might need to end sabotage around relationships. Learn how your Heart-Wall has a frequency. We are attracted to people with similar frequencies! Perform targeted energy healing using The Body Code.

>> (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener" class="rank-math-link">Learn more here>>>

Your Open Heart Training Series

Learn more about your Heart-Wall. Release and heal your blocks to a more open heart. Your Open Heart training series allows you to send and receive more happiness.

>> (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener" class="rank-math-link">Learn more here>>>

Spiritual Healing Courses and Holistic Therapy Courses

If you are looking for an Energy Healer Course, you've come to the right place. The Energy Healer training at Discovery Healing is the best. I know there are a lot of Energy Healing Schools and certifications. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and use it every day!

In my journey to learn and practice energy healing. I've never found a better certification than the Emotion Code or Body Code!

There are a lot of great people and courses they have created. But you have to first believe in energy healing. 

Even "non-believers" understand "emotional baggage." They can relate to past life events causing issues today. They know traumatic events can leave an imprint on our minds. 

With a more open mind or belief. Their energy healing can be more effective. It starts them down the path to more energy, healing and happiness in life!

Questions? Book a free Discovery Call.

There's a lot to learn about energy healing, and it seems to be changing constantly. I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader/Healer, Emotion and Body Code Certified, and Bio-frequency Scanner.
Book a free call to talk about your questions and path to healing!

Are you ready to become an energy healer? 

Is it time to take the Emotion Code Certification program? Or maybe Level 2 - Body Code Certification?

Follow my link below to get started today! 

Emotion Code Certification

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Learn more about the Emotion Code by watching Emotion the Movie.

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

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