3 Benefits of Distance Healing and How To Feel Better

Distance healing is the practice of sending healing energy across time and space. Sending distance healing intentions via positive energy is more effective than you might realize! The intention is to send therapeutic healing energy via long distances. Energy healing therapies are used to balance energy chakra centers and promote healing. The primary benefit is there are no physical location limitations. Practitioners can connect with clients around the world! 

In a universe where everything is energy. You thoughts and intentions do make a difference even long distance!

I'm writing this article during the COVID-19 lockdown. People are practicing social distancing and staying home. Many years before this lockdown, I was using distance healing in my Emotion Code practice. We referred to it as "proxy healing." I use video conferencing to connect with my client. We complete a spiritual healing process "virtually" via video and voice.

No one knows exactly how energy healing works but we also don't know exactly how radio/TV or mobile phones work. Signals from a studio are sent over invisible energy waves. An antenna interprets the signal and you hear the radio or see it on the TV. People are looking at their phones all day long. How do they work? Energy through the airwaves!

Distance healing is very similar. We connect subconsciously to project our healing intention to our clients. Next, we review and send healing energies to balance their spiritual aura. 

I'll share more of my experiences below. Reiki distance healing was my first experience. I learned about proxy and surrogate healing with my Emotion Code Certification training. 

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I use distance healing almost every day!

For thousands of years, people have practiced distance healing worldwide. Keep reading to learn more and get started today!

What is Long Distance Healing?

Like your TV, radio, or mobile phone receives a signal from space. Humans and animals are also connected to space. Audio and video signals are processed and sent through the air magically to arrive at your eyes and ears. You can notice these energies when you are around certain people or crowds.

Distance healing works the same. An Energy Healer sends positive, balancing energy through time and space to reach you. Your energy fields receive and process the distance healing. This balances your energy centers for your body to heal naturally. 

Energy healing practitioners use a phone, email or video conferencing to complete distance healing sessions. 

Distance Healing Benefits

As I'm writing this article we are in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. Social distancing means staying at home to stop the spread. More than ever people can understand distance healing benefits. You don't need to drive or visit an energy healer. You can stay at home, and schedule your session. Connect via video conferencing or a phone call.

Using distance healing, you can find the best healers worldwide without the need to go see them!

If you are looking for a Reiki healing session, there are over 50,000 practitioners worldwide. It's likely you could find someone local.

There are around 2500 Emotion Code and/or Body Code practitioners worldwide. You may not have one in your local area. Distance healing is a perfect way to bring energy healing therapy into your life.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

All distance healing practitioners use their intention to send energy healing. Energy doesn't have any time or space constraints like our physical senses. Energy flows freely and thought forms create the physical form we see in front of us.

Is Distance Healing the same as Prayer?

I've had people ask me this before and I say "yes!" I was born and raised Catholic. I remember going to church and praying with the priest. 

The priest was sending energy healing to the congregation via prayer. 

There are countless examples of energy healing in the bible too! If you've been to church before, you often see the pastor holding out their arms and praying to the heavens. 

This is another form of distance energy healing

Sending Good Vibes!

Distance healing is always about sending good vibes. We want to send positive energy to balance your energy aura. It may be Reiki healing or Chakra balancing. I will connect with your subconscious via distance healing. I will find and release your trapped emotions.

How Do Distance Healing Sessions Work?

Reiki Distance Healing (Reiki symbol)

3 Benefits of Distance Healing and How To Feel Better 1

I was first introduced to distance healing in my Reiki Second Degree Atonement. Reiki teaches us we are an energy body made up of our Aura or energy fields. The Chakras are our energy centers. The Meridians are our energy pathways.

  • Our Aura energy fields receive energy
  • Our Chakras break down the energy
  • Our Meridians distribute the energy throughout the body

A practitioner can send healing energy to clients' Aura energy fields. Like sending radio, TV or mobile phone signals to your phone. 

Your Chakras will then break down the energy and distribute via your Meridians.

Distance Harming - The Opposite of Healing

Have you ever had an argument with someone on the phone? Or watched a movie, news, or TV program that upset you? I'm sure you'd agree it's the same as arguing with someone standing in front of you correct?

Your energy fields are receiving negative energies. Your chakras break down the energy and distribute via your meridians.

You've now added negative energies and emotions to your auric field!

Be aware of these negative situations and try to avoid them. Focus on finding the best practitioner to solve your issues via distance healing! Don't look for the cheapest

Reiki Distance Healing Dolls

If you're not familiar with Reiki healing, the history goes back many centuries. Generally, you lie down on a massage table and a Reiki practitioner holds your hands over you. It's like getting a massage over your body but without touching it. The practitioner is a conduit to your higher power. The Reiki practitioner is sending energy healing through their hands. The energy flows to your aura, chakras and meridians.

When a practitioner cannot hold hands over you, Reiki distance healing dolls are used. The practitioner connects to your higher self but they use a healing doll for healing. They emulate sending energy healing to your seven primary chakras. It's as though they are standing over your primary meridian.

Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

You have to be  Level 2 Reiki certified for distance healing. You can only be attuned to distance healing by your master teacher. You will also learn the distance healing symbol and process.

I've taken many Reiki classes and workshops. I'm currently a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher. 

Book a session below or contact me with questions

Distance Chakra Healing

Your seven primary chakras are the energy centers of your body. They start at the base of your spine running to the top of your head. Each chakra has a meaning and color which I detailed in my article here.

If any of your chakras are out of balance they can cause issues. Chakras can have too much power or too little. If you chakras have shut down your protective outer aura is resting on the skin of your body. IF negative energy or situations comes near you, it can add emotional blockages that lead to other issues.

If you chakras have more power and expand away from you body. You have a larger protective shield to keep negative energies away from you!

Heart Wall Distance Healing

In life, we experience heartache from negative people, situations, and events. If you can process and let go of these emotions you'll be great. Most people aren't aware of how to process their emotions so your heart holds on to the emotions. Your heart builds a "protective wall" to guard you against future heartache. 

I know I suffered from many types of heartache over time and my heart wall was very thick. It was like a protective ring around me in "defense mode." I'd walk into a room or group of people and my heart wall alarm would go off. It was trying to protect me from harm BUT it also held me back from giving and receiving love and happiness. I could make friends but very cautiously.

Over 90% of people have a heart wall because we never learned how to clear trapped emotions.

Contact me to set up a session today

The Emotion Code Distance Healing

I first learned about The Emotion Code and Dr. Bradley Nelson when I watched E Motion the movie on GAIA TV. The movie led me to buy and read the book The Emotion Code many times. I learned how to muscle test and identify trapped emotions in my body. I use The Emotion Code Chart and learned all I could about when and where the emotions attached to me. I swiped a magnet to permanently release the emotions from my energy fields. 

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

I was amazed at the results and I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

I learned how to do Emotion Code Distance Healing both via proxy and surrogate. Today over 95% of my client sessions are done via proxy or distance healing. I use video conferences to connect with my clients and it works great!

The Body Code Distance Healing

Similar in ways to The Emotion Code, The Body Code goes deeper into the physical body. The Body Code is used to find trapped emotions and energetic imbalances. 

The six major imbalances are:

  1. Energy
  2. Circuit or System
  3. Toxin
  4. Pathogen
  5. Misalignment
  6. Nutrition or Lifestyle

Muscle testing shows us which imbalance is causing problems. As you dig into the imbalance it can go many levels deep. Once you reach the imbalance you are given an:

  • Explanation
  • Decoding
  • Association
  • Intention

At the Association you'll ask "Is there an associated imbalance that needs to be decoded?" 

  • If no, move on to the Intention
  • If yes, go back to the home page and decode.
  • Then come back to the original imbalance to finish the release by Intention.
  • Repeat the process as necessary

Distance Healing by Proxy

Proxy healing is generally done remotely when people are not in the same place. I have done proxy healing for a person who is ill or incapacitated. Distance healing by proxy is when we connect to the remote person subconsciously. We ask permission to send healing energy. With confirmation we send Reiki healing energy moving up and down the chakras.

For Emotion Code and Body Code healing, we ask yes or no questions of the subconscious. We are taken to trapped emotions in the Emotion Code Chart. Or imbalances in the Body Code App. Both lead to further discovery and finally release with energy-healing magnets.

Surrogate Distance Healing

My experience with surrogate distance healing has been with animals and children. When a parent wants an Emotion Code Session for their child. It's best for the parent to hold or be touching the child. I can then connect to the child through the parent. Next we muscle test and complete an Emotion Code Energy Healing Session. 

Distance Healing for Animals and Pets

It's the same for animals and surrogate distance healing. The owner will hold the pet in their lap while I complete The Emotion Code Session. If it's a horse or large pet, the owner will have to hold a hand on the animal. Then I can connect to the animal via the owner. I really enjoy working with animals. They have little if no ego to doubt or question energy healing.

Animals do have emotions and enjoy the release they experience from energy balancing!

Distance Healing Techniques

To summarize these are the techniques I work with

  • Proxy testing via video or phone call
  • Reiki distance healing via energy transfer
  • Surrogate healing via the parent or owner

Distance Healing Crystal Grid

Crystals are a natural creation of mother earth. Crystals amplify energy levels during meditation, prayer, and distance healing. 

I don't use crystal grids all the time. I believe they can help but our personal energy strength is stronger than any grid. I enjoy using basic crystal grids for meditation. Crystal grids are also popular with Reiki sharing and group healing too. 

I know crystals are important. Look at Stonehenge and all the rock formations found around the world. 

I don't rely or make crystals a requirement for distance healing. My power level is more than enough!

Does Distance Healing Really Work?

I get it if you are wondering. Maybe you're new to this entire world of "energy healing" and it's hard to grasp and believe. Trust me I was there too. Although I was aware of my connection to spirit all my life, I ignored it. I didn't want to think I was special or weird. How can that stuff work?

Well once you heal yourself or work with a practitioner you'll under stand. Yes, distance healing really works!

Distance Healing Anxiety

Do you feel anxious and nervous most of the time? Do you feel disgusted, nervous or worried? These are the trapped emotions in A2 of The Emotion Code Chart. They are associated with the spleen or stomach. Do you have stomach aches and gut feelings? This is why you are here!

If you found this article looking for ways to help your anxiety with distance healing. I can help!

Distance Emotional Healing

The Emotion Code Chart lists 60 emotions that can be trapped in your body. These trapped emotions can cause physical pain in areas of your body. By identifying and releasing the trapped emotions, your body's energy can balance. A balanced body can heal itself more effectively.

I've worked with a lot of clients worldwide. Most often they are struggling with:

  • Anxiety or stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Weight challenges
  • Money and/or business blocks
  • Addictions
  • Bad habits

We find trapped negative emotions are the core of all of these issues. When you identify and investigate the trapped emotions, it's like bringing them "to the top." By swiping a magnet over the governing meridian. We release the trapped emotions forever, just like swiping a magnet over a credit card.

How much does distance healing cost?

This may be the most important part of this article. I'm a frugal person but I'm not "cheap." I don't expect people who have spent their money to become certified to do it for free. I don't expect The Emotion Code and Body Code services to be free. Dr. Bradley Nelson and his amazing staff at Discover Healing earn the right to b paid. This world evolves on money so we need to support those who are doing their best. We want to see this grow bigger and bigger but it won't happen if it's free. 

Not long ago a Reiki class and attunement was $10,000. This was to grow the practice while building the supporting infrastructure and staff. 

Today courses and certifications are less expensive. Some Reiki training classes are moving online. But you can only receive your Reiki certificates from a Master Teacher like myself.

Distance Healing Practitioners

Most practitioners I know, charge $75-150 per session. Sessions run 30-60 minutes. I give discounts for packages or monthly commitments. I wish there was a way to not offer single sessions. Don't get me wrong we can do a lot of healing in one session, but over 3-6 sessions we can do so much more!

Contact me with questions or schedule a session with me here. 

Distance Energy Healing Course

I recommend everyone complete The Emotion Code Certification course. Even if you never plan to see a client, the healing course will do wonders for YOU! It's a self-study online video course. Each section has quizzes to make sure you are learning. There is a final test but don't worry, it's not that bad! You are assigned a student guide to be there to answer questions.

After your test is passed you'll start 30 sessions. You'll record your results and work with your student guide. After you've completed the 30 sessions you'll submit your portfolio. You'll also submit two letters of recommendation from local people you know. They will review and let you know if they want more sessions or have questions. Finally, you get your certificate and you are ready to go!

Now you can setup an distance energy healing business and help people world wide!

How to Develop Your Distance Healing Abilities?

Emotion Code Certification

4 Distance Healing Tips

  1. Visualize divine healing light showering you during meditation. 
  2. Visualize the person or animal you want to heal. Feel the energy moving outward from you to them. Do NOT doubt the effectiveness. Distance energy healing starts working immediately, but takes time for the person or animal to notice. 
  3. Visualize your loved one receiving healing love and light. Imagine it in every cell of their being. You're sending them happiness, health, and abundance.
  4. With practice, your distance healing skills will enhance. Join a Reiki Healing course. Learn more about The Emotion Code. There are books, movies, and certification courses available. 

Are you paying attention to your spirit?

We all know there is another voice in our minds. A spirit guide or group of energies trying to communicate with us. Most were never taught or allowed to think you had an internal spirit. All religions focus on the God outside or above us. We are taught to pray to God when all the answers and energies we need are inside!

Negative trapped emotions build up over time and can block your communication with "yourself." Using Energy Healing you can release and renew your Chakra energy centers. Reiki treatments help your overall body with balancing and removing blocks. The Emotion Code and Body Code dig deeper into more specific issues.

Overall the goal is for you to find, believe and strengthen the God within you. Don't get rid of your religion, make it stronger with your internal faith!

See the trapped emotions and problems going away. Envision your aura strengthening and blocking the negative energies from attaching to you.

Finally and most important. Tell others, and spread the word. Help others heal their energetic bodies and the people around them!

Questions or comments? Please let me know!

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