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What is Spiritual Healing? 5+ Tips to Help You & Others

Spiritual healing is derived from Holistic Health. "Wholistic Health" focuses on Body, Mind, and Spirit or the "whole" person. Spiritual healing heals the spirit or soul within you. Your Spirit Guides are there to help you grow your spiritual connection with the spirit world!

One way to think of spiritual healing is "balancing the chatter" in your mind. When you hear "body, mind, and spirit," we know what our physical body is. We can see, feel, and just know our body is there.

We all know what the physical body is. It's the mind and spirit inside that we're not sure of?

Think of your mind as a processing center to make decisions and store memories. As your day goes by your senses pick up what's going on around you and send it to your mind. Your mind processes these situations and many are repetitive. The same habits as yesterday at work, home, school, etc.

Find trapped emotions

Our mind is 10% conscious and 90% unconscious. Like an iceberg, we only see 10%. The majority is hidden under water.

Our conscious mind is used for day to day routines and habits. Our subconscious mind is our supercomputer that remembers everything!

All your past emotional traumas are stored. Your subconscious remembers the emotional traumas, struggles, and negative past events. They become lodged in your "spirit" and they replay over and over in your life. They never seem to go away!

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains this best. "When you hold on to an emotional event or experience, you call that a mood." If you don't process and get rid of that mood. It turns into a temperament you carry for weeks or months. If you still can't get rid of that emotion, it becomes a personality trait. It's become part of your spirit.

So your spirit is your "coach" or guide, directing and helping you along the path of life. Spirit can be your personality, your ego, your character. Negative past emotions are not helping your spirit!

We each have our own spirit. The first step in Spiritual Healing is recognizing the spiritual power within us. Next, you learn to connect with your Spirit Guides and understand they are here to help you. That voice in your head. That feeling in your gut. Those emotions in your heart. They are all real!

Spiritual healing will open a new part of your life. They will bring you more happiness, health, and abundance!

In this article, I'll share more examples and outline how Spiritual Healing works. I'll share how to connect with your Spirit Guides. Learn how to connect with your Spirit Realm and improve your Spiritual Health! Let's go!

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is the practice of discovering, balancing, and growing your soul. Spiritual healing starts to occur when we connect with our essential being. Spiritual transformation is realizing we are a wise, loving, and creative soul. 

When we find spiritual love for yourself and others. We practice spiritual wellness by taking better care of our body, mind, and spirit. We work with Spiritual Healers to help uncover what is holding us back in life. We look to find and release negative memories called trapped emotions. 

Trapped emotions are like balls of negative energy pulsating in your spiritual being. The pulsating energy causes physical pain and discomfort. It can lead to sickness, disease, and aging. Over 90% of disease and emotional trauma have trapped emotions connected with them! 

Spiritual Healing is the process of discovering your true spirit. It's about finding your spirit guides. It's about working with your spirits to bring balance to your life. Take your soul energy to a new level of heart-focused love for life!

Spiritual Body, Mind and Soul

Why am I here, what is my purpose in life?

Have you asked yourself these questions? Spiritual Meditation will help you find your inner soul and spirit. Here's a quick start spiritual meditation practice:

Spiritual Healing Body Mind Spirit
  • Find a quiet place to relax 
  • Listen to soft soothing music 
  • Close your eyes and focus on your internal self
  • Quiet your mind
  • IF distractions pop up, acknowledge them but ask them to wait until later. This is YOUR time with your Spirit Guides!
  • Ask yourself "Why am I here." Listen, wait and meditate
  • Next, ask "what is my purpose in this life?" Listen, wait and meditate

This is the first step to Spiritual Healing. Finding your internal soul and communicating. It won't be perfect at first, you'll have to practice. Any good thing in life will take time and need practice! Over time your spiritual meditation will grow and expand. You'll narrow down the voices in your head and become more confident. As you read books and work with Spiritual Healers your mind will open more. 

You'll gain a better understanding of your purpose and path in life!

Growing our Spiritual Love

We could ALL love a little more! Every day we have struggles and hardships. There are toxic people in our lives too. The focus of growing our spiritual love to forgive them! Don't let their struggles affect your life. Spiritual healing involves forgiving everyone for past life events. Find love in every situation. Even during the toughest times, look for the good that can come out of it.  If you have toxic people in your life, know they have problems too. Guard and protect your spirit from holding on to these experiences.

The Emotion Code and Body Code allow us to find and release trapped emotions. You can use muscle testing to ask your subconscious questions. The answers will lead you to find trapped emotions and release them. Negative trapped emotions get lodged in all parts of your body. They excerpt pressure on your physical tissue. This can be pain or discomfort. Trapped emotions can lead to illness and disease!

Releasing negative emotions from past events, allows your spiritual body to heal!

It's like cutting the cords of emotional baggage dragging behind you!

What is Spiritual Wellness?

Balancing your Body-Mind-Spirit or your "wholistic self." In this third dimension world, we live in. We put all our focus on the physical. We use our five senses to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. If science can't prove it, they don't want us to believe it.

Remember though, science cannot tell us where we came from or where we are going exactly! In the future, they will better understand what we are teaching today!

Everyone has more than five senses, but they don't know it. All my life I've felt I had a "sixthed sense." Do you "sense" things about other people? Do you "sense" situations, groups,  and spirits around you?

Our sixth sense is our spirit or soul. That feeling inside your heart and gut.

Your Third Eye Chakra is at your brow or between your eyes. We see with our eyes but imagine opening your third eye. Now you can see more of the light spectrum. You may see auras around people, plants, and animals. You can see energies flowing. You can see other spirit realms!

Spiritual Healing is about uncovering that inner soul. Going within to wake up your inner power. Finding love for all around you and experiencing more!

What are Spiritual Heart-Walls?

What is a hear wall? Remove trapped emotions from your heart

A Heart-Wall is a multi-layer ring around your heart. It's a protective wall built of negative lodged emotions. These emotions are from negative past events in life. The arguments, breakups, and frustrating relationships. The job loss, the neighbors, and the people around you. The abuse and lack in your life.

When these events happened they hurt your heart. We've all experienced "heartache" or pain in the heart. Your heart is the largest energy system in your body. Place your hand on your heart and feel it pumping. Feel the energy it puts out. 

Your heart wants to protect you from heartache. When negative events happen it builds a heart-wall of negative trapped emotions. Over time this heart-wall becomes very thick. Although it's protecting you, it can become harmful. You can get to a point where you start to withdraw from life. You avoid people and groups. You start to block love and happiness from entering your heart as "protection." You've come to a point you need to release your heart-wall emotions and find your spirit. 

Think of your spirit inside your heart. It's blocked and shut down. It's hard to help you if it's behind a thick wall of trapped emotions.

Finding Spiritual Heart-Wall Emotions

Using the Emotion Code or Body Code we can find and release spiritual heart-walls. Muscle testing allows us to connect to your subconscious to ask questions. Using The Emotion Code Chart we ask your subconscious if you have a heart wall. 

Emotion Code Chart
Chart of Emotions

There are sixty emotions listed on the Emotion Code Chart. Two columns and six rows. There are twelve boxes with five emotions in each. 

  • With a positive yes answer we ask if the trapped emotion is in column A or B. 
  • Next, we ask the subconscious if the emotion is in the odd or even rows.
  • Next, we ask questions to find the box
  • Finally, we go down the list of five to find the emotion
  • I confirm the trapped emotion and learn more
  • We can find an approximate time you acquired the emotion
  • We can find out where it's located in the body
  • We can find out if it was from a family, friend or event

The answers are not exact but they give the client some references to work from. I'm amazed to this day how we can find past traumas and the groups of emotions causing issues. Clients are often times brought to tears as we pinpoint something from their past. Other times they may not remember immediately. OR they don't want to remember that past emotional trauma. Regardless they want spiritual healing to release their emotions.

Releasing Spiritual Heart-Wall Emotions

Now that we know the emotion and details we release it. By "calling out" the emotion or putting focus on it. The emotion rises to the primary meridian on your spine. The primary meridian runs from your nose over your head and down the back of the spine. 

With intention, we focus on the meridian and release the trapped emotion. We visualize it disappearing or neutralizing. 

By waving your hand or magnet over the primary meridian, we magnify the release. Energy healing magnets are not required but helpful. As you wave your hand or magnet over your head, you can oftentimes feel the "swoosh" of energy release!

Now start over again. Go back and repeat the process. Continue to find and release all the trapped emotions you can!

Try it yourself! Request the Emotion Code Charts by email!

Spirit Guides

I love my spirit guides. I have two that I call my primary Spirit Guides and I connect with them all the time. You have more spirit guides than you can count! Everyone has spirits around us all the time. They are anxious and ready to help you but you have to connect with them! You'll need to bring your vibrational level up and ask them to come down. You sort of "meet in the middle." 

We can't see them with our eyes, but they are screaming to help you!

In the book Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation. Jean Slater explains how you can ask for help from spirits. You can create "spiritual committees" to help you. I recommend you create a committee to become more heart-centered and loving. Ask spirits to help you find the spiritual soul power inside you. Stop looking outside yourself for healing and power. Find it through the love inside you!

I recommend starting with three spirit committees in Heaven: 

  1. Happiness: Find your inner God power, love everything, and know all is happening for a reason!
  2. Health: Focus on shifting to a raw plant-based diet. Drinking plenty of water. Releasing old trapped emotions. Opening your heart and forgiving people!
  3. Abundance: Don't focus on money or things. Focus on abundant life. People, places, and things. Imagine yourself living in abundance!

Don't miss this point. As you connect with your spirit guides and hire the heavens. Get ready for opportunities to come you way! Get ready to take ACTION!

Spiritual Healing and the Law of Attraction

Too many people give the Law of Attraction negative reviews or say it doesn't work. Almost every time I find out they did everything right. The universe realigned to meet their dreams and sent opportunities to them.

They failed because they got scared and didn't take action! Law of Attraction only works when you take action. 

Don't be afraid, I know I was at times! I would create my dream board, meditate, and vision I was already there. Then the opportunity came along and it scared me. I found the power to change, but hesitated! 

What is the Spirit Realm or Spirit World?

Some call it heaven, the universe, your higher self, etc. It's what you believe, there is no right or wrong answer. There is no test to take or pass. You have to get out of the "heaven or hell" thinking. 

Hell is lower energy and it does exist. It's not like the movies or what religion scares you with. It's when your energy levels are low. It's when negative trapped emotions get the best of you.

When you raise your vibrational energy and release emotional baggage. You are rising up to heaven!

This is my beliefs, only as a suggestion to help you get started. Take them and evolve your own around love and happiness!

Discover your Spiritual Power

Your Spirit Realm is the power inside you. Inside your auric energy field. The God power within you. It's also the negative emotions inside you and your ego. Take some time to meditate in silence. Let the past go and start a new future. It will be an emotional time. Cry and let it all go. Realize the past has made you who you are today but that all changes now!

Your Spiritual Health Creates Your Future

The past is the past, it's not going to happen again. Unless you keep reliving it. This is why you need to let go and release the past negative trapped emotions. This will help your ego to improve. You'll find you are less reactive to people and circumstances. Your Spiritual Health will affect your physical health. The balls of negative energy in your body cause aches and pains. They can lead to sickness and disease too!

Spiritual Healing Methods

Spiritual Healing Meditation

There are many different spiritual healing methods. I always start people with meditation. The goal of spiritual healing is to find that soul inside you. Your personality and what makes you, you. If you don't like that person, spiritual healing is the next step. Meditation is the first place to start!

You can learn to meditate right now. All you need is a quiet space to relax. You can find free meditation music on YouTube but it's not required. 

First, you'll want to relax and close your eyes. Focus on deep breathing in and out. Slow your breaths and calm your self. With your eyes still closed, look in front of you. You'll see colors and energies shifting. Smile and feel at peace. 

Ask your Spirit Guides to come forward and introduce themselves. Don't expect a perfect face or name the first time. It may take many sessions over weeks or months but keep going.

If your first meditation is only a few minutes that's great! Keep meditating and extend your time. 

Be happy and open-hearted to find your Spirit Guides. Journal your experiences and listen for guidance. The Spiritual Healing will happen if you are patient and give it time.

The Emotion Code and Body Code Spiritual Healing

Over 90% of disease and illness have trapped emotions related to them. "Disease" is just a term for emotional imbalances by modern-day science. Illnesses like depression, anxiety, and helplessness also have trapped emotions related to them.

If you break down the word "dis-ease." It means you're not at ease and need spiritual healing

Spiritual Cleansing and Spiritual Meditation

There's a lot to consider here so let's first review what we've stated:

  1. We don't know exactly where we came from and we don't know exactly where we are going. I believe I'm going to heaven but I don't believe in hell.
  2. We've been lead to believe spiritual healing is found outside of us. In the heavens, religion, and church. Where spiritual healing looks inside.
  3. Our physical bodies are struggling due to emotional baggage. We don't know how to forgive and let go of our negative past! It's dragging our energy and feelings down.

This is why so many need Spiritual Cleansing! But you need to answer one question.

Are you ready to make the changes in life to get the results you are looking for? It's not going to be easy but it's well worth it.

Try this quick visualization: Close your eyes and be still for a moment. Feel your body from head to toe. Imagine stepping out of your physical body and looking back at yourself from a distance. You see your auric field is weak and clinging to your human body. Your Chakras are very weak or shut down. Or you may have a Chakra with so much power it's hanging out big and bold! For many people, this is your big heart wanting to help others. The problem is toxic people step on it and cause heartache. You can find yourself unhappy, depressed, and frustrated with life. 

This isn't what you thought life was about or what you signed up for!

Now keep watching. See your auric body go through a Spiritual Healing. Sort of like a fast forward movie. See your Chakras power up in beautiful spinning colors. From the base of your spine to your crown.

  1. Red Root Chakra
  2. Orange Sacral Chara
  3. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Green Heart Chakra
  5. Blue Throat Chakra
  6. Indigo Brow Chakra
  7. Violet Crown Chakra
What is Spiritual Healing? 5+ Tips to Help You & Others 1
Aura Chakra Chart

Your Chakras are light centers sending positive energy to your meridians. See your auric field growing in size and strength creating a barrier around your body. As you look at the auric body you can see these black balls of energy. These are trapped emotions. See the energy balls disappearing and your energy body healing.

See the spiritual healing transform your physical and emotional body. See yourself living a happy, healthy and abundant life!

How to find your Spiritual Connection

Children have a strong spiritual connection from birth. As they begin to walk and talk, we call it baby gibberish. Or is it? Many believe children have a strong spiritual connection but cannot communicate it. As they grow they learn their parents' language and focus more on the physical world. They let go of their spiritual connections.

Children raised in holistic families, keep a stronger connection to their spirits. Many of my favorite psychics, mediums and energy healers. Grew up in similar family situations. Encouraged to meditate and find the spirits inside. They learned to look for auras and not hold on to negative emotions. 

I know one psychic medium who stayed in the car with his father at the grocery store. His mother would go in and do the shopping. His father would ask him when a person walked out of the store. "Tell me what you sense about that person. Do you see their aura?" He learned Spiritual Healing at a very young age!

They may have had a head start but don't worry. Anyone can reconnect with their spiritual connection!

I struggled with this myself. I thought I was "behind" or had to catch up. Then in meditation, it came to me, my life experiences were for a reason. You have to experience hardship to know the other side. It's easier for someone to connect with others if they've experienced something before! 

It's like day and night. Hot and cold. Negative and positive. We need to experience struggle to find a solution.

This is what gave me Spiritual Inspiration

I started looking back at the major challenges of my life. As I became a Certified Emotion Code practitioner. I found more trapped emotions around these events. These emotions had a lesson or story I could help others with. Through my healing sessions and writing, I can help others too!

Yoga Spirit Physical Meditation

I recommend daily quiet meditation when you wake and before you go to sleep. There's no better way to connect with your inner God power and Spirit Guides.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong are forms of physical meditation. As you are practicing yoga you are focusing on your physical inner strength and your spirit. You will focus on your breathing and internal energy. Many forms of yoga focus on your chakra and meridian systems.

Adding Yoga Spirit Meditation is a great way to connect deeper with your inner self! I've found Gaia TV the best source for Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other guided meditations. They have hundreds of shows around spiritual healing. I would start by watching the E-motion movie!

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

Spiritual Crystals and Spiritual Meditation

Gemstones and crystals can amplify your spiritual healing. Be careful NOT to get hung up on ever stone for this. Or this group of crystals will do this. Yes, they can help and I support all metaphysical stores around the world. 

But I'm let down when I see people put more power and emphasis on their gemstones and crystals. They aren't aware of the power inside them and they are looking for external strength.

I have a few crystals and stones I keep by myself and carry often. Gemstones and crystals can be very grounding. IF your Root Chakra is weak, stones and crystals from mother earth will help!

What is Spiritual Healing? 5+ Tips to Help You & Others 2
Click the image to view crystals and healing stone options on Amazon

Spiritual Courses to Become a Spiritual Healer

Do you feel a calling to be a spiritual healer? It will come from deep down inside you. You may feel you're too messed up to be a healer but you want to. That's ok the first step is learning to heal yourself. You'll know when it's time to start helping others. You'll want to lean or ease into it. Don't think you'll take a class and boom, you're a full-time healer!

What to look for in Spiritual Classes

Avoid free courses! 

You will become a "valuable healer" based on the time and money you put into your practice. Too often the "free courses" lead to upsells, coaching, and more.

I can tell you from experience, I bought a lot of them!

Before the Internet and computers. Reiki courses that included levels of "attunement" were $10,000 per class! It required four classes to become a master teacher for $40,000! My four levels of Usui/Holy Fire III Master Teacher were around $1200. My teacher was local so I didn't have travel expenses either.

The Emotion Code and Body Code Spiritual Courses

My spiritual healing journey went in this order:

  1. Reading books on psychic mediumship, discovering I'm empathic, spirit books, and more.
  2. Watching transformational videos on Gaia TV. This leads me to e-Motion the movie and Dr. Bradley Nelson. After the movie, I ordered The Emotion Code Book
  3. The Emotion Code Certification Spiritual Course. In roughly 90 days I completed my online courses. I passed my quizzes and final exam. I then completed the Emotion Code healing sessions on 26 people and 4 animals. Then I submitted my portfolio of sessions and two letters of recommendation. After the final review, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner!
  4. For over a year I focused on my Emotion Code practice. Many people create full-time careers helping people find and release trapped emotions.
  5. Next was the Body Code Spiritual Healing Course. Using the Body Code app we work to find imbalances in your body. Very detailed and precise discoveries and healing. 

I recommend EVERYONE take the Emotion Code Healing Course. The first step is to heal yourself and it's a great experience. Later you can decide if you want to make a practice out of it!

Emotion Code and Body Code Certification

"But I'm broke I have no money"

Ok, I'm sorry about that. But know it's only a temporary situation right now. What you've been doing and holding onto has led you to this point. You have no one to blame but your self. Yes, there are terrible circumstances people are in, but it's your choice to change!

Find some sort of job, no matter what it is or how you feel. The job creates some income to empower you the best training. 

It will take longer to build a successful healing practice taking free courses. Find some way to attract money, speed up your process, and access better courses!

As I mentioned above you need money and time for spiritual healing. 

  • Spend time practicing! Daily meditation and inner healing. Yoga and other forms of meditation. Become a master to train others!
  • Spend time reading! Find a little money to buy books or visit the library. Request copies of The Emotion Code Charts and I'll also send the first two chapters of the book. The Emotion Code.
  • Help others! Don't rush this but listen to your guides. If someone comes to you sharing their struggles. This is a time to help. Envision people coming to you for spiritual healing

Spiritual Healer Near Me

If you are searching for a "Spiritual Healer Near Me" you've come to the right place! I work with people worldwide via proxy or remote meetings. By phone or video conference we can offer energy healing sessions. Contact me with any questions and see the available services here.

Types Of Spiritual Healers

There are many different types of spiritual healers. More are being created all the time. The most common you'll find are:

  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Spiritual Therapist

Spiritual Healing Books

I've created a list of my favorite and most recommended spiritual healing books here >>>

Spiritual Healing Summary

Stop and think for a moment. If 90% of illnesses and diseases had trapped emotions associated with them. Why aren't more people using spiritual healing to solve the root issue? Spiritual healing doesn't heal any disease or illness directly. It removes the energy imbalance in the physical body. This allows the natural immune system to become stronger. The physical body can heal itself when it's not dealing with negative past emotions.

You put these "memories" behind you and don't want to deal with them. Stop making your body deal with them too!

This is what I recommend. Contact me with any questions!

  • Practice meditation daily: Find God within you and stop looking outside for energy healing.
  • Balance your Chakras daily: Use the 7 Chakra chart to balance your energy centers.
  • Find and remove trapped emotions: Use The Emotion Code Book to get started. Hire an Emotion Code Practitioner for a remote healing session.
  • Focus on living a life full of happiness, health, and abundance!

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