What is an Emotional Heart-Wall and How They Affect Our Lives

When you experience heartache, grief, or loss in life, it hurts! Your heart creates an emotional heart-wall to protect you from this happening again! This process repeats itself over and over, causing the heart wall to grow. Unfortunately, when your heart-wall becomes too thick, you block love and happiness! You tend to feel more inward and guarded! The emotional baggage from past life events builds up in the heart-wall. 

Don't worry; you can release these heart-wall trapped emotions and open your heart up again!

Have you ever experienced situations in life that made your heart hurt? It could have been a personal relationship, a friend, or a family. Even seeing heartache from others can lead to a heart wall! Heartbreak, sorrow, despair are terms that come to mind.

Your heart generates more energy than any other organ in your body. Put your hand on your chest, and you can feel it pumping blood through your body. Many consider the heart your second brain. It knows when you experience heartache and emotional trauma. Your heart feels the pain and wants to protect you. So a heart-wall of negative trapped emotions become your protective shield! The protection is alright at first, but over time your heart-wall becomes too thick. Your guard becomes too firm, and you block out others. 

If you are looking for a life partner, you will have the thoughts of the perfect person in mind. But when you meet them, it doesn't work? You may find yourself going through countless relationships: friends, co-workers, family members, and more.

You are finding great people, but your heart wall is blocking you from the right feelings.

Using The Emotion Code and Body Code, we can identify these heart-wall blocks and details. With muscle testing, we can learn the heart-wall thickness. With intention and energy healing magnets, we release the heart-wall trapped emotions! This emotional release allows your energetic body to heal and open up to more love and happiness! 

In this article, I'll dig deeper into emotional heart-walls and trapped emotions. Learn how they affect over 90% of health and illness. Learn how to identify, investigate, and get rid of emotional baggage dragging you down!

What is a Heart-Wall?

We know our hearts beat around a hundred times per minute and pump blood through our bodies. But did you know your heart sends messages around your body, sort of like a telegraph system? Your heart can think for itself, and it also has a memory. Your heart communicates with your brain too.

Now think about the heartache you've experienced in life. Something that broke your heart and put pressure on your chest. This "emotional event" shook your heart and threw it off. Your heart feels the pain and stress from the emotional event. The heart thinks, "how can I stop this from happening again? The answer, "build a heart-wall." The energy from the negative emotions become a shield around the heart. This heart wall shield is ready to protect you; the next time you experience heartache, grief, and loss.

Layers Of The Heart-Wall

No two heart-walls are the same, but many have similarities. Say as a child, you lost a pet or loved one, and it "broke your heart." Some children and kids experience abuse or bullying, which adds to the heart-wall. 

In your teen years, you start to experience relationships, and for some, this is easy. Others struggle their entire life. Relationship after relationship adds to their heart-wall. 

Every heartache becomes a new layer of heart-wall trapped emotions. 

Thickening Of Heart-Wall

Using muscle testing, we ask your subconscious how thick is your heart-wall. I'll ask

  • Is the heart-wall thicker than 10ft, 50ft, 100ft, etc.?
  • Is the heart-wall made of rubber, plastic, cotton, steel, iron, etc.?
  • The heart-wall will change material and thickness as you release trapped emotions.

Using The Emotion Code or The Body Code, we identify and investigate trapped emotions. We learn where the location, the age acquired, and more. Using an energy healing magnet, we release the trapped emotions. Your body moves back towards balance so it can heal!

Do you "Follow Your Heart?"

Don't let your Heart-Wall hold you back from life!

I can remember many people in life telling me to "follow my heart." When I was young and single, I wanted to take on the world. I had big dreams and desires that drove me for the wrong reasons. My mind was telling me to do this and that. But I wasn't listening to what my heart was telling me. It's tough to do this and a delicate balance, but I wasn't giving time to my heart.

Instead, I went through many heartaches in life, business, people, and more! We all experience them, but no one explained how we create heart walls. Or a heart wall can thicken and block you from your goals!

After years of holistic reading, training, and practice, I found The Emotion Code. Dr. Bradley Nelson explained how emotions become trapped in your body. These "balls of negative energy" pulse and put pressure on our physical bodies. Over time the bodily tissues weaken, and we feel the aches and pains. Trapped emotions in the organs or glands cause imbalances and weakness. Emotional imbalances can lead to sickness and disease, taking root and growing. Over 90% of illness and disease have underlying trapped emotions!

E-Motion the Movie and Heart-Walls

I recommend everyone watch E-motion the Movie with Dr. Bradley Nelson! You'll learn about Ty and Lauren, both single and struggling with their lives. Both have great careers and from the outside look great. But their insides are out of balance and causing problems in life.

They learn about how trapped emotions lead to imbalances and problems. You see Lauren meeting men and going on dates, but they sense her heart wall. They aren't a match, so she struggles to find her "perfect spouse." Ty is very driven but also heartbroken.

The storyline breaks away to hear from experts like:

  • Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Bruce Lipton
  • Don Tollman
  • and many others
Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV
Heart-Wall Body Code App

E-motion the Movie is what led me to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. The movie inspired me to buy and read The Emotion Code Book. I learned how to muscle test to find emotional baggage on The Emotion Code Chart. I used a refrigerator magnet to release trapped emotions and felt better! After a few months of practice, I enrolled in the Emotion Code Certification program. It took me three months to finish my certification part-time.

A year after my Emotion Code Certification, I enrolled in the Body Code Certification. Using the Body Code app, you can find imbalances all over your body. In places, you never knew existed!

Physical Effects of a Heart-Wall

I talked about how a heart wall can block you from love and happiness. It may affect you in the neck, upper back, and shoulders with aches or pains. The trapped emotions around the heart excerpt stress on your muscles. So the discomfort is from an energy imbalance!

The Heart-Wall Emotion Code Connection

I first learned what a heart-wall was in the book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. For years I'd struggled with a "numbing discomfort" in my lower back up to my neck. My shoulders were stiff, and I tried many remedies. Massage, chiropractic, yoga, stretching, and more!

Within a week of reading The Emotion Code Book, I was releasing trapped emotions from my heart-wall. My body was feeling better, and the results amazed me! 

I would focus on my upper back pain between my shoulders. I'd muscle test my subconscious, asking if I had trapped emotions causing the imbalance. A yes answer would take me to The Emotion Code Heart Wall Chart. I'd ask if the trapped emotion was in column A or B. Then I'd find the odd or even rows. When I determined the box of emotions, I'd ask is it the first, second, third, until I found which of the five was the issue. I'd then find an age that may have caused it. By investigating the details, I'm pulling the emotion up to the governing meridian. With intention, you can remove the emotional imbalance, but a magnet will magnify the results. By waiving a magnet over the spine of the upper back or over your head. You release the trapped emotion forever. 

Next, you start again asking, are there more and repeat releasing all the emotions you can. Your subconscious will only remove so many emotions per session. Your body will go through a healing process after releasing trapped emotions. It's like your energy field has a hole and needs to fill in. It's essential to drink a lot of water and rest.

You may experience vivid dreams or memories. Don't react; let them go!

Emotion Code Heart-Wall Chart

The Heart-Wall Flowchart guides us to find, identify, investigate, and release emotions. Using muscle testing, we ask, "Is there a Heart-Wall Emotion we can release now? With a "positive yes answer," we continue to narrow down the column, row, box, and emotion.

Once we identify the trapped emotion, we can learn more like when it occurred. Did we absorb it from someone? Find the associated life event.

You can have the same trapped emotion many times in your body. Based on the location, year acquired, heart wall, and other variables. A lifetime of trapped emotions can take many sessions over weeks, months, and years! Generally, within a few sessions, you'll feel and notice results. 

People find amazing results over weeks and months!

A Few Heart-Wall Thickening Symptoms

There are too many to list but here are a few signs your heart-wall is growing or thickening:

  • Unhappiness: Was there a time in life you were happier than you are now? Have there been emotional times that likely attributed to this?
  • Love Unreceived: Do you find it hard to give love to others? Or do you not allow others to love you? Your heart-wall is trying to protect you, but it's gone too far!
  • Grief: Have you experienced a lot of grief in life? Do you have a problem letting go, and the memories keep coming back? Holding too much misery in your heart wall can be detrimental!
  • Heartache: Does your sorrow for someone or something? Do you have a heavy feeling in your chest? Does your back ache between your shoulders or throat issues?
  • Abandonment: Physical abandonment is being left alone, left behind, or deserted. We see this is the type of neglect most often in childhood. Emotional abandonment is being given up on, abandoned, or separated from. A feeling of being "left behind" in a non-physical form.
  • Betrayal: Betrayed is to have your trust broken. A sense of being deserted or hurt by a trusted one. Betrayal of another is being unfaithful in guarding or fulfilling a belief. To be disloyal or violate a confidence, to desert someone who believes you. Betrayal of the self is to break integrity, act against oneʼs morals, to abuse the body or soul.
  • Effort Unreceived: When your work, achievement, attempts, or endeavors. Are not accepted or recognized. When others feel your best effort isn't good enough, a feeling unappreciated. Not feeling approved of or validated.
Heart-Wall Flowchart
Heart-Wall Flowchart

The Emotion Code Chart lists 60 emotions that can make up your heart-wall. The Body Code identifies hundreds of heart-wall imbalances too!

Understanding you have a heart-wall is the first step. Next, find and release the emotions and imbalances. You'll feel better in a short time!

Heart-Wall Removal

Removing heart-wall emotions and imbalances is easy. Because it's so easy, we need to establish a foundation. "Everything is energy." We can feel, see, touch our human body, but it's not physical. Under a microscope, we are a big energy field. Knowing energies can collect in groups. It's easier to understand how trapped emotions can cause issues!

Your subconscious mind knows EVERYTHING about you! Our conscious mind is only 10% of our thoughts managing our day to day life. 

Using muscle testing, we connect to our subconscious to ask specific questions. We can find the trapped emotions and imbalances, causing our heart-wall issues.

With intention and a magnet, we wipe out the trapped emotional energy. 

We send the intention down our meridians to erase the heart-wall emotions! It's that easy!

Dr. Bradley Nelson Heart-Wall and Hidden Heart-Walls

During his time as a chiropractor and holistic healer. Dr. Brad also discovered "Hidden Heart-Walls." These are tricky groups of emotions hiding out. They don't want you to find them. There are no exact rules about heart-walls. I ask the subconscious if there are other emotions. If I get unsure answers, I ask if there is a hidden heart-wall. Often the hidden heart-wall is from inherited trapped emotions, from your parents, ancestors, or the mother's womb.

Inherited Trapped Emotions and your Heart-Wall

This topic is fascinating to me. I've found emotions inherited from many generations before you. When you release the inherited emotions, they are released from the ancestors too. It goes through your family tree to brothers, sisters, and more!

I've also found inherited trapped emotions from the mother's womb. The trapped emotions can be from physical abuse and emotional abuse. Children can be unplanned, which can make pregnancy a stressful time. These negative emotions can pass to the child at birth!

What Are Heart-Walls Made Of?

During an Emotion Code Session, I always ask, "Is the heart-wall made of cotton, rubber, plastic, steel, iron until I find something. The substance is only a reference your subconscious is making to the strength of the heart-wall. As the heart-wall shrinks, the change consistency at each layer.

How Thick is the Heart-Wall

I always ask how thick the heart-wall is when we start a session. In the end, I'll take another reading. It's pretty incredible from session to session how you see the heart-wall shrink. I also notice the client in better spirits and a better outlook on life.

Heart-Wall Energy Healing

Because everything is energy, your emotional heart-wall is a collection of negative emotions from past life events. No one ever told us or taught us to release or let go of this emotional trauma. We learn from our mentors to "put it behind you" or "let it go." So the emotions create a wall of protection around your heart.

These balls of negative emotions connected to form a circular ring. Sort of like a bracelet of beads but dozens or hundreds of beads!

During a Heart-Wall Energy Healing session, we find trapped emotions. We ask where they are affecting your body. What age you acquired the emotions and sometimes more circumstances. 

We find the trapped emotions using muscle testing to ask your subconscious questions. Using The Emotion Code Chart or The Body Code app, we find emotional imbalances. 

When we identify the trapped emotions, it's like bringing them to the surface of your meridian. Your governing meridian runs from the tip of your nose, over your head and down to the bottom of your spine. Your body has many meridians running to all your muscles, organs, and glands. This is how emotions that come into your Chakra centers get processed.

Your Chakras can process and get rid of the emotion. This is when you let go and don't care about the emotion. OR you can process the negative emotion, and your Chakras send it via your meridians to a location in the body. At first, you may feel discomfort but not enough to do anything about it. Over time you collect more trapped emotions, and the pulsating negative energy grows. Now this area of your body weakens and can become ill or painful. When it's your heart-wall, you start to block love and happiness from flowing through your heart!

Joe Dispenza Explains Heart-Wall Trapped Emotions

The Emotion Code Book has a forward written by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and he does excellent work. He, too, is a former chiropractor who studies brain waves and meditation. Dr. Joe wants everyone to find their inner being, their inner god power. Dr. Joe has proven you can do this via meditation and monitoring brain waves!

Joe Dispenza Explains How Emotions Create Your Life

We can all agree; trapped emotions drag us down. To change our lives to something new, we have to leave behind a part of the known and familiar. Including familiar thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sometimes even relationships. For many people, leaving behind the "security of the known." And stepping into the unknown can be a terrifying place. 

This is why change is so hard and why it's essential to make energy healing and meditation part of your daily routine.

So How Do We Break the Habits of Negative Emotions

Think about it for a moment. A habit is a redundant set of automatic, unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. You've acquired these through repetition and experiences in life.

A habit is when you have done something so often that your body now knows how to do it better than your mind.

When you have an emotional situation or react to something, what do you do? Do you add it to your collection of emotional baggage? Do you put it behind you to only pop up again in the future? Why would you do this knowing over 90% of illness and disease has associated trapped emotions!

People don't realize they can control their emotional reactions. No one has taught them to process and release the emotions! Don't hold on to them!

Here's what happens when you don't release your trapped emotions. When they are heartaches and heartbreaks, they will form heart-walls!

  1. If you allow an emotional reaction to last for hours or days, that's called a mood.
  2. If you keep that same emotional reaction going on for weeks or months, that's called temperament.
  3. If you keep that same emotional reaction going on for years on end, that's called a personality trait.

We experience this over and over in life! An emotional event can turn into a personality trait that affects you for years. 

How do you release trapped emotions, heart-walls, and change your life?

With any significant change in life, the first step is realizing there is a solution. Then start reading books like The Emotion Code. Learn how to find, investigate, and release trapped emotions. 

Book a session with me or find a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Like riding a bike, you can learn enough from the book to get started. But experienced energy healers can open more doors to healing quicker!

How I came to find The Emotion Code

I was an energy healer before finding The Emotion Code. I had been practicing Reiki Energy Healing for some time. If you've never heard of Reiki before, you first lie down in a comfortable place. By holding hands over you, the Reiki practitioner channels healing from YOUR guides. It's like getting a massage without touching. Reiki sessions are in person or remote, like Emotion Code Sessions.

E-Motion The Movie with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Gaia TV is my favorite streaming service. There are hundreds of leaders to learn from! They call themselves the "Transformational Network" with topics like energy healing and yoga.

One day I found E-Motion The Movie and watched with amazement. It's part documentary, part movie. You follow Ty and Lauren, who are single professionals. Ty is a high powered attorney, and Lauren is looking for love. You hear from practitioners and learn how negative emotions affect everyone. 

After I watched the movie, I ordered The Emotion Code Book. I then learned how to muscle test, and the results amazed me! 

How To Become A Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

After releasing dozens of trapped emotions over many months, I had to take the next step. I enrolled to become a Certified Emotion Code practitioner. The process took me about 90 days, and I've never looked back!

Contact me with any questions and learn more about the certification here.

Emotion Code Certification

What are the requirements for Body Code Certification?

Emotion Code Certification is Level 1. You must be certified to enroll in the Body Code Certification Program

There are no requirements to use the Body Code app to heal yourself. You cannot run a practice and charge for sessions without certification.

Many people start with the seven-day trial. Then subscribe to the Body Code App and later begin the process:

  1. Level 1: Emotion Code Certification
  2. Level 2: Body Code Certification
  3. Level 3: Coming late 2020? 

The Body Code identifies six significant imbalances. There are dozens of levels and hundreds of imbalances to address. Inside the Body Code, you'll find The Emotion Code Chart. It's essential to get your Emotion Code Certification first, and I built my practice for a year! 

There are thousands of full-time Emotion Code Practitioners worldwide. The Body Code takes your energy healing to the next level!

My Summary of Heart-Walls and Emotional Energy Healing

If this is the first time you've heard of a Heart-Wall, I can guarantee you have one. We all go through heartache and traumatic events that break our hearts. Your heart wants to protect you from recurring heartaches so it builds a wall. A Heart-Wall of negative trapped emotions. Many layers of old memories that protect you from emotional intruders.

Problem is the Heart-Wall gets too thick and protective. The Heart-Wall blocks love and happiness from flowing and you start to feel inward. Crowds and large events make you more nervous. Imagine your Heart-Wall is 100ft thick like a protective shield. When you meet people, your Heart-Wall is a hundred feet ahead to protect you!

If you're single looking for that "perfect spouse," you likely have this vision of what they are like. Then the time comes and you meet someone but your Heart-Wall throws an alarm. You don't match their Heart-Wall so the relationship doesn't last.

You'll start to notice the relationships you have are with similar Heart-Wall people!

Contact me with any questions and schedule a Remote Heart-Wall Session!

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