EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments

The EMotion documentary is what started my path to becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. It's part movie and part documentary. It was the first time I'd heard of Dr. Bradley Nelson and The Emotion Code. I next ordered the book, learned muscle testing, and used The Emotion Code Chart. I started releasing trapped emotions and feeling better immediately. 

The Emotion Movie can be purchased as a DVD or you can stream it online. I recommend Gaia TV with over 8000+ Films, shows, and classes. They focus on Consciousness and Personal Transformation. 

Gaia TV has many interviews with Dr. Bradley Nelson and other movies about emotions. There are interviews with Regina Meredith on Open Minds. You can also find the  EMotion Movie Toolkit. Dr. Bradley Nelson demonstrates The Emotion Code energy healing process.

GAIA.com There's More To You Than You Think

You'll also find EMotion Movie Health interviews. There are episodes with Bruce Lipton, Don Tolman, Inna Segal, and many more.

You'll learn about muscle testing, Qi Gong, and earthing. EMF protection and plant-based eating.

In this article, I'll share more details about each segment. I'll share how the Emotion Movie started my journey and how it can start yours!

E-Motion Full Movie Documentary

Imagine a world where everyone is manifesting from their heart. The Law of One is the perfect creation inside each of us. Now think of a world dominated by: 

  • abundance
  • inner balance
  • longevity
  • loving relationships 

In the EMotion documentary, you'll hear from experts from around the world. They share their wisdom and negative emotion-clearing techniques. Find emotional balance in your life. Learn to heal and love more!

The EMotion Movie is a factual documentary. The actors explore how human emotions can affect the body. Negative trapped emotions from life events can create pressure on human tissue. This is what we call pain or discomfort. 

The trapped emotions can also create a wall around your heart. These Heart Walls protect you from future heartache. But they also hold you back from fully sending and receiving love and happiness.  Trapped negative emotions can cause depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. 

Releasing trapped emotions can remove additions, bad habits even weight challenges. 

It's eye opening to realize how negative past events can affect us today!

A team of experts from around the world shares their experience and wisdom. You'll discover new ways to raise your vibrational energy and heal!

Click here to watch the EMotion Movie Trailer

Click here or the image below to rent or purchase EMotion the movie

Watch E Motion Movie on Gaia TV

We are sacred, spiritual beings here for a much larger reason. We are serving a much higher purpose, a divine purpose in life.

GAIA TV, Open Minds with Regina Meredith. Dr. Bradley Nelson interviews about The Emotion Code

EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments 1

This interview is one of the best with Dr. Bradley Nelson. He answers many questions about emotional healing and holistic health!

The interview starts with Regina saying many people ask, "Is it really this easy." Dr. Bradley replies "Yes, healing doesn't have to be hard. Healing is easy." Why?

"Emotional baggage is the most common underlying cause of our problems."

Now we have a way to find the emotional baggage and get rid of it. Dr. Nelson explained how he discovered The Emotion Code. It was over decades as a holistic chiropractor. He found consistency in people in certain ways. It all tracked back to trapped negative emotions. 

Everyone has emotional baggage and how it affects our life. 

Humans were never taught to process emotions. Most aren't aware you can remove the trapped emotions.

These trapped emotions are like a negative ball of energy. Pulsing and pressure cause pain in your body. This could be a back or neck ache. It could be pressure on your organs too!

Dr. Brad talks about a phone call from one mother to another. She explained how her son was terrified of water and swimming. The other son used The Emotion Code to release his trapped emotions and fear of water. The mother was in tears because the boys were at the swimming pool. She wanted to know more about The Emotion Code.

So many people, including my clients, report feeling this "lightness of being." Many feel a "swishing feeling" when we are releasing trapped emotions.

Your subconscious mind is a supercomputer. It remembers everything that's happened in your life. It knows where the trapped emotions are located. The pressure on your physical body can manifest as sickness and disease. Or it will manifest as other emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, and more!

You can inherit emotional energy at conception. It can be from your parents or it may be in the womb. I've found inherited trapped emotions that go back generations. When you release, inherited emotions, you are releasing them in your bloodline. 

You may have your grandfather's rage or your grandmother's depression. It could be from the womb if there were traumatic events at that time.

As you release trapped emotions it's like shedding an old skin! You'll feel more love and happiness.

Dr. Brad and Regina talk about how your energies are wanting to communicate with you. We have to attune ourselves to the process and receive these messages. First, we have to believe they are there to help us. You have to spend more time listening via meditation, hypnotherapy, and more!


During emotional times, your heart can get hurt. It's called heartache or heartbreak. Your heart wants to protect you so it builds protective layers. Over the years the wall can get thicker to protect you more. 

Heart Walls can be released using The Emotion Code. We simply connect to our subconscious and ask questions. Using The Emotion Code Chart we can pinpoint the trapped emotions in the heart wall layers. Once identified we can ask where they are located in the body. We can learn the timeframe the emotions were attached. By swiping a magnet over the primary meridian, the emotion is released. 

Mass Traumatic Events

Many people are affected by mass traumatic events that happen in our world. Totally out of that person's control but they feel so traumatic from the event. Dr. Brad talks about a lady who was so sad about the assassination of President Kennedy. I've worked with people who are traumatized by the 911 events in New York City. Parents and spouses can attract negative past emotions when their loved ones go to war. 

Energy Healing Magnets

Deep down if you look at us, we are simply energy. A subatomic group of particles held together by energy. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are energy. If we ALLOW feeling these emotions, they get stuck in the body. We use magnets as they are another form of energy to neutralize, negative balls of energy.

Using The Emotion Code we draw the trapped emotion to the meridian. Next, you swipe the magnet to release the trapped emotions. Your intention combined with the magnet magnifies your intention. Kind of like swiping a magnet on a credit card will remove the information.

Does The Emotion Code work for everyone?

No. If someone has been given no hope from a disease they have been fighting. Or someone can not consider believing in energy healing. Their intention will not let Emotion Code healing work. If they've given up on life, they've given up on everything!

The first milestone in energy healing is believing it's possible to heal. I know I went through three phases:

  1. Is energy healing real? Can this really work
  2. WOW why haven't I discovered this long ago
  3. Now that I have some belief, where do I get started?

Muscle Testing to communicate with your subconscious

The first step to connect to the subconscious is to connect with YOUR higher power or God. Next, you'll connect and ask the subconscious. "Can I find and release trapped emotions at this time?" With a positive yes answer, use The Emotion Code Chart to determine the trapped emotion. Investigate more details and release by swiping a magnet over your primary meridian.

When you are muscle testing you have to focus on love and gratitude. You are there to help find and release trapped emotions. You are envisioning their body healing and becoming better!

If your muscle testing appears to be not working. Ask if there's a heart wall OR hidden heart wall trapped emotion. Then continue the session.

IF you get to a point you can't get any more emotions, the subconscious is done. You've released enough emotions today. Your body will go through a processing period. You'll need time to heal. 

If you release too many emotions in one session. Your processing period can be uncomfortable.

How do you get started with energy healing?

I first recommend meditation

Make time each day to sit quietly and work on quieting your mind. Search for a free meditation on YouTube. Contact me and I can share some meditation MP3 files with you as well. 

Subscribe to Gaia TV and search for transformational meditation

GAIA.com There's More To You Than You Think

Next watch the EMotion Movie on Gaia TV

There are a number of emotional energy movies you can watch on Gaia. The EMotion movie, E-Motion Health Interviews and E-Motion Code Toolkit are found here on GaiaTV.

It's really life-changing when you realize you can heal yourself! Your emotions are part of over 90% of your troubles. If you can start to release them, your life will only get better!

You can practice on yourself as you learn The Emotion Code healing. Learn about helping animals and pets too!

EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments 2

E-Motion Code Toolkit with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Eliminating Emotional Baggage: 

Getting rid of your emotional baggage is the key. The goal is: 

  • creating better relationships for yourself
  • better health for yourself
  • more abundance for yourself

Accessing the Subconscious Mind: 

Bradley Nelson demonstrates another simple form of muscle testing. The sway test allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Releasing the Heart Wall

Scientists now believe that the heart is a second brain. It is the part of you that holds your creativity, your best creative ideas. The heart is a key to health and happiness!

E-Motion Health Interviews On Gaia TV

Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics 

EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments 3

This episode of E-Motion Health features Bruce Lipton. He's a cell biologist and author of Biology of Belief. Bruce shares an inspiring interview about the nature of our reality. Including the impact, our thoughts have on our genes.

Bruce Lipton explains we have to understand we've been programmed. He explains the movie The Matrix is actually a documentary, not fiction. By changing your mind you can change your life. Our perceptions and interpretations are a result of our beliefs.

Don Tolman and Toxin-Free Nutrition

EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments 4

This episode of E-Motion Health features Don Tolman. He's a whole-foods and fasting guru. Don shares some amazing and thought-provoking wisdom.

Fasting: During fasting, the energy that is usually directed at breaking down foods. Can be re-directed toward detoxifying the body. Don talks about four times he's completed a 40-day water fast! Nothing but sunshine and water!

He talks about our three levels of consciousness.

  1. The Conscious
  2. The Subconscious
  3. The Super Subconscious

During fasting, he'd evolved to a point he's never been to before. Imagine how your body will release all toxins and rebuild.

I've completed a number of fasts.

  • Daily fast weekly
  • 48 hour water fast
  • 14 day Lemonade Cleanse
  • 14 day Nutribullet fast (3 different times)

Every time has been a challenge, it's not easy. But in the end, I felt so refreshed and cleansing you can't explain.

Don talks about living with many groups that lived off the grid. They lived happy, healthy, and abundant. Without doctors, supplements or medications. They had lived beyond 100 years. Some reports up to 150 years!

When animals are sick, they instinctively stop eating until they heal. They know their bodies need to heal naturally. Focus all your internal energy on healing, not processing food.

Inna Segal on Awakening the Healer Within

Inna Segal shares her method of visionary intuitive healing. By tapping into her body's intelligence to uncover the source of health issues. She shares how her chiropractor said her body was "stuck." He sent her home which upset Inna. She meditated and struggled but asked to see her inside. Things changed over a few weeks and she could see her energetic body. Then she started helping others.

We think the only way to heal is through pills. We had to wake up to our energetic being. 

Intuition happens when we connect to our heart

When we let go of the blockages of the heart, we put off energy. Others will be attracted to your heart!

Order a copy of her book "The Secret of Life Wellness."

Muscle Testing

In this episode, Ty is talking to us about muscle testing. An amazing technique you can use to access your subconscious mind and find truth at a deep level.

I use muscle testing daily. It started with my Emotion Code practice. Now I consult my subconscious on other life decisions. See the articles below:

Dr. Demartini on Rethinking Disease

EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments 5

Dr. Demartini explores his E-Motion modality, 'The Demartini Method." A technique transforming perceptions and allowing you to become master of your destiny. Not a victim of your history. 

To see everything that is on the way is not in the way. A new outlook on the future while releasing what is holding them back. 

Never go into today, without clearing yesterday's baggage.

Most people are living to eat rather than eating to live longer!

EMF - Electromagnetic Frequency

What are EMFs? They are electromagnetic frequencies. Invisible frequencies surround us and penetrate us. Just like X-Rays, have a big impact on our health.

Ty explains Winford Shoeman figured out the earth is emitting a 7.83hz frequency to the earth. Your brain emits alpha fields at the same frequency. The test is going outside and notice you feel better. Bing indoors causes issues you can resolve by spending more time outside!

We can't see it but we are in sync with the earth. 

In 2006 the earth lost 70% of our bees. Scientists have shown it's caused by EMFs in our world. In the last 30 years, we've flooded the world and it's affecting nature.

We've also learned they are affecting our brains. It's affecting our Melatonin. Which is stronger than Vitamin C. Mobile phones and man-made EMF are saturating our world.

Ty demonstrated a few EMF chaos devices to better protect your world!

Dain Heer on Access Consciousness

EMotion Movie With Bonus GAIA TV Segments 6

In this episode, Ty is talking with Dr. Dain Heer, founder of Access Consciousness. Judgment is one of the biggest emotional killers. Joy, love, and happiness will serve us better.

Order his book Being You Changing the World


All energy, all movement, all emotion, and all behavior come from electrical energy. So when we get grounded, when we get earthed. What comes from the Earth is a magnetic field responsible for regenerating us.

Qi Gong for Morning

In this episode, Ty is meeting with TJ Franks. Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, and acupuncture expert. They share a 5-minute morning Qi Gong routine.

Qi Gong for the Evening

Ty and TJ Franks are practicing a simple 5-minute evening Qi Gong routine. This evening routine is perfect for people with busy minds who find it difficult to wind down before bed.

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