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What happens after an Emotion Code Session?

An Emotion Code Session is a magical experience. My clients have healed from many past emotional traumas and events. I've healed myself in more ways than I can list here! After an Emotion Code session, you'll go through a "processing period." You'll feel the energetic healing process! It will amaze you! Most people feel an […]

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What is a Heart Wall? How do you Release Trapped Emotions?

We've all experienced traumatic or negative events in life. These negative emotions or memories get trapped in your heart wall and cause issues for years to come. A Heart Wall is automatically created to protect you but can hold you back. It's important to find and release your heart wall trapped emotions to heal and […]

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What are the best Emotion Code magnets for energy healing?

Emotion Code Magnets play a vital role in the healing process. We use energy healing magnets with The Emotion Code and The Body Code Energy Healing. I have my favorite magnet, but I've used different magnets. Some will surprise you! Identifying trapped emotions is the first step in The Emotion Code and Body Code Healing […]

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How Can I Muscle Test Myself To Get Subconscious Answers?

When I first learned about muscle testing, I wasn't sure I believed it? I first read The Emotion Code book to answer my thoughts, "How can I muscle test myself." Now I muscle test myself every day! I've created this article to help you better understand the power of Muscle Testing. I'll also teach you […]

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Understanding Emotion Code and Body Code Certification

When I discovered The Emotion Code and Body Code Certification, I wondered how they compared to each other? Which is more important? I've created this article to explain the differences and options to consider. I'll discuss the differences between certifications. How much each certification costs, time commitment, and much more! The Emotion Code Certification teaches […]

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Emotion Code Certification

Have you thought about becoming an energy healer? I recommend the Emotion Code Certification. It's an amazing feeling when you identify a trapped emotion that's causing pain or trouble in your system. Or another person or animal! It could be physical pain or emotional troubles trapped for years or generations. You'll learn to ask your […]

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Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson? The Emotion Code and Body Code Creator

I first became acquainted with Dr. Bradley Nelson when I watched the movie E-Motion on GAIA TV. It was the first time I'd heard about how trapped emotions can become lodged in your body your energy field, and cause issues. It was a mix between a movie and a documentary. There was a plotline with […]

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The Emotion Code Certification Review

My Emotion Code Certification Review If you've wondered, "Is the Emotion Code Certification training for me?" or " Do I want to be an energy healer? " keep reading this article, watch the video below I posted on YouTube, and let me know if you have any questions. I highly recommend the Emotion Code certification […]

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What is a Body Code Session and how does it work?

Who created the Body Code session? A Body Code session is a state-of-the-art energy healing technique developed by a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson. Since the late ’90s, Dr. Nelson has developed the Emotion Code and later the Body Code. His first book, The Emotion Code was published in 2007 and was re-released in 2019. […]

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E-Motion the movie started my Emotion Code Practitioner journey

I remember the first time I watched the E-Motion full movie on GAIA TV It was the fall of 2017, I had been working on my Reiki certification and I was watching my favorite channel GAIA TV. There are so many great shows on GAIA TV from yoga, metaphysical even alien and conspiracy shows. I […]

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