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Magnetic Healing: A Beneficial Guide

Magnetic therapy uses static magnets to generate a therapeutic magnetic field for pain treatment and healing from various conditions. Magnetic healing is now widely used to treat pain. Magnetic treatment breakthroughs may surprise therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, neurosurgeons, dietitians, sports performance trainers, veterinarians, and rehabilitation clinics. According to Pain Australia, 3.24 million (16%) Australians […]

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Does Magnetic Therapy work?

As a child, I was taught that magnetism is an energy force on Earth. Each atom contains a nucleus that revolves positively and negatively charged protons and electrons, generating a magnetic field. Ancient cultures investigated positive and negative magnetic fields for hundreds of years, leading to the discovery of magnetic therapy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine […]

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Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work

Applied Kinesiology is the scientific name for muscle testing. I learned muscle testing from Dr. Bradley Nelson. He practiced applied kinesiology as a chiropractor for decades. Muscle testing is a pillar of his work The Emotion Code. Thousands of certified practitioners use Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing to find trapped emotions. I'm amazed at the power of […]

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How does manual muscle testing work? What can it tell me?

Manual muscle testing is the process of connecting with the subconscious mind. With measurable resistance, your muscles answer specific "yes or no" questions. IF your muscle shows resistance, it's a yes. If it shows no resistance to pressure, it's a no. I'm always amazed at what your subconscious mind can tell you! Manual muscle testing […]

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How Can I Muscle Test Myself To Get Subconscious Answers?

When I first learned about muscle testing, I wasn't sure I believed it? I first read The Emotion Code book to answer my thoughts, "How can I muscle test myself." Now I muscle test myself every day! I've created this article to help you better understand the power of Muscle Testing. I'll also teach you […]

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