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The #1 Emotion Chart for Energy Healing

The Emotion Chart, I recommend for Energy Healing is The Emotion Code Chart. This emotion chart lists 60 emotions that can cause physical issues. The emotion charge guides us to find blocked emotions trapped in our bodies. From negative past life events causing problems today! The Emotion Code Chart is used to help adults, children, and even animals! Using The Trapped Emotion Flowchart, you can find the trapped emotion and remove them. It's amazing how something so simple can be so powerful! You'll gain more clarity on what you want in life!

Worldwide cultures, religions, and healing modalities have used Emotion Charts for centuries. Most emotion charts are divided into positive and negative emotions. Our goal in life is to be on the positive side! 

Generally, positive people aren't searching for Emotion Charts 🙂 They aren't looking to solve a problem 🙂

We can find and then clear emotional issues with energy healing. The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing using Emotion Charts. We use The Emotion Code Chart and The Heart Wall Chart to find and release trapped emotions. 

There are Emotion Charts with hundreds of emotions and they can get confusing. The Emotion Code Chart focuses on the 60 most prominent, negative emotions. The focus is on healing and balancing the emotional fields of the body.

Emotional baggage is a common term used by people struggling. Dr. Bradley Nelson refers to it as dragging many suitcases behind you on ropes. The focus of The Emotion Code is to use Emotion Charts to find and release trapped emotions. Cut the ropes and feel relief. Feel lighter, gain more strength, and feel better!

In this article, I'll share my research on Emotion Charts. And I'll talk about Energy Healing techniques.

I've learned over 90% of illness and disease will have negative emotions attached. Learn how to help yourself heal others.

You'll learn how we find and release trapped emotions using an Emotion Chart! The Emotion Charts work for children, adults, and animals too!

Emotion Charts For Healing

How many emotions can humans experience?  Over 30,000! With so many emotions how can you manage and balance your emotions without getting lost? The answer: Emotion Charts 

Emotion Charts identify the primary emotions and group emotions. There are positive and negative emotions. Primary, secondary, etc. The goal of a chart is to create a logical flow.

What are the Primary Eight Emotions?

Many psychologists and researchers have proposed there are eight primary emotions. These primary emotions serve as a foundation for others:

  1. Anger
  2. Fear
  3. Happiness
  4. Sadness
  5. Interest
  6. Surprise
  7. Disgust
  8. Shame

These emotion occur immediately during or after a significant event. You "should" clear them immediately and let them go! Very few people know that's possible. Instead these emotions can "attach" to your emotional field. Emotions can cause issues for days, weeks and years to come!

Emotions Visual Chart

There are dozens of Emotion Charts, a popular one is Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions.

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

The eight primary emotions that he identified are grouped into polar opposites:

  • joy and sadness
  • acceptance and disgust
  • fear and anger
  • surprise and anticipation

Emotion Chart Wheel

Emotion Chart Wheel

The Emotion Chart Wheel is another example.  The center of the wheel is divided into seven primary emotions:

  1. Happy
  2. Surprised
  3. Bad
  4. Fearful
  5. Angry
  6. Disgusted
  7. Sad

Notice some sections are larger than others. I also notice the colors follow many Chakra Charts and the 7 primary chakras. Very confusing to me and has too many emotions on one wheel!

Feelings Chart

Feeling Charts are very similar to Emotion Charts but focused more on children and youth. There are many charts and books about Feelings Charts available on Amazon. 

Teachers and counselors use feelings charts to work with kids. Children can point to a simple chart to let you know how they are feeling. We can explain to kids and teach them about the emotions on the chart and how they feel. But what about the emotions they carry? Some emotions pass on to a child at birth. In the movie E Motion, they discuss how a baby in the womb can absorb emotions from the mother. If there are worries about money or anger over the pregnancy, the child can absorb that.

I love working with youth and children to find trapped emotions. They enjoy the ring-in-ring muscle testing I use. They are amazed at how we pinpoint trapped emotions on the Emotion Code Chart. 

Children feel emotional release quicker because they are more connected to the spirit. They have more memories of being in the womb and haven't had as many real-world lessons to change their views.

As I've said before there are many, very detailed charts with over a hundred feelings. And then there are the top Feeling Charts for Kids

List of Negative Emotions and Definitions

My goal as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner is to help people live in the "positive world." When people come to me for energy healing, they are looking to release negative emotions. They want to heal and live a more happy, healthy and abundant life

Request a copy of the Emotion Code Chart and definitions here:

Emotional Pain Chart

We all suffer from various emotional pains. If you get out and live life to the fullest you'll run into some crazy people! Your family can drive you crazy at times too. But all that experience comes with negative events and relationships. These negative experiences come with negative emotions that attach to our emotional bodies.

Very few people have the ability to brush off negative emotions and move on. Most people don't know it's happening, but the negative emotions attach to each of us. They are like balls of negative energy in our Chakra and Meridian systems. The negative energies can attract to each other like a magnet and grow. Over time the negative energies excerpt pressure on the physical tissue. This is felt as pain or discomfort in the body.

Using The Emotion Code and Body Code we can find trapped emotions and release them. You'll feel better and your body can heal your energy aura.

Emotion Chart - Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson worked for many years as a chiropractor and holistic physician. He worked with and tested different Emotion Charts. The Emotion Charts were from other doctors, researchers, and energy healing modalities. 

He didn't want the focus to be on negative energies but this is what he found in his patients. He used muscle testing to connect with the patient subconscious and ask questions. This is also known as Kinesiology with a long history used worldwide. 

These questions helped pinpoint the trapped negative emotions that were causing issues. After asking more questions about the emotion he released them. By swiping a magnet over the Governing Meridian. 

A magnet is Earth's natural energy. It will remove the emotion like waving a magnet over a credit card.

Emotion Chart and The Emotion Code Chart

Emotion Code Chart

Over time Dr. Bradley Nelson created and perfected The Emotion Code Chart. An Emotion Chart of 60 emotions causing pain, discomfort, and even disease. The chart is divided into two vertical columns of 30 emotions. There are 6 horizontal columns of emotions associated with your organs or areas of your body. There are 12 boxes with 5 emotions in each. 

He perfected the process and created The Emotion Code Flowchart.

The Emotion Code Flowchart

Trapped Emotion Flowchart

After connecting to the subconscious using muscle testing. The next step is asking questions to find the trapped emotions. Dr. Bradley Nelson created The Emotion Code Flowchart to illustrate the process.

How to use The Emotion Code Flowchart?

  1. Ask the subconscious, "Are there trapped emotions we can find and remove right now?" Muscle test for a Yes answer
  2. "Is the trapped emotion in column A?" if yes move on, if no. "Is the trapped emotion in column B?" if yes move to next step. If not ask "Is the emotion a Heart-Wall trapped emotion?"
  3. Knowing which column ask "Is the trapped emotion in the odd rows?" if no it's in the even row. You can ask to confirm or move to the next step
  4. Now find the row by asking "Is the trapped emotion in row 1? ... 3?... 5?" or 2?... 4?...6?... for the even rows.
  5. Now that you know the row and column you are down to a box of five emotions. Ask if it's the 1st?... 2nd? ... 3rd?.. 4th?... 5th until you get a confirmation.

Now you'll know the trapped emotion and you can ask more questions and then release it. Repeat as many times as the subconscious will allow!

Heart Wall Chart

The #1 Emotion Chart for Energy Healing 1

The Heart-Wall Flow Chart is very similar but there are differences. Almost everyone has a Heart Wall but they can be tricky to find. We've all experienced heartache in life. I know many Empathic people who have their hearts out to help anyone. The problem is their heart gets stomped on and injured. Your heart wants to protect you so it builds a heart wall. Sounds good at first but over time your heart wall gets so thick, it holds you back from love and happiness. You'll feel more withdrawn which can lead to depression.

Emotion Organs Chart

The Emotion Code Chart shows how organs are connected to emotions.

  • Row 1: Heart or Small Intestine
  • Row 2: Spleen or Stomach
  • Row 3: Lung or Colon
  • Row 4: Liver or Gall Bladder
  • Row 5: Kidneys or Bladder
  • Row 6: Glands & Sexual Organs

During an Emotion Code Session, a client will share the top issues causing issues. Generally, it's only a few because each issue can lead to many trapped emotions. 

I was working with a client recently who had digestive issues. As we found trapped emotions they were focused around the rows in the Emotion Code Chart. Many times Heart-Wall emotions will be in the first row with the heart.

Emotion Charts for Kids

If you are looking for Emotion Charts for Kids I also recommend The Emotion Code Chart. It's easy to explain and kids enjoy muscle testing to find trapped emotions. Maybe your kids want to learn more about the emotions themselves. There are many pictorial emotion charts for kids on Amazon.

Basic Emotion Chart For Healing Emotional Blockages

It's hard to find a basic emotion chart. If you start with the top seven or eight emotions listed above. You'll find yourself wanting to go deeper. Before you know it you're looking at an Emotion Chart with hundreds of emotions. Remember researchers say there are over 30,000 emotions out there!

IF you are trying to solve an emotional problem, The Emotion Code Chart is the best solution. There are 60 emotions broken into 2 columns, 5 rows, and 5 emotions per box. Muscle testing will help you find the emotions. Using a magnet over the primary meridian will remove the trapped emotion forever!

Emotions Dowsing Chart

Dowsing is another way to connect or talk to your subconscious. By holding a pendulum on a string or chain. You can ask your subconscious yes or no questions. Below the pendulum, you can place a guide and confirm with the subconscious a yes or no answer.

After connecting with your subconscious and holding the pendulum. You would ask "Show me yes." 

  • Watch the pendulum start to swing.

Then ask "Show me no." 

  • The pendulum will swing the opposite way.

An important note in holding the pendulum. Your thumb is neutral. Your index and right fingers are positively charged. Your middle and pinky fingers are negatively charged like a magnet.

When holding a dowsing string. Make sure you use your thumb and two fingers for balanced energy readings!

Now using The Emotion Code Chart you can ask if the trapped emotion is in column A or B. Then Odd or even rows. Then 1, 2, 3, etc. till you find the emotion.

It's your choice to used muscle testing or dowsing, both will help you find the trapped emotions

Emotion Code Chart Definitions

There are definitions for every one of the sixty emotions. Too many to list here but enter your email address and I'll send them to you. The First will be The Emotion Code Chart. Then I'll send the Heart-Wall Flow Chart and the Emotion Code Definitions. I'll also send the first couple of chapters of The Emotion Code Book. Including other energy-healing tips and tricks.

Emotion Code Chart Questions

We focus on yes or no questions when connecting to the subconscious. The primary focus is finding the trapped emotion on The Emotion Code Chart.

After you've determined the trapped emotion you can learn more. My favorite is learning the age at the emotion was acquired. I start by taking the current age of my client and dividing it in half. 

Let's say they are 40 so I'd ask, "Was the emotion acquired before the age of 20?" 

  • With a yes I'd ask before the age of 10, etc.
  • With a "no" answer I'd go the other direction. Was it acquired before the age of 30? With a yes I'd ask "before the age of 25?" With a "no" I'd go one by one, "was the age 26, 27, 28, etc." until I find the age. 
  • NOTE: Age is not "perfect." The subconscious doesn't know linear time as well as we do. You're "actually" 9 months old when you are born so the date can be a year before or after.

Inherited Trapped Emotions

Emotions can be acquired in the womb and from ancestors. As I test for trapped emotions and get below 5yrs of age I ask, "Is this an inherited emotion?" With a yes I ask more.

  • Is this inherited trapped emotion from your mother? From your father? From the womb?
  • If I confirm it's from mom or dad, I ask does this go back generations? With a yes we can learn more.
  • NOTE: Releasing trapped emotions takes 10 swipes of the governing meridian.
  • Another great thing about releasing this inherited emotion is this. It's also released from your ancestors, parents, brothers, and sisters!

You've helped a lot of family members by releasing inherited trapped emotions!

Where is the trapped emotion lodged in my body?

We can ask if the trapped emotion is lodged above or below your torso or belly button if you prefer. 🙂 Then ask if it's on your left or right side. You can list specific parts of the body too.

This is why The Body Code was created

How does a body code session work

The Body Code is a higher level of healing. The Body Code app outlines the 6 major imbalances in life

  1. Energy
  2. Circuit or System
  3. Toxin
  4. Pathogen
  5. Misalignment
  6. Nutrition or LifeStyle

Using muscle testing or dowsing we ask the subconscious, 

Body Code App
  • "Is the imbalance in the left column or right column?"
  • "Is the imbalance energy? Circuit or System? Toxin?" With a "yes" we click on that imbalance.
  • Repeat to find the left or right column. Then which category? With a "yes" click on the category.

When you find the imbalance you'll be given more details:

  • Explanation of the imbalance
  • Decoding 
  • Association
  • Intention

There are two scenarios:

  1. You'll clear the imbalance by following the directions. Generally by swiping a magnet over the primary meridian. Or you may swipe over the specified area
  2. You'll be taken back to the beginning to dig deeper into the Body Code. Imbalances can be complex and have more imbalances!

Take notes and keep track of your progress!

Emotion Code Chart Magnet

I never leave home without my magnet! I keep it in my back pocket but I also have my phone with me and the Emotion Code Chart on my phone.

Emotion Chart for Animals

Animals have feelings too! We can use the same Emotion Code process to relieve trapped emotions in dogs, cats, horses, and more! When it comes to animals I always have the owner act as a surrogate for the animal. I will connect to the subconscious of the owner who is holding or touching the animal. We can then find and release trapped emotions. In another article, I'll go deeper into helping animals!

Emotions Chart Printable PDF Worksheet

I will send you Emotion charts in printable PDF format. Just drop in your email and check your inbox!

Emotion Chart Questions or Comments

I want to hear from you! Post your comments and questions below!

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