A Guide To Root Chakra Healing

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is responsible for food, shelter, clothing, and survival. Everyone has experienced a Root Chakra imbalance at some time in their lives. You're likely to have an imbalanced root chakra if you were raised in an unsafe area, had single or divorced parents, or, had parents who battled over money.

In this article, we are going to let you discover what rook chakra is and how it helps in self-healing:

What Is Root Chakra?

Our body's most primitive and essential energy point, the root chakra, or Muladhara, is located near the bottom of our spinal cord. The root chakra, which is connected with the color red, manages the energy associated with survival, instinct, and safety. We suffer a disruption in the flow of life when the root chakra is out of balance owing to shock, psychological difficulties such as persistent fear, and psychological suppression and repression. Our energy centers are frequently obstructed, resulting in ongoing personal challenges.

What Is Root Chakra Healing?

The technique of opening, purifying, clearing, maintaining, and strengthening the root chakra in our bodies is known as root chakra healing. Root Chakra therapy includes the use of specific foods, scents, sounds, mantras, spiritual healers, yoga exercises, and other holistic medicines to restore balance to the biological system.

Symptoms Of An Imbalanced Root Chakra

Pay attention to your ideas, feelings, behaviors, and bodily sensations within your body to determine whether you require root chakra therapy.

Here are some Root Chakra warning signs to keep an eye out for:
7 Chakra Balancing Chart
  • You have a habit of obsessing over money.
  • You have a problem with trust.
  • You feel you are the only one you can rely on, and you resist asking people for assistance even when you desperately need it.
  • You are a workaholic who burns out quickly.
  • You and your family have a gloomy connection.
  • You are hyper-aware of any potential threats from individuals or your surroundings.
  • For most of the day, you feel dizzy, spacey, uneasy, and ungrounded
  • You compulsively eat or quit eating when you are sad or stressed.

Healing Techniques For The Root Chakra

So, what does a balanced and healthy root chakra feel and look like?

You will initially feel grounded and peaceful if your root chakra is clear, strong, and harmonious. You will no longer be afraid of losing control or money but will learn to trust life's divine knowledge. Not only will you have greater faith in yourself, but you will also feel more connected to others and the environment. When your root chakra is in decent shape, you'll find it simpler to be your true self, connecting to the inner peace that is always there in the present moment. You will let go of the impulse to battle, protect, and defend and instead align yourself with life's rise and fall.

Here are some of the most effective root chakra healing techniques:

  • Listen to soothing music to help you relax:

Prepare a playlist of some relaxing music from your favorite artists to bring peace of mind.

  • Take a walk in the woods regularly:
A Guide To Root Chakra Healing 1

Take note of how your feet are connected to the ground.

  • Do Yoga:

Child pose, mountain pose, forward bend, warrior pose, and squats are all easy yoga postures that can help you stretch your body.

  • Consume meals that provide a sense of stability:

Sweet potatoes, radishes, beets, and other root vegetables are good examples.

  • Practice mindfulness for 30 seconds:

Make it a daily practice to pause and count your breaths for three counts. This easy exercise will help you in regaining your footing.

  • Carry crystals with you to meditate:

Jasper, smokey quartz, hematite, and carnelian are good root chakra crystals to use.

  • Carry a totem or a piece of stabilizing ornament:

Carry an object that is connected with root chakra revitalization.

  • Aromatherapy fragrances can also be used to cleanse the root chakra:

Sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, black pepper, ginger, and cloves are all excellent choices.

  • Make earthing your habit:

Walking on the grass or the dirt to recharge the human energy field is referred to as "earthing or grounding."

  • Every day, take some time to sit outside and interact with nature:

Simply notice what's happening around you: the clouds, the birds, the light, the breeze, and feel your connection to it.

  • Shower in a relaxing way:

Water is an excellent cleanser for sluggish or obstructed energy. Alternatively, take a detoxifying bath with Himalayan pink rock salt or other mineral salts.

  • Investigate the source of your fears:

Inner beliefs, grudges, and unresolved suffering are the source of your fears. Reflect on the source of your anxieties in a notebook or with a therapist to better understand them.

Summary of Root Chakra Healing

So, what are the next steps?

You are happiest and healthiest when you have these three things in place:

  1. You are centered in your own body. Not living someone else's life or wishing to be another person.
  2. You are running your own energy. Ground yourself and connect to the supreme being. Disconnect cords to others and run your own energy!
  3. You are living in the present time. Not dwelling on the past or living in a dream future but being present today!

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