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What is an Emotional Heart-Wall and How They Affect Our Lives

When you experience heartache, grief, or loss in life, it hurts! Your heart creates an emotional heart-wall to protect you from this happening again! This process repeats itself over and over, causing the heart wall to grow. Unfortunately, when your heart-wall becomes too thick, you block love and happiness! You tend to feel more inward and guarded! […]

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Emotion Code Certification & Body Code Certification

Emotion Code Certification has been life-changing for me. I've helped myself and many others release "emotional baggage." The Body Code training and energy healing benefits took me to a new level!  EVERYONE should consider the certification training programs. Learn to heal yourself. Then consider healing others by starting a healing practice! Over 90% of illness […]

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The Body Code Energy Healing Top 20+ Questions Answered

I've used The Body Code system for years and it still amazes me every day! It's a complete, natural energy healing tool all in one app! Focus on your body, mind, spirit, and emotions! Move away from thinking about treatments to balancing your energies! Dr. Bradley Nelson is the creator of The Body Code. He's […]

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Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and How Does it Work

Applied Kinesiology is the scientific name for muscle testing. I learned muscle testing from Dr. Bradley Nelson. He practiced applied kinesiology as a chiropractor for decades. Muscle testing is a pillar of his work The Emotion Code. Thousands of certified practitioners use Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing to find trapped emotions. I'm amazed at the power of […]

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3 Benefits of Distance Healing and How To Feel Better

Distance healing is the practice of sending healing energy across time and space. Sending distance healing intentions via positive energy is more effective than you might realize! The intention is to send therapeutic healing energy via long distances. Energy healing therapies are used to balance energy chakra centers and promote healing. The primary benefit is […]

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Weight Loss Energy Healing with the Emotion Code & Body Code

The Emotion Code and Body Code helped me break a plateau and lose weight. They are excellent examples of weight loss energy healing. For years I've eaten well and exercised but I was stuck at a plateau. The Emotion Code helped me release trapped emotions. I used The Body Code to dig deeper and more […]

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How Can I Muscle Test Myself To Get Subconscious Answers?

When I first learned about muscle testing, I wasn't sure I believed it? I first read The Emotion Code book to answer my thoughts, "How can I muscle test myself." Now I muscle test myself every day! I've created this article to help you better understand the power of Muscle Testing. I'll also teach you […]

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Understanding Emotion Code and Body Code Certification

When I discovered The Emotion Code and Body Code Certification, I wondered how they compared to each other? Which is more important? I've created this article to explain the differences and options to consider. I'll discuss the differences between certifications. How much each certification costs, time commitment, and much more! The Emotion Code Certification teaches […]

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