Ozonated Olive Oil - Ozone Cream - May Help w/Eczema, Wrinkles & More

O2-Zap from Global Healing Center is a vegan-friendly, topical ozonated olive oil paste made from organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. The oil is super-saturated with pure oxygen and ozone during a lengthy ozone injection process. O2-Zap is applied directly to skin, which helps support it by providing beneficial oxygen that the skin needs. By harnessing the direct healing power of oxygen, O2-Zap is able to pass along those benefits quickly and effectively.


Ozonated Olive Oil - Ozone Cream - May Help w/Eczema, Wrinkles & More

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Manufacturer: Global Healing

Size: 1.7 fl oz bottle

I've used and highly recommend Global Healing Center products. I've used their products for both kidney and liver cleanse. Follow the link to learn more and purchase from Global Healilng Center.


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