Heavy Metal Detox - Cleanse Body from Heavy Metals & Chemicals

Advanced heavy metal cleanse designed to flush and detoxify your body of harmful chemicals and toxic metals. The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit contains both Zeotrex and Detox Foot Pads to help provide your body with a complete heavy metal detox. Health benefits of chemcial and toxic metal cleansing include, supports the removal of toxic chemical and metals, boosts vitality and energy, encourages balanced emotions and stress levels, improves clarity and reduces brain fog and more.


Heavy Metal Detox - Cleanse Body from Heavy Metals & Chemicals

Manufacturer: Global Healing

Size: 1 fl oz bottle

I've used and highly recommend Global Healing Center products. I've used their products for both kidney and liver cleanse. Follow the link to learn more and purchase from Global Healilng Center.


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