Get Rid of Unwanted Organisms - Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

Remove unwanted organisms and supply your colon with beneficial probiotics with our Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit. This kit includes 2 of our most powerful products, designed to flush and cleanse your body of harmful organisms. Paratrex helps create an environment within your body that is toxic to harmful organisms. Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that encourages a normal balance of healthy, beneficial probiotic colonies in the gut. Start cleansing your body for unwanted invaders with our 40 day cleanse.


Get Rid of Unwanted Organisms - Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

Manufacturer: Global Healing

Size: 3 bottles

I've used and highly recommend Global Healing Center products. I've used their products for both kidney and liver cleanse. Follow the link to learn more and purchase from Global Healilng Center.


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