All Natural Complete Body Cleanse Program

Global Healing Center's Complete Body Cleanse Program is a comprehensive, full-body detox kit. The kit contains everything you need to detoxify your colon, kidneys, liver, and gallbladder. You will also cleanse your body of harmful organisms, chemicals, and toxic metals. Getting rid of toxins like these can not only help you feel better, but it helps your body's systems to carry out their normal functions. This kit contains several popular Global Healing Center original products, including Oxy-Powder, Latero-Flora, Livatrex, Paratrex, Zeotrex, Renaltrex, and Detox Foot Pads. In addition, you'll receive a copy of Dr. Group's most recent book, the Green Body Cleanse. This complete body detox is the perfect way to take control of your health.


All Natural Complete Body Cleanse Program

Manufacturer: Global Healing

Size: 7 cleanses

I've used and highly recommend Global Healing Center products. I've used their products for both kidney and liver cleanse. Follow the link to learn more and purchase from Global Healilng Center.


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