Solutions To Help Practitioners Grow Their Business

Becoming certified as an energy healer and holistic practitioner is the first step!

Next, you have to learn the technology to market yourself!

Focus on growing your business, not managing the technology!

I created this page of tools and resources to answer questions and help practitioners grow and expand their business!
My background before becoming a Clairvoyant Energy Healer was in digital marketing, web design and hosting for over 20 years. 
My company and team are still active at which focuses on WordPress, focuses on WIX and is created with Groove

More important than a website is your appointment booking software. 

I've tried them all from “free” to paid and highly recommend vCita.

There are plugins for WordPress but they are limited.

There are free appointment booking apps that limit their features you're forced to pay for the upgrade!

Focus on helping people and use the tools that are most efficient for your business!

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