Payment Processing

It's important as a practitioner you collect payment BEFORE the appointment.

The last thing you want to spend your time on is collecting payments AFTER you've delivered the services.

Payment Processing Services

Square Payment Processing


Square offers competitive rates and additional services like invoicing. Square is a supported payment processor for vCita too!

PayPal Payment Processing


PayPal is probably the largest digital payment processor. Many moved away from PayPal as they try to make your clients create a PayPal account. There are ways around this and it's still a great way to process payments!

Stripe Payment Processing


Stripe is the "new comer" to the payment processing market but growing rapidly. Stripe is limited by country but adding more all the time!

I recommend using Square as it's supported with vCita online scheduling AND you can swipe a card in person too.

*PayPal and Stripe also offer card scanning but it's a little more complicated than using Square

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