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Bob Randklev is your vCita Integration Partner

  • My background before energy healing was in technology, web design and marketing.
  • I've been using vCita for my healing practice since early 2019.
  • It's an amazing tool to help with scheduling, taking payments and sending client reminders!
  • Start a 14 day trial and reach out to me for help with onbarding.
  • Or schedule a discovery call to learn more

Why I use vCita Online Appointment Scheduling Software

  • For over 20 years I've helped people and organizations with their web design and digital marketing.
  • vCita was the best online appointment booking software I could find!
  • I moved away from Acuity Scheduling and Square Appointments to vCita.
  • Because I love vCita, I became an integration partner.

Contact me to learn more and get started!

Why I recommend vCita

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Connect with Clients

Manage your client contacts in one place! Build lasting relationships with client cards that guarantee you never forget a name, a face, or an opportunity with the best online appointment scheduling app!

Online Appointment Scheduling Software Management

Allow visitors to book your services from your website, Facebook, or directly from Google search. Send direct links to clients to book an online appointment. Collect payments at book or later!

Online Appointment Scheduling Software 5
Online Appointment Scheduling Software 6

Reminders to Reduce "No shows"

Automated SMS text and email reminders that keep clients on time. Clients can reschedule too. Cut down on missed appointments!


Collect payments with invoices and payment reminders. Collect “at appointment booking” or after. Support for multiple payment processors!

Online Appointment Scheduling Software 7
Online Appointment Scheduling Software 8

Marketing Campaigns

Send promotions and coupons. Automated birthday messages and more!

Manage everything from your phone

View, accept and reschedule appointments from your phone with the vCita CRM app

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Online Appointment Scheduling Software 10

Integrate with your existing website

Capture more clients from your existing website with vCita LiveSite widget. The Online Appointment Scheduling Software integrates with your existing website. Or it can be a standalone website too!

Create and Manage Events

Invite your clients to register for event and/or classes online. VCita Online Appointment Scheduling Software support events, classes and now bundles too!

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Online Appointment Scheduling Software 8

Prompt Visitors From Any Webpage

The vCita online appointment scheduling pop-up widget encourages visitors too book, call or contact online!

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Why I left Acuity Scheduling

Like many others, I was attracted to Acuity with their “free” scheduling. It worked well but I had to upgrade for text message reminders and other features. 

I found much more value for the cost with vCita

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